8 Best Python Books for Absoulte Beginners

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Python is an extremely popular programming language and Python experts are always in high demand, We collected 8 Best books for python beginners.

In the recent time period research reported that Python is becoming a primary language in data science and that its popularity is in a constant rise.

Python is a convenient programming language for coding a program, managing a website and server and it is well known that it was for many years a popular tool for creating creative computer games.

Most of the programmers will agree that investing yourself in this language is never a bad decision. It is user-friendly, cool, and challenging.

If you find the correct sources, the challenge can turn into countless hours of fun. In this list, you will find some of the best books to introduce you to Python, so here they are.

8 Best Entry Level Books To Learn Python Effectively in 2022

1. Python Programming For the Absolute Beginner

Python Programming For the Absolute Beginner

This book is really nice entry-level read. You will find all the basics, instructions, practices and guides so you set up your brain in Python-thinking motion.

The exercises are interesting and are focused mostly on simple game creation – who doesn’t like that? It will help you to master the skills of simple practical Python programming as well as prepare you for some realistic scenarios in which you may use this language.

Once you finish this book you will be ready to tackle more complex Python practices and languages.

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2. Murach’s Python Programming

Murach’s Python Programming

Another good book to consider when you begin your Python adventure is this one.

This is a book that has a cool standardized format of 4 sections – even if you are not a complete beginner you can skip a few chapters and arrive at some upper-level challenges.

If you like a pacy dynamic and if you enjoy a quick learning curve you will love this book. It has a brilliant dynamic and by the end of it, you will almost feel like an expert.
On the other hand, it is not for people who enjoy slow-paced tempo while learning and who like to get into too much of detail.

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3. Hello World! Computer Programming For Kids And Other Beginners

Sometimes when you learn a language, all you need is a colorful and well-thought-out children’s book. Like with any other language in the world, the brain likes simple, childish beginnings.

That’s why I believe this book is amazing for everyone that doesn’t feel awkward learning from a children’s book. Believe it, this book is challenging and you will enjoy it nevertheless.

As they say, it is written in a language for an elementary school teenager, but sometimes that is all that is needed for the baby steps of programming. You will see some wonderfully crafted assignments, gentle and stylish explanations, and a funny exercise. Recommended for all ages.

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4. Invent Your Own Computer Games Using Python

Invent Your Own Computer Games Using Python

If you want to have fun while learning Phyton, this book is for you. It is based on creating some simple games and while doing it you will see the product of your work manifesting right away.

The book starts with some simple stuff and then it just gradually becomes more and more complex, but not in a scary way. The games you make will be some popular stuff that you might even want to play with your buddies.

This book combines fun and usefulness and will pragmatically prepare you for using this language for much more serious stuff.

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5. Python Essential Reference

Python Essential Reference

A very well-written reference book that will prove useful for any stage of programming skill that you have. This book serves as a handbook and will clarify to you the foundation of the language.

This book will soften the burden of many uncertainties you have and may also be useful if you plan to move to Python 3 or updating and modernizing the current code.

An awesome helper-book. It was recently refreshed and updated with some additional features.

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6. Python 3 Guide: A Beginner Crash Course Guide to Learn Python 3 in 1 Week

Python 3 Guide

Written in a leisure language that makes you feel like learning Python is a simple task (even though it isn’t), this book will probably make you feel better as soon as you pick it up. It is currently very popular on Amazon and it is reasonably cheap.

It is a different “read” since it’s more visual than a reading experience which is probably more important for practical learning and memorizing simple things which will later prove useful.

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7. Learn Python 3 The Hard Way

Learn Python 3 The Hard Way

This book is an epitome of ‘tough love’ method. It will test you, try to break you, push your boundaries and in the end, you will either fail spectacularly, or you will be the master.

You will have to type in all the code manually and try to dig through the answers yourself. Nothing will seem easy but as you figure out one thing it will lead you to another and everything will run more naturally. Just like programming.

This school of thought will help you inject the routine in your brain. Around 50 exercises will be available to you and you’ll learn everything from object programming to loops and packaging. A very handy book to consult.

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8. Python Cookbook

Python Cookbook

In every single list online or advice that you ask for you will get an answer that Python Cookbook is the go-to book for everyone interested in Python. It is a well-written book that

covers everything about Python.

It is not higher up the list since this book requires learning basics in Python before you consult it and then you may enjoy it completely.

Once you go through the foundations of this code, you may as well get this book since it is probably overall the best you can get.

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So, There is the list! Did you come across any book better than this? Maybe you’ve run into some of the books that we’ve mentioned and you didn’t like it? Do you have any other recommendation? Feel free to comment and have your say!


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