3 Publishing Platforms for Aspiring Writers Out There

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Literature is an industry that you can never get too saturated with, people always want to read new concepts and explore new genres. Written words have been the guidance of civilizations for centuries, and while the times constantly change, it is essential for writers to always stay updated with ways of how to get your writing out there.

Today will primarily be about getting your inner writer on the pages of the internet. Currently, there are many publishing platforms that budding writers need to get acquainted with, to give them a chance of getting noticed. Below we have listed some of the best writing establishments, so make sure to review and publish all the topics and concepts that get your pen gearing to go.

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1. Medium


Medium is the perfect platform for those that are looking to publish their content, without the intimidating responsibilities that blogging platforms like WordPress can bring. Not only can you write and bring visibility to topics that stir passion within you, you can also create discussions based on your quirky topics, and actually create communities with similar interests as yours.

All the content published on here can be edited and updated as many times as you like, in addition to further personalisation such as headings and blogging counterparts. Definitely check this out if you are new to the world of blogging, as the community here is friendly and highly engaging.

2. Wix


Wix is a great platform for writers out there, looking to create a new site for their portfolio of writing that they possess. You may have multiple sources of writing that you are proud of, and are therefore looking to show them off. Wix is the perfect collation and midpoint to really showcase your writing to the best ability that you are looking for.

With the various site design layout templates, you can explore multiple possibilities that suit your writing style and characteristics. From a casual freelance portfolio, you can also make your work look high-end and more appropriate for that senior copy editor role that you are eyeing up, because why not?

3. Squarespace


Squarespace is perfect for creating quality content that is adorned with quality and style, when it comes to the layout. The elements that make a perfect writing platform are often simplistic, and work really well on any streaming platform. Squarespace is technically designed so that you can create a writing platform suited to PCs, tablets and mobiles.

This makes a huge difference when you are looking to share your content sophisticatedly. The website development can be altered simply to suit accommodating podcast feeds, branding campaigns and anything else that pops into your mind. Hey, if you are looking to integrate ecommerce into your platform for pending clients looking to use your writing, Squarespace can accommodate everything!

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