Best 15 Online Proxy Websites to Browse Anonymously in 2024

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Are you an internet native who loves to visit websites anonymously but does not have the money to fund your anonymity? Proxy websites are one way you can achieve your online goals for free. You'd do well to go through this list of proxy websites to get started.

When people talk about staying anonymous on the internet, one common assumption is that they desire to engage in illicit activity. While this is true for some, others have legitimate reasons to do so. One argument is that they do not want these websites to have access to personal information such as IP addresses, names, email addresses, and so on. Others may want to have unrestricted access to web contents. Others go anonymous to complete some online jobs that, although genuine, are subject to a ban or block.

Many of these people do not want to invest in a separate VPN connection, so they frequently use web proxy websites to access restricted content easily and for free. It is, however, understandable. Proxy websites function similarly to VPNs or proxies from proxy providers because they are free web-based intermediary servers that help mask your digital footprints. On that note, we will be going through a couple of the 15 best proxy websites you can visit to achieve your online goals.

1. BlockAway — The Best Free Proxy Website

blockaway is a web-based proxy service that provides users with an efficient and easy-to-use tool for online privacy and unrestricted internet access. Designed with simplicity in mind, BlockAway is suitable for individuals at educational institutions, workplaces, or any environment where internet access may be limited or monitored.

By utilizing, users can anonymously enter web addresses and surf the web without constraints, effectively bypassing censorship and obfuscating their digital footprint.

The service emphasizes user privacy by offering a method to shield personal information from potential interception by ISPs or vulnerability to cyber threats. BlockAway positions itself as a resourceful alternative for those seeking to protect their online activities and access content freely.


2. Kproxy — Overall Best Proxy site

Kproxy Homepage

Kproxy is arguably the best in the market. You can use this proxy website to avoid government or workplace censorship. They aid in the hiding of your location and personal information on the internet. The platform protects your data from eavesdropping by your internet service provider and stops hackers from collecting your personal passwords, bank account information, and credit card information.

Kproxy is unique in that it has browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. For example, if you use Google Chrome, all you have to do is go to their website or the Chrome store and install the add-ons. After installing it, launch the Kproxy extension from the extension panel and select “Start.” It would provide you with a list of nations and proxies. It is important to understand that the KProxy Extension is not a VPN. Your connection will be regarded as a standard HTTP connection.

3. — US Only IP Address

ProxyBoost Homepage is a free proxy website that only uses proxies from the United States. It enables you to control your access to any prohibited website. All you have to do is input the URL of the website you wish to unblock and click the “surf” button.

The website is straightforward and simple to access and utilize. It makes no difference whether or not the destination website is secure (SSL); ProxySite will reroute everything back to you over an encrypted SSL connection.

4. — Popular Proxy Website

Hide me Homepage

This is a free proxy website that is most known for its VPN service. It's a website trusted by more than 25 million users globally. It’s safe, simple to use, and supports lots of different devices, including Windows, Mac, and even smartphones.

To use this free proxy service, you just type the website address in the box, select the proxy location you prefer, and tick the necessary settings before clicking the “Go” button. They also offer you the opportunity to download a free proxy browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These extensions protect you from WebRTC leaks and always ensure you reach the website when you need it.

5. Proxify — Best Proxy Website for Automation

Proxify Homepage

Proxify is an anonymous proxy service that was established in 2003. It is committed to protecting its users' online privacy and security by employing a one-of-a-kind proxy mechanism. People from over 200 countries use it, and they have access to proxies from 1,120 different locations. With Proxify, you can regain control of your privacy. It performs excellently on a variety of devices and browsers, including Apple, Microsoft, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Mini. Proxify is useful for testing, competitive intelligence, competitor research, website geolocation, market research, and ad campaign verification.

It is a fast and easy-to-use tool. Proxify has a plan called Proxify Pro for commercial use by small businesses, large corporations, and professionals. This also works well for automations such as web crawling and screen scraping. The Proxify Pro plan costs $100 per individual user per month.

6. ProxFree — Best Free Proxy Website

ProxFree Homepage

ProxFree is a fast, free, and highly compatible anonymous web proxy service you can access directly in your web browser. It is a simple and completely free web proxy service. It is perfect for those looking to bypass censorship restrictions. All you have to do is simply enter the address of the website you wish to access in the bar below and press “ProxFree.” ProxFree ensures that your privacy and anonymity are maintained since the remote website sees only the proxy server and its IP address.

While surfing the internet via ProxFree, it is recommended that you make sure SSL is enabled. You can do that by checking the padlock symbol to the left of the URL bar. Also, make sure that you see https in the address bar of your browser.

7. ProxySite — Best Proxy Website With SSL Encryption

ProxySite Homepage

ProxySite is one of the fastest proxy websites with a gigabit network. With their Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, you can rest assured that your internet surfing is in safe hands. It is the best on the market when looking for a good SSL-secure proxy site.

ProxySite works perfectly for social media platforms, especially Facebook and YouTube. They also offer premium VPN services for those looking for a VPN with trustworthy SSL security.

8. — Best Web Proxy With Anonymizer (Browser Extensions)

Whoer net Homepage

This is a web proxy based in Cyprus that is one of the simplest and quickest ways to change your IP address, unblock websites, and gain online anonymity. Similar to Kproxy, they have browser extensions they refer to as “web anonymizers.”

These extensions are only available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Yandex web browsers. With just one Whoer web proxy account for browsers, you can access your favorite online services on any of your devices, not just a browser.

9. CroxyProxy — Best Proxy Website For Video Streaming

CroxyProxy Homepage

CroxProxy is another completely free website proxy that assures your privacy and security. It is a trustworthy online proxy service that also safeguards your privacy. It supports a large number of video sites, all of which can be accessed anonymously and with full video streaming capabilities. They are an excellent substitute for a VPN. Because it functions as a proxy browser, there is no need to download or configure anything. The selling point for CroxyProxy is its compatibility with video streaming.

It has full support for HTML5 video and audio playback. The proxy site works perfectly as a YouTube proxy and as a proxy for other video websites. Additionally, this proxy site acts as a proxy browser; hence, there's no configuration required. Interestingly, the website can be used on any operating system, including Windows, Apple, and Android.

10. Zend2 — Best Website Proxy For Accessing Restrictions By Country

Zend2 Homepage

Zend2 is another free website proxy that is highly reliable and doesn't require any form of download or installation. Zend2 is a trusted name in the online proxy world. Besides, it is an anonymous online proxy service that is trusted by users around the world. You can browse and access websites without restrictions with Zend2.

You can also access large social websites like Facebook and YouTube. Zend2 offers unlimited country restrictions. You can now access websites and social networks that were previously limited by your country or other countries around the world. All you have to do is visit their website and input the website URL you are looking to visit. Select the best-suited option from the options list and click “Surf.”

11. Megaproxy

Megaproxy Homepage

MegaProxy is a free web proxy service that allows you to access the internet via servers located in many countries. They provide a list of SSL proxy services that is updated regularly to ensure proxy availability. To obtain an IP address from a given country, you can select free web proxies from several countries. To access a website, simply input the URL.

Go ahead and choose one of the web proxy servers from the list, and click the “Browse Anonymously” button. You can also narrow down your search for a web proxy by country or proxy type. After that, you can start surfing anonymously with the chosen web proxy. The destination website will perceive your visit as coming from there. In some cases, you could also be forwarded to the proxy-selected web page.

12. Hidester — Best Proxy Website With A Us Proxy Server Optimized For China

Hidester Homepage

Hidester is a free web proxy that allows you to visit any website, anytime, from anywhere. With Hidester, you can bypass any form of block by your government, your employer, or an ISP. This web proxy is fast, private, and secure. This web proxy is completely free—there is no need for registration, no contract, and no advertising. Despite the fact that they have the option of charging for their VPN service, you just need to type in the website address, choose the server you want, and make the necessary settings, and you are surfing anonymously in no time.

Its US server option is optimized for Chinese users. Hidester also uses automatic SSL technology to protect you from scripts or hackers attempting to steal your identity. Even if the websites you want to visit are non-SSL, Hidester adds an SSL layer to all your connections. This proxy website also has a browser extension specifically for Google Chrome.

13. HideMyAss (HMA) — Best Alternative to CroxyProxy

HideMyAss Homepage

HideMyAss is a great proxy website that is free for all to use. It ensures that your IP address is hidden, allowing you to browse anonymously. It is very easy to use. You just need to input your target website URL, choose your preferred web server or leave it at random, click the right settings, read the terms and conditions, and click “Agree and Connect.” With HMA, you can access blocked websites from anywhere.

This free web proxy is great for streaming US TV. It's a good website for video streaming. You can also stop ISP tracking and conduct online banking over a network. It is a good proxy website for online gaming. It works on devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many more. Just like Hidester, HMA also offers an upgrade to their VPN services.

14. VPNBOOK — Best Proxy Website With Unlimited Bandwidth

VPNBOOK Homepage

VPNBOOK is an SSL-encrypted free web proxy that helps you surf the web anonymously and securely. It is a web-browser-based proxy, with no additional software required. It is great for unblocking social networks like Facebook and YouTube in regions where they are blocked.

However, like some other proxy websites on this list, they offer a VPN version of their services. This web proxy is not only secure, it is fast. You get to enjoy unrestricted speed and unlimited traffic. Whether you want to watch a movie or run any traffic-intensive apps, they do not restrict your speed. You can use between 1GB and 100GB of bandwidth in a day; it's all up to you.

15. Quickprox

Quickprox Homepage is a fast proxy website designed to help digital natives browse anonymously. It is created to bypass blocked websites at workplaces as well as schools. Using this tool, you are sure of your internet safety and security.

You can access popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and even Google at any time of the day from anywhere. To get started, input the link to the website you want to visit and click “Go.” You do not need to select a server or change any settings. It's that stress-free.

16. 4everproxy — Best Web Proxy Alternative To Proxysite With SSL Encryption

4everproxy Homepage

This is a free web proxy, similar to ProxFree. 4everproxy allows users to choose their web servers and IP location. They also give you the choice of allowing cookies, removing scripts, or even encrypting the pages you want to access. Another advantage of the 4everproxy proxy website is that you can remain anonymous on practically any device, including your smartphone, computer, router, and even a television set.

This web proxy, like ProxySite, has SSL certification, which means that all data exchanged between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone. Furthermore, every proxy session is erased two hours after your browser is closed. Clearing proxy sessions ensure that the web proxy's private proxy URLs generated for your session expires.


Q. What is a Proxy Website?

A proxy website is a web-based intermediary server that obtains data from an Internet source on behalf of a user, such as a web page. It enables users to visit websites that have been blocked, banned, or restricted. Although over 80% of proxy websites are free, not all of them use SSL encryption. It's critical that your privacy be protected, especially if you're doing anything sensitive online.

Q. Are Free Proxy Websites Safe?

We would be dishonest if we told you that since many proxy websites are free, they are all safe. While some of these proxy websites, such as ProxySite, use SSL encryption, others do not. These non-encrypted sites always place you in a position where your data can be intercepted by a third party. There is also the potential for spyware and cookie theft, which means that your passwords and sensitive data could be compromised.

Q. What are the benefits of using a proxy website?

There are many benefits that come with masking one's identity on the internet via a proxy website. One of them is that proxy websites help hide your credentials from prying eyes. Secondly, they help you bypass website restrictions and filters. This way, you are able to access contents that are not normally available to you.


The unique underlying principle of proxy websites is that they are free. However, some of them charge, while others provide a premium and improved version of their web proxy services as VPNs. It's remarkable to see how much freedom these Internet privacy technologies have provided Internet users. As a result, if you've made it this far, you've already gone through the 15 top proxy websites we've examined so far. Choose any of your options today and enjoy restricted websites and content anonymously.

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