10 Best Proxy Extensions for Chrome & Firefox in 2024

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Are you trying to find the top proxy browser extension? A lot of users are also looking for a browser extension that functions nicely with proxies. If so, you are in the proper location. Learn about the top proxy browser add-ons by reading this post.

Proxies are incredibly useful for protecting our device's IP address privacy, enabling us to circumvent many online restrictions. However, changing and switching from IP to IP is a bigger issue. Therefore, the ideal method for replacing IPs with a few clicks is required. Some people find the installation and settings tedious. They could only wish they had access to a proxy usage method that was simpler.

The good news is that proxy browser extensions make this easier for you. All you have to do is configure proxies once, and you are good to go. The only major problem is finding the most recent and effective proxy extension. This is because there are numerous old versions on the market, some of which may endanger user security. As a result, first-hand knowledge of the traits and features of the browsers will be considerably more beneficial than a trial-and-error approach. Each proxy extension on our list of the top browser extensions is explained in depth here.

1. SwitchyOmega – Overall Best Proxy Browser Extension

SwitchyOmega is Proxy Extensions

An excellent extension for managing and providing proxy services is SwitchyOmega. This extension is by far the most effective proxy extension available today. It is a useful tool for switching proxy files and IP addresses without having to enter them into your proxy dashboard. All of these are quick and easy to complete. To handle each proxy, you do not need to configure a parameter. Instead, it flawlessly handles the proxies. You can use this extension, which is a Chrome extension, to quickly switch proxies.

Certain proxies can be connected to specific websites using its Auto Switch feature. However, employing this extension has drawbacks for users of shared proxy servers. We adjudged it the overall best proxy extension on many of these features.

2. FoxyProxy – Best Proxy Extension for Firefox

FoxyProxy is Proxy Extensions

Users that prefer simple proxy use frequently use FoxyProxy as their proxy plugin. This vendor's extension is designated as GeoShift. Downloading the extension is free. The greatest proxy plugin for Firefox is this one. It has an interesting addon feature that works best with the Firefox browser. It also does have support for Google Chrome.

You can change countries and cities with this extension. Over a thousand cities can be found spread throughout more than a hundred countries. However, you need a FoxyProxy account to use this Chrome extension. You may manage your proxies with this browsing tool with ease. Nonetheless, it is more efficient on the Firefox browser.

3. Bright Data Extension – Proxy Extension for Bright Data

Bright Data for Proxy Extensions

Bright Data is a well-known proxy service provider with one of the biggest proxy pools and the broadest geographic coverage. The service provides a browser extension that you can use to interact with the service. It is meant only for their customers, and you can use it to carry out many tasks.

Some of the things you can do with the Bright Data extension include changing location, adjusting user agent, customizing session length, and the ability to customize DNS. You have complete control over the proxy regardless of its kind or protocol, thanks to this extension. This is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This makes it one of the simplest ways to include a bright data proxy into your browser and benefit from an automatic change of IP addresses.

4. SmartProxy – Best Extension for Smartproxy

SmartProxy for Proxy Extensions

A browser extension that allows you to manage your proxy settings directly from your browser is a clever proxy usage technique. It can be linked to the Bright Data browser extension – but for the Smartproxy service. Through the use of this Chrome extension, this provider has made it simple for its users of their services.

The download is free and gives you immediate access to all of the proxy's features through your browser. The extension lets you choose your location and change your IP address directly from the browser. As a result, with the extension, you can utilize any proxy, whether it be residential or data center proxies.

5. Oxylabs Proxy – Best for Oxylabs and Third-Party Proxies

Oxylabs Proxy for Proxy Extensions

This free Chrome proxy browser extension provides all features required to fully manage and control your proxy. You may effortlessly add, remove, and switch between IP addresses. What sets it apart from other proxy extensions is its straightforward one-click proxy management. Although you can use any proxy to which you have a subscription. If you use a proxy to surf, this addon saves you the trouble of switching between menus to retain your anonymity.

A feature to take into consideration is the ability to move from a residential to a data center proxy while maintaining your session. While doing these, you do not need to change your username. It is also important to recall that it is the best possible alternative you can consider for bright data extension.

6. Nord VPN Proxy – Best VPN Proxy Extension For Privacy

Nord VPN Proxy for Proxy Extensions

NordVPN is arguably one of the best VPN services out there. This service odes offer a browser extension that functions as a VPN proxy. With this browser extension, you have the option of choosing between 57 countries from across the globe. This extension is available only to Chrome users. The Nord VPN VPN proxy extension is a paid tool and you will need to have the an active subscription to make use of it.

Among other extensions, this one stands out. This is due to the fact that it functions as both a VPN and a proxy. You may relax knowing that your connection is encrypted as soon as the extension is installed while you enjoy an anonymous internet connection. It features a split tunnel feature among other advanced features you can't find in other extensions on the list.

7. IPRoyal – Best for the IPRoyal Proxies

IPRoyal for Proxy Extensions

In the market for proxies, IPRoyal is well-known and has a track record of offering high-quality options. The creation of its proxy plugin is another method IPRoyal has made its service accessible and simple to use. Utilization, administration, and configuration are simplified with this extension.

The Chrome extension is particularly good at making it simple to switch proxies, set specific proxies for each protocol, and set fallback proxies. Should a specified protocol proxy stop responding, the fallback is designed to pick up where it left off. Add the extension to your browser to enjoy switching between 180 different nations with an added city-targeting feature.

8. BP Proxy – Best Extension with Auto Proxy Switch

BP Proxy is Proxy Extensions

BuyProxies is abbreviated as BP proxy. Without a doubt, it is among the most well-known providers of proxy services in the industry. To make usage simpler, the providers created and released a Chrome extension that allows users to access the proxy directly from the browser.

Therefore, you can use them using URLs and the Clipboard. You can then quickly switch between proxies with a single tap. The automatic proxy switch, which happens in about a minute, is one of the aspects worth noticing. Each proxy country is also shown, and you have the option to erase your cache to avoid logging in.

9. ProxySwitchySharp – Best Alternative for BP Proxy Extension

ProxySwitchySharp is Proxy Extensions

You can fully monitor and control your proxy in your browser with the help of another well-known proxy extension that functions well with Google Chrome. Even though it has been a while since it has been updated, this extension is still among the best available. With this addon, changing your proxies is simple.

The intricate setting on the proxy dashboard is not required to be used. When you install it on your Chrome browser, just look for the access button on the toolbar. This plugin can also integrate proxy lists, import, and export. It is by no mistake the best alternative you could have for the BuyProxy extension.

10. Proxy Switcher – Supports Most Popular Browsers

Proxy Switcher is Proxy Extensions

Proxy Switcher is the last item in our list of the top proxy extensions. It is not significantly different from other browser extensions for proxy management. As a result, the Chrome browser can also use it. As this implies, it gives you one-click management of proxy.

Therefore, a one-time installation is all that is needed for completely anonymous web browsing. Changing proxies is possible with this plugin. You may switch proxies using the toolbar, and the interface is easy to use. It's interesting that it offers an automatic switching capability in addition to the ability to switch proxies manually by clicking. The browsers it supports include Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, are good choices for this extension.


Q. What are Proxy Extensions?

Proxy Extensions are easy-to-use solutions that work with browsers to make it easier to change proxies. Proxies help mask your IP address. However, using a proxy requires you to manually log in, change proxies (IPs), and then connect to your browser. This is tedious and time wasting.

These extensions are simply a way to automate the switching between proxies without going back and forth the tedious route. While some of the extensions are specifically for a provider, some of them are meant for proxies from any provider of your choice.

Q. Are Proxy Extensions and VPN Extensions The Same?

Although a proxy and a VPN serve similar purposes, there are several key differences between the two. By implication, a VPN extension handles VPN-related tasks, whereas a proxy extension handles proxy-related tasks. Both of them offer protection and anonymity on the internet. However, a proxy plugin merely switches your valid IP for another IP of your choosing, not encrypting your internet data in the browser. An improvement is a VPN addon. Your traffic is encrypted in addition to IP replacement.


As it stands now, the tedious nature of going back and forth to setup proxies is no lnoger an excuse why you do not want to make use of proxies. With extensions, you can set rules and define the proxy to use for which website. Some of the extensions even make ut easier for you to set fallback proxies sould your chosen proxy fail. Make a choice from the above provider and start switching proxies stress-free.

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