Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue: A High-Powered Solution

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Loking for a data recovery tool that can be used across a range of platforms? Must be Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue utility.

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Getting a data recovery software that works across a range of operatig systems is hard to come by. There are a few though and Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue utility is one such tool.

It is compatible with windows, Linux, MacOS and many other operating systems. It comes with a very intuitive and interactive user interface and suppports many file formats. Moreover, it is compatible with time machine.

On the flipside though, this software is relatively pricier compared to most basic untility software. It is not very rich in features, no wonder the free version performs poorly when it cokmes to drive scanning and even data recovery.

Profost Engineering Data Rescue is a software that has been introduced to the public for over 20 years ago. Although Prosoft Engineering itself was founded last 2015.

Today, the company has been operating successfully in the computer industry and has already gained more than 2 million customers all around the world.

This one is a data recovery software, surprisingly, it matches out against those other popular data recovery software out there. It has a newly-released Windows version, which is Prosoft Data Rescue PC4, which is powerful and fast.

One thing that is very notable inside Prosoft Data Engineering Rescue is that if you are someone who wants to recover their files immediately because you are running out of time, this one might not be for you.

Yes, this one is good software, but it may require you some clicks as this software is properly designed for those technicians and computer savvy people.

In terms of recovering deleted files, Prosoft has done well. It has surpassed some features against other data recovery software out there, which is a very good sign.

Although, it was not able to detect some of the files that it scanned along the way, it wasn’t that much so it is still good.

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Pricing and Licensing

All the licenses that you are going to acquire are done separately for different operating systems. They are all limited to a single computer for consumer packages.

Although if you are an IT professional, there are unlimited-use licenses available that you can purchase too.

And not just that. The packages come with additional software utilities that suit different data recovery needs as defined by Prosoft Engineering.

If you do not want to purchase it, there is a Free Trial Demo version available. But if you are in for purchasing, there is a Standard License and Professional Version of the product that is available.

1. Data Rescue Demo

If you do not want to buy the software, then this version of the product is available for you. What you can do here is that you can do a full scan in order to preview all of the files that you may be able to recover in your computer.

2. Data Rescue Standard

Costs at around $99.00, you will be able to do all of the functions available in Data Rescue. But as the limitation says, you can only have this software at 5 disk drives. The licensing for Windows and the Mac version are all at the same size. But you can do unlimited recoveries here so it's worth it at all.

3. Data Rescue Professional

This offer is for those IT professionals out there that needs to use this software. The purchasing of this software starts at around $299.00. If you wish to do so, you may get the demo version of the Data Rescue Standard Professional so that you may be able to feel the software.

Performance and Testing

Like with other recovery software, we put this one to the test. That’s just how we evaluate performance and other developer claims. For our test, we used a new 500GB hard drive.

For the first test, we created a bunch of files then deleted the same. We also selected a particular disk partition, then loaded it with select files. Select here implies that we used images files, word documents, and video files. We then proceeded to delete the entire partition.

For the second test, we used the same internal hard drive and appended a couple other external drives like USB, CDs, and DVDs.

We tested for scanning speeds and efficiency for both operations. We also evaluated the recovery efficiency.

The results were astounding. We managed to recover all most of the files we deleted in the first test. Our quick scan operation lasted some 3 seconds, right within the normal range for most recovery software.

Deep scan lasted 1.5 hours. This one too was within the expected limits. In fact this is one of the best rates among leading recovery utilities.

The preview option made it easier to choose the particular files top recover. In our case we selected all because we intended to recover all the deleted files. One can choose to recover just a few depending on what they want.

For the second test, we managed to recover the entire partition together with the files. The preview option also worked well at displaying most of the files in the partition. For the external hard drives, performance was equally excellent because Prosoft Engineering Data rescue utility managed to recover all the deleted files therein.

In terms of performance, we can confidently say that Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue utility did exceptionally well.

Key Features of Prosoft Engineering

Because of it different types of licensing, it also has different features for every version that you purchase.

The Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Standard version has the following features:

  • The advanced search feature that will allow you to search the files in an instant with search criteria and search fields.
  • Duplicate Recognition that will exclude the duplicate files found from the recovery process.
  • Recovery File Preview will allow you to preview the files before being able to recover them.
  • Robust File Support
  • Time Machine Compatibility that will allow the recovering of the Time Machine Backups without it having duplicates.
  • Email Notifications.

Some other Prosoft Engineering features include:

There are many distinguishing features that comes with this recovery software. Below, we have enlisted a few.

  • Supports fast and easy data retrieval from different data storage sources.

Its 3 step recovery process – select, scan and recover – is among the simplest I have ever come by.

  • It is loaded with the most important tools and features for effective data retrieval

The remote network access feature allows for easy location and recovery of missing files. The feature allows for remote scanning of any computer in a particular network.

  • Supports Raid Recovery for business or personal systems

If your system runs the Raid system, this tool can be used to recover any missing files and folders with ease and precision.

  • Can be used to recover data from damaged hard drives following a system crash.

The professional version of this utility software is able to recover data from such devices when launched from a bootable media. This can be used for personal and business data retrievals, though there’s a technician version that can be used for commercial purposes.

  • Both professional and technician versions support lifetime updates and upgrades for free.
  • It has a simple and intuitive user interface

The home screen includes a list of all the drives available in the particular system or network. You only need to select and scan any of them before embarking on the process of recovery. It has up to 3 scan modes; quick, custom, and deep scan options. The system automatically selects what is best for a particular recovery. You won’t have to select for yourself.

  • Supports in depth scanning and recovery

It comes with streamlined scanning that begins with quick then proceeds to deep scan. This way, all the deleted files or data on a damaged drive can be recovered effortlessly.

  • You can pause the scan process and resume it whenever you feel like

Not many recovery tools have this function. You don’t have to let unnecessarily long scan procedures deter you from doing other stuff. Just pause then resume when you are free and ready.

  • When scan is over and done, you can choose to initiate recovery immediately or use the export button to save the scan results for later recovery.
  • A preview button allows you to choose the particular files you’d want to recover post scanning.

This helps save valuable recovery time as you will be able to recover only the files that matter to you and leave the rest.

  • Customer support

They offer technical 24/7 customer support. You can reach them via live chat, phone calls or emails.

  • 100% money back guarantee

Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue comes with with 100% money back guarantee if the product fails to meet a customer’s expectations. Note however that you will have to prove to them beyond doubt that the product indeed failed to work for you.

This data recovery software is powerful as it could restore your lost data in external and internal storage. It even includes those that are in laptops and desktops.

It may have a lot of features in hand, but if you will look at it closely and compare it with other data recovery software out there, it has a lot of missing features.

The types of scans that it does is scanning by the type of the file, for us, it is a little bit inconvenient if you were to do the scanning in that way, but it does it all fast.

To make the recovery process even better, it should have good thumbnail previews though, so that it would help the user sort out the recovered data since then.

The professional license of Prosoft Engineering Data Recovery is just the same with that of the standard package.

It includes all of the features that were mentioned earlier. The notable differences are to be found in its faster scanning and recovery speed.

It also feature an attractive professional user interface. In addition is compatible with windows, Linux and MacOS.

Plans and Pricing

Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue has a number of plans. We have detailed each of this as follows:

  • Data Rescue PC4 Home License

This plan is ideal for basic recovery operations. It works best for windows and is meant strictly for home use. Home use here implies basic operations and not commercial use.

The lifetime plan goes for $2.75/ month for a max of 3 years. One can choose to make a onetime payment of $99.00 for the entire package. This package can be used by a max of 5 computers.

  • Data Rescue 4 Home License

This is for Mac users and is also meant for basic data retrievals. The lifetime plan goes for $2.75/month for a max of 3 years.

You can also choose to make a onetime payment of $99.00 for the whole package. It is important to note that this package can only be used by a max of 5 computers.

  • Data Rescue PC4 Annual Professional license

This plan is for windows users. It doesn’t work on Mac or Linux that is. It is used for basic data recovery operations and can also be used for commercial purposes.

However, it is important to note that the commercial license is issued based on the number of IT pros making use of this tool.

It can be used on multiple company and client computers. This package goes for $8.31/ month for a max of 3 months or a onetime payment of $299.00.

  • Data Rescue 4 Annual Professional License

This is for Mac users. No windows or Linux Operating systems with this one. The lifetime plan goes for $8.31/ month for a max of 3 years or $299.00 billed once for the whole package.

It can be used for both home and commercial data recovery. Just note that the monthly fee for the commercial license is based on the number of users. It can also be used on company as well as client computers; multiple users.

Customer Support

If you need to know something about this software, which you probably will, you can contact the customer support of Prosoft Engineering Data Recovery.

The support that they have can be reached via the Live Chat only at the office hours from Monday to Friday 8 AM up to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

The users can also contact the support team via email if they need to, by doing so, they will be able to get a full detailed response. They usually reply in their emails within 1-2 business days.

If you wish to learn more about the software without asking or contacting any of them, then you may browse in the website's FAQ's, How-To's and all of the other product-related information.

However, they do not have a search option that will help you navigate in their support page or even their user forum, so you might need to do all the things by yourself.

Powerful, Effective and High-Performance Software

Overall, if you were to talk technically regarding this software, it performs really good based on its raw power.

One setback in this software is that the amount of power that it has doesn't make it too available for the normal daily users to use it. This means that they will have a quite difficult time doing all of the processes because of the way it recovers the files that you lost.

But if you were to judge it based on its performance, it really is a very good data recovery software.

It's just that the technicians and users with a short amount of time on their hands will have a hard time doing all of the recoveries because of the navigation and the interface around the software.

If they could only upgrade that or do something better around it, then it would definitely match out to the famous and top data recovery software out there.

But if you already got the hang of this software, then good for you. We will assure you that this software will be able to do everything that it promises you.

Hopefully, you will be able to get all of the files that you have just lost. Remember, just don't put all of your broken hope into software like these, or those who offer this kind of service.

The very best solution in terms of moments like these is that just do your best not to lose some data at all.

Try this software and see what you need to see, you might want to have this one as your daily driver in terms of losing data. If you really loved it, then purchase it and see how it goes to you, and all the other users that you are linked with.


If you are looking for a data recovery tool that suits home and commercial use, we strongly recommend Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue tool. It is available for Mac, Windows as well as Linux users.

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