How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

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Brands and influencers are increasingly leveraging video as a communication medium. YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for creating and uploading stunning videos. You will need to invest in some useful tools to promote your YouTube videos. The promotion of a YouTube channel is a multi-step process that includes channel art, creating effective intros for your YouTube content, and distributing or marketing your videos on other social media platforms.

Here is a guide and some tips to improve your YouTube videos to have high marketability on social media platforms:

Ways to promote your YouTube channel

Opt for SEO-friendly keywords

seo-friendly keywords

You should understand what your audience is searching for and then only you will be ready to start with a great SEO. Identifying SEO-friendly keywords is not rocket science. You have to identify possible keywords using a tool like the Google Ads Keyword Planner, then search a few of your options, scan the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for every keyword you want to use.

See whether the top-ranking results are videos or blogs? You can tweak your keyword according to the result and try again. You must try adding some words like “How to” or “Tutorial” to get relevant results for videos. Choose a keyword that best defines your video and suits your content.

Use descriptive but catchy titles

Your video title is the first thing the audience sees and gets attracted to your video, so the title should be very punchy. It would help if you kept your titles short, try sticking to 60 characters or less, or it will not be noticeable. Also, use your selected keywords in the first half of the title so that the audience can pay attention to the beginning of the sentence. The title must be engaging but not clickbait.

Never skip the profile section

Many times YouTubers skip their profile section and get straight to creating video content. Remember, a compelling profile is one of the simplest ways to promote your YouTube channel and boost your SEO. Always try to be consistent in profile making, use the similar colour palette and writing style you have done on your website.

Always try to optimize your channel description by adding keywords that could go a long way. Do not ever forget to add contact info because you never know who from your audience wants to reach you for business purposes.

Make good outros

Just like the intro video, a good outro video is equally important. There are many free outro makers available online. Use them to make outros that leave a lasting impression in the mind of viewers.

Create high-quality videos

high-quality videos

You should always make high-quality videos no matter how much time or energy it takes, as low-quality videos can weaken even the best of the best content. To make sure that the content you are posting looks professional you must use a decent good quality camera. High quality videos keep the audience engaged and make them want to come back.

Interact with fans

Your job is not over after content creation and posting. Few of the most successful YouTubers continuously monitor their fans activity and interact with their fans regularly.

When you have left the scope for viewers to comment on your videos, it is your responsibility to respond to their comments; it doesn’t matter they are negative or positive. This way, your fans will feel connected to you. You can also post response videos and use analytics to identify your fans.

Build community by Q&A


One of the most effective ways to build a community is by indulging in some audience Q&A. You can ask your subscribers to send you questions in the comment section, email them, or even tweet them. You can then create a video to address all those questions and also learn how to edit videos for YouTube.

Use YouTube analytics

YouTube analytics

YouTube analytics is a potent tool to understand and evaluate your audience on a deeper level. You will get to know things like their age, spoken languages, and preferred video styles. You can use this information to create content that could capture their interests.

No matter what genre your YouTube channel is about, these promotion tactics will promote your channel to the right audience.

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