Professional Video Gamers: Ups and Downs

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Video gaming is one of the best ways to have fun these days. Many people think that video games are played by idle teenagers, but that is not the case.

The video gaming industry is now attracting professional gamers who take part in eSports or competitive video gaming to earn money. Many professional video gamers have already won millions of dollars just playing regular video games.

And it turns out that even viewers can bet on professional video gaming teams at True Blue casino Australia sites and win real money. With that said, professional video gaming has some ups and downs as we are going to discuss in this article.

  • Professional video gamers can win life-changing prizes;
  • Gamers can reach higher ranks easily;
  • Video gaming can improve everyday skills;
  • Video gaming can affect your social life;
  • Video gamers can develop addictions and violent behaviour.

Video Gamers

Professional Video Gamers Can Win Life-Changing Prizes 

One of the benefits of professional video gaming is that players stand a chance to win life-transforming prizes in a short time. There is no denying that the chances of becoming a professional gamer who can depend entirely on video games are low, but those who work hard will have something to smile about in the long run.

The video gaming industry is already growing much faster than the traditional sports industry, and there are many opportunities to make a living out of it.

If you are constantly wondering if pursuing a career in professional video gaming is a worthwhile thing, you can get an answer by looking at some successful professional video gamers. For instance, a 16-year-old player known as Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha) managed to become the Fortnite World Champion after winning a whopping $3 million.

He happens to be a member of a professional Fortnite team called the Sentinels. Other notable professional gamers who have earned millions from video gaming include Tyler Blevins (Ninja), Preston Arsement and Mark Fischbach (Markiplier).

The thrill of winning millions makes professional video gaming quite attractive, but you may not have a secure job as a professional video gamer. The good news is that playing is not the only option you have as a video game enthusiast.

Based on your interests and skills, you could become a marketer, a video game developer, or an event organizer in the video gaming industry.

New Gamers Can Reach Higher Ranks Quickly 

If you are just getting started as a video gamer, the truth is that you will not become a professional in one day. But one thing that makes professional video gaming different from other careers is that new players can reach the highest ranks quickly. Some gamers are so talented that it only takes a short while or one competition to be recognized by video game fans and sponsors around the world.

Other people manage to reach the highest levels after learning a few tricks. If you want to become a better professional video gamer, you can learn one or two things from successful teammates. You may also get in touch with famous professional gamers and ask for some gaming tips. Some gamers even learn by just watching skilled professional gamers.

The problem comes when you find yourself matched with bad teammates most of the time. If you are always matched with people who are not doing their best to win, you might get frustrated and end up losing your other games. If possible, try to start with already established video gamers, especially skilled professional players.

Video Gaming Can Improve Everyday Skills

Believe it or not, video gaming has been found to improve certain skills. Whether you are playing video games professionally or for fun, you can enhance some of the skills you need every day. For instance, research has shown that video games have positive impacts on basic mental processes such as memory, attention, perception, and decision-making.

Video gaming is known to enhance executive functioning, meaning that it can improve the gamer’s ability to solve problems swiftly and efficiently. Video games can also improve a person’s ability to handle many tasks at once.

Since video gaming involves a lot of hand and eye movements, those who play regularly can enhance their hand-eye coordination skills. And given that video gamers have to pay attention, they can eventually lengthen their attention span and improve their working memory. Video gamers who are still in school need such skills to study well and improve their performance.

Video Gaming Can Affect Your Social Live

Social Live

A common concern for many professional video gamers is that they have to leave their family and friends for training and competitions. But if you play games online, there is no need to leave home. All you need is an internet-enabled tablet or smartphone to play.

On the contrary, professional video gamers usually need to leave their homes or even forgo college to follow their passion. Players may make new friends as they interact with new teammates, but many find it difficult to deal with the thought of staying away from home.

When it comes to the actual video gaming event, professional players always thrive to become the best in a particular game. In some cases, gamers have to partner with teammates they don’t select.

When teammates are brought together by team managers, players have no option but to get along with their teammates. And if you have to compete against someone you know, then you have to forget about your friendship for the duration of the competition.

Professional Video Gamers Can Develop an Addiction and Violent Behavior 

As with substance abuse and online gambling, video gaming can lead to an addiction if you don’t play responsibly. The findings of one university study indicate that 1 in 10 youth video gamers is addicted to video gaming. This means that professional video gamers face a risk of developing an addiction considering that they have to practice regularly to refine their risks.

An addiction may then lead to social and psychological damage. Moreover, teenage professional players may find it difficult to concertante on their studies and thus risk performing poorly.

Besides developing an addiction, video gamers are at risk of becoming violent. Video games that involve shooting, fighting, killing, or destroying an enemy have always attracted the attention of psychological researchers, the media, parents of teenage gamers, and many other concerned stakeholders.

Research has already demonstrated that violent video games can lead to a significant increase in aggressive behaviour. Right now, several countries have developed treatment programs to combat addictions and violent behaviour due to violent video games.


Video gaming is more than a hobby for ideal teenagers as most people think. Many people have chosen to play video games professionally and managed to earn life-transforming sums of money from them. Moreover, online gamblers now have a great opportunity to bet on professional video gamers or teams and win real cash.

But we must acknowledge that success in professional video gaming does not come without challenges. Players can easily get addicted and probably forget or ruin their normal social life with friends and family members. If you choose to be a professional video gamer, you must strike a balance between virtual realities and real life.

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