12 Best Private Proxy Servers of 2024 (Cheap & Reliable)

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Do you want to scrape data from the internet without stress but don’t know how? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with the best cheap private proxy servers to simplify your web data scraping.

Private proxies, also known as dedicated proxies, are IP proxies that are exclusively yours after you make a purchase and are not shared with any other users. Private proxies provide you with complete freedom over which sites are visited and what information is sent.

You won’t have to worry about your proxies being abruptly disabled due to the actions of a neighbor. Businesses and individuals that want to achieve a particular purpose, such as limiting the number of blockages they encounter, are best served by using private proxies.

IP addresses from data centers are often used as private proxies. This is because the vast majority of residential proxies are associated with actual devices that cannot be exclusively assigned to a single user.

Proxy servers that are only accessible to you are private, secure, and quick. They’re less expensive than home IPs but simpler to track down. Businesses utilize them for a wide variety of purposes, including trademark protection, load testing, site scraping, and even shoe purchases from less secure retailers.

It might be challenging to decide on a proxy service, and I understand that. I’ve put together this list of the top affordable private proxy services after testing them all to help you choose the best one for your requirements.

1. Smartproxy — Cheap Residential Proxies

Smartproxy Fastest Residential Proxies

  • Price: The cheapest subscription plan is only $14/month for 2GB, or you can choose to pay per GB with the Pay As You Go option for $8.5/GB.

You can use this web proxy service to conceal your online identity, prevent malicious software from accessing your computer, and circumvent Internet restrictions. My experience with them over the last year has been very positive. To everyone in need of a high-quality web proxy, Smartproxy comes highly recommended by me.

2. Proxy-cheap — Editor’s Choice


  • Price: Begins from as low as 0.40 USD per proxy

I’ve found Proxy Cheap to be an excellent proxy service due to many factors, including the quality of the proxies they provide, the attractiveness of their websites, and, most importantly to me, the ease with which they can be used.

It has a simple UI and reasonable pricing, especially considering the high quality you get. Without question, this is one of the greatest low-cost private proxy service options available. It’s not hard to understand, and what’s more, it’s inexpensive!.

3. Proxy-seller — Cheap Mobile Proxies

Proxy-seller — Cheap Mobile Proxies

  • Price: Begins from as low as 1.07 USD per IP

Proxy-most Seller’s striking feature is unquestionably its low-priced subscription options. Those looking to save money without sacrificing security when shopping online can appreciate the decreased pricing. In terms of adaptability and cost, this firm deserves to be at the top. Keep in mind that this proxy service is still in its infancy.

It also has a rather small network of servers. In spite of this, it seems to be gaining popularity due to its seeming simplicity, the wide range of proxies it offers, and its dynamic performance. This is most glaringly apparent in its support for SOCKS, IPv4, and IPv6 proxies.

4. Myprivateproxy — Cheap Private Proxy

Myprivateproxy — Cheap Private Proxy

  • Price: Begins from 2.49 USD monthly

As a top private proxy server, MyPrivateProxy is a great option. More than a hundred thousand dedicated proxy servers, all of which are highly protected, quick, and dependable, are at their disposal. Each of the nine US states hosts some of the one hundred thousand servers. MyPrivateProxy was built with sneaker websites and other niches in mind, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media automation.

Answer Assault, Sick Submitter, and ScrapeBox are just some of the SEO software that plays well with these private, dedicated proxies. It is also used in social media automation software like Jarvee. In my opinion, one of the best features of these proxies is that they limit the ability of spam and malicious requests to reach your system.

5. Ipv4 — Best Ipv4/Ipv6 Proxies


  • Price: Begins from as low as $1.2 for 3 days

Proxy IPV4 offers a wide range of private IPv4 and IPv6 proxies suitable for diverse tasks like social media management, web scraping, sports betting, online shopping, and traffic arbitrage. These proxies are available in multiple geographic locations, facilitating access to content from various regions.

The service prioritizes user privacy and security by issuing each proxy individually and prohibiting involvement in illegal activities. This ensures a safe online environment. Users can customize proxies to suit their project requirements, and Proxy IPV4 provides continuous technical support through online chat or TeamViewer. With high uptime (99%), low ping, and fast connection speeds, Proxy IPV4 is a reliable solution for managing projects while considering geo-referencing to specific regions and cities.

6. Instantproxies — Best Shared Proxies

Instantproxies — Best Shared Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 10 USD monthly

If you’re looking for a private proxy service, go no further than Instantproxies. Proxy servers are tested for their ability to access the following services: Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Craigslist, YouTube, and Amazon.

Proxy services are essential to many modern web enterprises. Since the IP address used to trace users on the internet is no longer the same as the original IP address, proxy services allow users to appear to be someone else. There are now several proxy servers available online. One such business from which you can get highly anonymous private proxies is called Instant Proxies.

7. IPRoyal — Cheapest

IPRoyal — Cheapest

  • Price: Begins at 1.30 USD per proxy monthly

IPRoyal maintains its own residential proxy pool of authentic users from throughout the globe who are recruited in an ethical manner. Since these IPs are almost hard to identify or block, both the players (or Pawns) and the customer benefit. You can tailor their proxies to your specific requirements with the help of a simple dashboard.

Despite its relative youth, IPRoyal has established itself as a formidable player in the international proxy market, thanks to its comprehensive offering of services—including niche options like sneaker and gaming proxies. IPRoyal is a service provider worth considering because of the breadth of services they provide and the sophistication of the extras they give, such as affordable rates, proxy lists, sticky sessions, and automated IP rotation.

8. ProxyEmpire — Best Value for Money

ProxyEmpire — Best Value for Money

  • Price: Begins at 45 USD monthly

When it comes to the more recent service providers, I highly recommend ProxyEmpire. The number of IP addresses accessible on their network each month is between five and six million. It can not be as big as the three major providers, but it blows away the competition. Their lack of availability of millions of IPs is the only drawback I can think of, but I have no doubt that this will change in the future, given how quickly they have grown.

9. NetNut – High-Speed Rotating Residential Proxies

Rotating Residential Proxies

NetNut offers a leading high-speed rotating residential proxy service with an impressive pool of over 52 million auto-rotating proxies sourced from real user devices worldwide. With so many undetectable private IPs at your disposal, you can enjoy a truly private browsing experience without sharing IPs with anyone else.

The combination of ISP and P2P networks ensures exceptional performance and uninterrupted service. NetNut's dynamic P2P network guarantees zero downtime, making it a reliable choice wherever you are. Their impeccable zero percent fail rate is hard to match.

Using NetNut's rotating proxy network goes beyond just speed and coverage. You get unrestricted access to websites, bypassing CAPTCHAS, reCAPTCHAS, and anti-bot measures put in place by many sites. Remaining anonymous to website security systems is a highlight of NetNut's private proxy service.

When it comes to affordability, NetNut's three-tier pricing plan offers flexibility to cater to various budgets. Starting at just $300 for the starter package, you can pay for what you need and scale up to higher packages if your internet activities require more power.

10. Webshare — Cheap Rotating Datacenter Proxies

Webshare — Cheap Rotating Datacenter Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 7 USD monthly

Although Webshare hasn’t been around as long as some of the larger proxy service providers, it has gained significant popularity in the proxy market at that time, the cost of Webshare’s proxies comes as the biggest shock to the company’s clientele.

These proxies are not only low-cost, but they can also support extremely fast data transfers without slowing down your connection. These proxies are fantastic for data scraping, bypassing geo-blocks, and anonymous online browsing.

11. Squid Proxies — Cheap Dedicated Proxies

Squid Proxies — Cheap Dedicated Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 24 USD monthly

If you’re looking for a secure and private proxy, go no further than Squid Proxies. Because of the extras they provide, they are more expensive. Due to its unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast performance, I found squid proxies to be the greatest private proxy server available.

When using a Squid proxy, your web traffic will be completely concealed because of its encrypted HTTPS connection. In terms of SEO tools, streaming content, and torrenting, they provide the greatest services available. However, proxy servers are not to be used in order to access prohibited content.

12. Rainproxy.io — Budget Choice for Static Residential Proxies

Rainproxy.io — Budget Choice for Static Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 10 USD monthly

The fastest, most trustworthy, and most affordably priced private proxies can all be found in one place at Rainproxy. Customers have access to a big pool of IPs for optimized website crawling and data collecting. All of their residential IPs will have come from legitimate homeowners; they can be confident of that.

In my experience, Rainproxy has been the best private proxy service available. I needed fast, trustworthy, and inexpensive proxies, and they provided them. I had no problems scraping all the data I required, thanks to the large pool of IPs available. The dashboard was similarly well-structured and straightforward. In conclusion, if you need proxies, I highly suggest using Rainproxy.

Benefits of Private Proxy Servers

1. Web scraping and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As an added bonus, you can boost your website’s submission rate and enhance its search engine optimization. This is an example of unethical SEO practice. This is achieved by preventing access to the device’s IP address.

2. Security

It’s possible that hackers have set up certain public proxy servers specifically to steal sensitive information from your business. Consequently, it is preferable to establish a private server for your business since it can be relied upon.

3. Protection

There is a chance that government agencies can spy on public proxy servers. The use of a public proxy server puts you in the same position as hackers and other illicit internet users: sharing the server. You won’t have to worry about any shady goings-on while utilizing a private server.

4. Consistency

They command great consistency and convenience since it eliminates the need to continually look for and configure a new proxy server. Private proxies do not need constant reconfiguration and setup like public ones, which might be a hassle.

Best Time to Make Use of Private Proxies

Best Time to Make Use of Private Proxies

You can be asking why you need to use a private proxy at this stage. Private proxies are fantastic if you need both increased performance and more consistency. You can avoid spending a lot of money to get access to a large pool of IP addresses by renting a smaller, predetermined number of addresses instead. You should take excellent care of them since it’s in your best interest to do so, but this might be challenging if you’re also responsible for another person.

Commonly, folks will test out a shared proxy initially, only to find out shortly that it isn’t up to snuff for their needs. This is when they switch to private proxies, where they have a blast. Alternately, they can need a stable identity that cannot be provided by a group of revolving proxies. Social media expansion using private proxies was popular a few years ago, but mobile IP addresses are gradually replacing them.

When trying to access a website renowned for its stringency, a private datacenter proxy is more likely to be banned than a mobile or residential proxy. Still, they possess a significant amount of raw power and no restriction on traffic, so an expert scraper can move swiftly and efficiently to avoid being stopped.

Protecting a company’s reputation online, improving search engine rankings, doing market research, and scraping data are all examples of why individuals utilize private proxies nowadays. When using a private proxy, it’s best to have the whole server to yourself or at least as many separate IP addresses as possible.

Private Proxy Servers vs. Public Proxy Servers

Private Proxy Servers vs. Public Proxy Servers

According to your requirements and concerns about privacy, you can choose between two types of proxy servers: private and public. One and everyone may use a public or open proxy. It is possible to track and monitor many users who connect to the same proxy server.

The speed and data transfer capacity of public proxies are also restricted. There are a few security concerns with using a public proxy server. If you need a proxy server that only you can access, you need a private proxy server. It’s an exclusive link that can only be accessed by the user. The private server’s high throughput and response time is its most appealing feature.

For the same reason, its personnel is only focused on serving you; this server has earned the moniker “Dedicated Proxy Server.”


Q. Are there private SOCKS5 proxies?

Definitely, there are. Getting a private SOCKS5 proxy is easy with most of the servers we discuss above since there are many proxy services that provide this service.

Q. What’s the cost of private proxies?

The IP’s location, the IP provider, and the quantity being purchased are all variables that might affect the price. Most IPs will charge between 1 USD and 3 USD, with the price decreasing as more are bought. Numerous service providers offer price cuts for large orders.

Q. Why do I need a proxy?

Proxy servers can be useful in many contexts. Internet anonymity, faster connections, protection of private information, etc. Accessing restricted material is another useful feature of proxies. They’re also used by certain businesses to learn more about their rivals, strengthen their brand’s protection, and verify their ad placements.


Worldwide, numerous corporations rely on dedicated private proxies to gather and analyze customer information. Many individuals also rely on them for private Internet usage and safety. Employing a trustworthy private proxy has several modern-day benefits.

Choose from any of the top private proxy service providers in the globe from this list we’ve compiled. It is crucial to compare pricing (some are far more affordable than others) and evaluate your business or individual requirements before making a final decision.

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