10 Best Primewire Alternatives To Watch Movies Online For Free

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Do you want a website where you can watch a high-quality version of the newest movies completely free?

Here are some Primewire alternatives where you can stream and download thousands of movies without spending a buck.

There was a time where you couldn’t just click a couple of times and enter a library of tens of thousands of instantly watchable movies. Fortunately, that time is behind us, and you are living in a completely different one.

With the rise of streaming services, you can play a movie or a tv-show from any device and just sit back and enjoy. If you don’t know what you want – just scroll for a while. Imagine, but you can do it for free!

Primewire was a nice free movie streaming website where you could neatly and easily watch all the new releases as soon as they hit the paid services and blue-rays. The ripped versions, and sometimes even the DvdScr and CamRip versions were available too if you were impatient.

Official primewire site: primewire.ag (Primewire have shut down!)

primewire has shut down

Unfortunately, Primewire doesn’t exist anymore, but – like a hydra, you cut off one head, and two more will arise.

Primewire proxy & Mirror sites

Now there are countless of websites who will try to produce similar service. Some will be even better, some worse.

This list will try to pick apart and try to fit the 10 best websites to replace your Primewire addiction, where you can watch movies for free.

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1. Cinebloom


A lot of users online are saying that Cinebloom is probably the best alternative for Primewire at the moment.

Point being that the new movies that are released on Blue-Ray or on any streaming website are very quick to be uploaded and had various different links so there is always a sense of security when one of the links is broken.

You will be amazed by the content that is uploaded, the feeling of smoothness while you browse the website and rapid loading of each and every link.

2. Putlocker – Editor Choice


Putlocker is often mentioned as a good Primewire alternative just as much as the other top free streaming websites. It has a large fanbase and new users are continuously coming and staying at this website.

New movies are always added on time and pretty frequently. TV show base is also absolutely enormous and the search filters will bring joy to many perfectionists.

Putlocker not only gives you a chance to watch HD movies completely free, but you can also download them without any problems. You will be able to save every piece of content on this website on your own hard drive and therefore make sure that it doesn’t disappear from the aether.  Just be careful with the legal issues!

3. Movie4K


Movie 4k is a great website that shows you everything needed on its home page. It will show you the various streaming links of the most popular movies with a quality rating for each stream.

It is maybe a bit slower in uploading and new releases sometimes vary but it is reliable and fast and you will find a lot of different content here. You can also find adult content movies and TV shows too, so it’s a great website to check out.

4. Afdah


Afdah is another Primewire alternative that has a decent pedigree of online streaming. It is also on the air for many years and has some features that are distinct from other websites on the list.

The search bar of Afdah can make you browse by different categories but some of the notable ones are browsing by language and browsing by country… You can search movies by genre, by popularity, by the first letter, the most recent uploads, etc. Films are therefore sorted by some factors that are missing on Primewire, so it may suit you even more.

The movies that are uploaded on this website are all in high quality and are uploaded quickly. You will be impressed by the number of new uploads every day and if you are a constant visitor you will appreciate the people working behind this website even more.

5. GoMoviesHD


GoMovies HD is a phoenix of free movie streaming services. It is an old-timer that rose from the ashes many times since it’s controversial nature makes the site prone to taking down relatively often.

This website will give you all the movies you ever looked for. Old, new, blockbusters, indie flicks, European, Asian, African cinematography… .Everything is here. You can also find awesome TV shows here too.

There is an option to search for movies by country or genre, and there is also a list of most popular and most watched movies too. You will find all the qualities here. Newest movies (that are still airing in cinema) will have their Cam or SCR version here.

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6. Streamlikers


Pretty similar in functionality as many other streaming websites, but also a bit more minimal compared to some of on this list, this website all the newest movies and all categorized by genre.

The categories are starved of some useful functions, but the content is great and offers all the new movie releases in high quality, or if that quality is not available anywhere else, then you can watch it in the best available. Sometimes it is a screener, sometimes it is a camera rip. That is for the impatient ones.

You will have a great added information when you scroll over any movie thumbnail – a short summary, IMDB rating and length – everything needed to know before you venture into a movie-watching experience.

7. Vummoo


Vummoo is a Chinese-based streaming website that has all the new top movie hits available to watch immediately but lacks any real search filters or advanced search options. So, if you’re not a straightforward person who will know what to watch right away, you may be disappointed.

The home page is pretty nice and shows you a nice mosaic of brilliant new movies, so you will have a big choice just by landing on this website. A search bar makes no mistakes and the website is generally smooth and neat.

8. HubMovie


HubMovie is also a free and easy way to watch all HD movies regardless of release date – completely free of charge. You don’t need any accounts or any surveys, everything is out there in the open.

The movie quality is listed in the thumbnail so it doesn’t leave you open to disappointment. You know exactly what you’re getting. All movies have additional information when you hover over with your cursor and that will make your movie-picking job much easier.

Here you can also request a movie or request to change up a broken link. This is also a great Primewire alternative that you will spend a lot of hours on.

9. Two-Movies

Two-Movies is also a streaming website that is based on third-party streams from various sources. It has a colossal database of movies ranging from the beginning of the 21st century all the way to the newest releases worldwide.

It doesn’t limit itself to well-known Hollywood movies, or indie movies streaming from English-speaking places with some notable foreign cinematography. This website instead has everything. Bollywood, Eastern European, Asian… Everything.

It also has a social hub where you can meet other cinephiles, upload some news and discuss different topics. A really lively website.

10. YTS


YTS is placed on the number 2 just because it is not a streaming website, but instead the best movie torrent website that you will probably find on the internet.

The sophistication of this website is out of this world. You can search the movies by various categories, and new movies are released at an unbelievable speed. This is probably an epitome – when the movie is uploaded here, it is officially downloadable and streamable everywhere in HQ.

You can download in various qualities  – 1080p and 720p, sometimes even in 3D when it is available. You will get the best version of the movie that is currently online, especially with the new movies – if it’s on Yts than no way it is Scr or Cam. Also, you’ll always have adequate and correct English subtitles added. An amazing torrent site altogether.


There it is – a list of best movie and tv-show watching Primewire alternatives. Hopefully, this is enough to stop your binge-watching appetite for a while. You may have some great experiences with some other websites? If you did – feel free to leave a comment!

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