How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer

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Did you know that Instagram doesn’t allow feeds from a laptop or desktop? Well, it can be frustrating at first. We have put together these solutions to help solve the problem and make your Instagram experience better.

Do you want to know how best to post on Instagram from your computer? Here are some of the best scheduling tools, simulators, how to use the user agent, and third-party tools. They are all easy to use as long as you know the right steps to take in each.

The Best Scheduling Tools to Use for Instagram

1. Hopperhq


  • Price: 14 days free trial or $19 per month

This is one of the best scheduling tools that allow you to send updates directly from your desktop to Instagram. It has more than 10,000 brands who use it to post. On top of that, it also automatically removes any duplicate content and subtitle spam.

It helps you plan content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can even set the individual time zones for each of your social media accounts or use different social media sites, set favorite post times, and schedule for multiple accounts.

Through planning and analytics, you can drag and drop posts, create drafts, and approve content. You can also create a team and collaborate. It also features a social media calendar, Instagram Grid Planner, and unlimited teammates

How to Use Hopperhq

  • Open the website here.
  • Create an account using valid details that will allow you to login into the Dashboard.

Hopperhq Dashboard

  • To test the online tool, it gives you a 14day trial period to test the usefulness of the tool.

Hopperhq trial period

  • Also, choose the number of Instagram accounts you will be using and your payment plan before proceeding on. It also allows you to connect with Twitter, Linkedin, or any other social media site.

Hopperhq Instagram accounts

  • After you choose a specific social media account, it sends an email and asks for your login information on the social network for verification.
  • Once that is done, you can now start creating posts, which you can see on the left menubar menu. It allows you to upload 50 photos at a time and search for files from your device or google drive.

creating posts on Hopperhq

  • You can also preset the size cropping, add filters, and edit your images to make them more appealing. If you enjoy writing captions and comments in your photos, you can use the feature to edit your images, and save them as a draft or publish them immediately.
  • The software helps make using your social media accounts easier to manage.

2. Hootsuite


  • Price: Free for 30 days, Pro version – $29, $129, $599

Hootsuite is another amazing online tool that allows you to schedule and reschedule posts, review analytics, and quickly respond to comments. While using the online tool, you can either opt for direct publishing or a mobile notification workflow. However, for Instagram business accounts, it allows both direct publishing and mobile notification workflow. However, for personal accounts, it only allows mobile notification workflow.

You can use Hootsuite to manage all your social media accounts on one platform. Hence, you will be able to schedule and publish content for the right channels at a time. It allows you to track effectiveness in real-time and publish the best content. The calendar allows you to view and manage your social content in a single collaborative calendar.

It also allows team collaboration and makes it easy for your entire team to create beautiful and engaging posts. By scheduling posts, you tend to maintain your social presence to be great and allows you to build a strong brand in that way.

How to Use Hootsuite

  • Create an account on the official website
  • Once you log in, you can click on the left menu bar to create a new post, pin, or Instagram story.

create a new post on Hootsuite

  • Go ahead and select your Instagram profile, edit, put text, and add media and tags. You can even upload an image or use an image from your desktop. The beauty of this scheduling tool is that it allows you to either decide to publish directly or schedule for later.
  • The mobile notification workflow gives you notification of your post. This will help you be updated at all times about what is happening in your social network.
  • To enable the mobile notifications, simply allow them from your Instagram account and then go back to the online tool to enable the settings.
  • It also allows you to add hashtags to your posts.


1. Bluestacks


  • Price: Free License

Have you ever heard of Bluestacks? Well, it is a great software that you can use as a mobile emulator on your PC. Hence, once you install bluestacks, you can it to install mobile apps for your use. Hence, you can download Instagram and set it up without any limitations.

However, it has some limitations in that video posting is not supported, hence, you need to upload files to the media manager of the platform. Not only does it have a variety of apps, but also a variety of games that you can use for your leisure.

The game control configuration makes it 6x faster than many Android phones. Also, bluestacks doesn't allow distribution on any of its services. Bluestacks is an emulator that is great for allowing easy use of mobile apps from your desktop.

How to Use the Browser to Change the User Agent

Do you know what a user agent is? Well, did you know that some experts can identify issues with audit websites on different devices? By changing the user agent it helps you test different things. Basically, a user-agent is an HTTP request header string that identifies browsers, applications, or operating systems that connect to the server.

1. Chrome


Steps to take to change the user agent on Chrome

The main aim is to post on Instagram. Hence, ensure you have logged into your Instagram account.

  • There are different ways you can change the user agent, the first is: right-clicking anywhere in the webpage in your browser. Simply use the command CTRL + Shift + I on Windows and CMD + Opt + J on Mac.

Chrome Inspect command

  • The second method is by clicking the three-dotted lines on your browser. Then choose, More tools > Developer tools > Network conditions then edit from there.

Chrome Developer tools option

  • Also, ensure to uncheck select automatically.

Chrome uncheck option

  • The next step is choosing among the built-in user agent list. If the particular one you want is not there, you can enter the string you want into the field. You can then edit and post your media on Instagram using the platform you want to view it from.

Chrome custom option


2. Safari Browser

Safari Browser

Steps to take to change the user agent on the Safari Browser

  • The first thing is to ensure you are logged into your Instagram account.
  • While on Safari Browser go to preferences, advanced, and check “show developer menu”.

Safari Browser developer menu

  • The next step is to select develop then the user agent

Safari user agent

  • A list will come up where you can choose the user agent string or input a favorable one. Since you are on Instagram, you can manage to view it in the chosen user-agent.
  • This allows you to edit and post media as you wish.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also allows the changing of user agents in the settings. However, it is a bit more complex than other browsers. The first thing is to ensure you have logged into your Instagram account.

  • There is also the alternative of using the add-on ‘User-agent switcher’ on Firefox. It allows you to select any of the predefined user agents or enter one.
  • The other method is to select settings on the right side of the browser, then select web developer then web console or network.
Firefox web developer option
Firefox web console option

Firefox User-agent switcher

Third-Party Tools

1. AiSchedule


  • Price: Free 5 posts per month or pro – $19 per month

This is another software that allows you to schedule Instagram posts, post any type of video or image, track your posts, and use hashtags. You can even transform the single link on your profile bio into a page with links to all your feed posts, stories, social pages, websites, and much more. This makes your social media management even easier.

2. Later


  • Price: Free, Pro – 12.50, 20.83, 33.33

Later is one of Instagrams's best marketing platforms. It allows you to plan a whole month of social media posts. Hence, you can schedule the day you would want them to be posted. It even gives you tailored insights that help you reach more people.

It is ideally built for sharing photos, videos, and stories. You can use it to build a phenomenal feed and offers flexible plans. Ultimately, it also allows you to find and share the right content, drive traffic, and track sales.

3. Storrito


  • Price: Free, Pro – $15 and $60

Storirito is another third-party tool that allows you to create and schedule Instagram stories comfortably from your desktop. It is one of the most perfect tools for influencers, brands, and agencies.

The auto post doesn't require any notifications. It allows you to prepare and schedule your posts. You can also easily add swipe uplinks. The beauty of this is that Instagram and Facebook stories are supported and you can have an unlimited number of Instagram accounts. It also features hashtags, user mentions, and quiz stickers.

4. Getuplet


  • Price – $19.95, $49.95

Getuplet is specifically ideal for mac users. You can use it to upload photos and videos to Instagram from Mac. It will help you feel more connected to your friends and share special moments. It also allows you to upload multiple high-resolution photos without compromising quality.

You can use Getuplet to add original captions from the convenience of your Mac device. Are you worried about how to edit your pictures and post videos? Why not try Getuplet which allows you to edit your pictures and post videos to Instagram. It will help grow your Instagram followers really fast.

5. Lrinstagram


  • Price: Free trial, $10 to sign up.

This is an unofficial plugin that allows you to directly go to Instagram from Lightroom. You just need to install the plugin, add a new service to Lightroom Publishing Manager, and use the Instagram account authentification. It allows you to publish photos directly from Lightroom to Instagram.

You just need to drag photos to the publish collection then click Publish immediately to upload your photos to Instagram. It also provides a new metadata panel that allows you to add hashtags to captions, only to be published to Instagram.

You can even specify the format using the template tags. Crop your photos in the specified aspect ratios or use the automatic padding with a white border. It also allows you to publish multiple accounts by simply creating new public collections.

6. Deskgram


  • Price: Free, $2.99

This is the basic desktop version of Instagram. As a user it allows you to upload photos and videos by entering their password. Deskgram allows you to upload photos and videos directly from your macOS or windows. It has a simple login form that grants you access to upload your photos and videos.

It allows you to upload high-quality photos, without having to install any software. It is also easy to drag and drop photos to upload. Also, you can use working hashtags in the post. It is a powerful tool for telling a visual story of your brand.


Windows 10 Users

Microsoft Instagram apps

There is also the Instagram app that is available for Windows 10. It is now even optimized for PCs. Hence, you can download it from the Windows Store. You can see new photos and notifications right from the home screen. You can use it to post and edit photos.

Also, people's stories will appear in a row at the top of the feed. The Instagram Live Tile allows you to find out what your friends are doing at a glance. You will also get all the important updates needed. Instagram Direct allows you to exchange threaded messages with one or more people and share posts.


We have discussed some of the best tools you can use to post on Instagram without any issues. They are all easy to use, however, it depends on the use. If you want to do more complex tasks, you may opt for software, app, or tool that can help schedule and post items for you. Maintaining your social media accounts is important.

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