What Should You Not Do While Playing Blackjack?

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Blackjack is one of the simplest and most popular games in the casino space where your job is to end up as close to “21” as possible to beat the dealer. One of the things that makes blackjack such a popular game is the low house edge, where players have a better chance of making some profits, and the simplicity of the game.

Blackjack has simple rules to follow that even a beginner that has never sat down at a table can learn in minutes.

However, there are also some unwritten rules that nobody tells you about when you sit at a table. Going to a casino where you want to have fun, the last thing you want is to make a bad decision that can ruin the mood of everyone at the table.

Therefore, we’ve selected a few things that you should avoid doing in your next blackjack gambling session. You can find out more about blackjack rules of etiquette here: https://www.mbitcasino.io/blackjack.

Things You Should Never to At a Blackjack table

Don’t Tell Others How to Play

Don’t Tell Others How to Play

The most important thing to understand about players in the casino is that not everyone wants your advice or opinion, even if you consider yourself an “expert” on some topic. Therefore, you should avoid telling others how to play or manage their finances.

So, if a person didn’t want any help in the first place, what is the point of telling them what to do?

The situation will get even worse if your option makes them lose money the next hand. That’s why it is important to focus only on your strategy and play.

Don’t Blame Others for Your Losses

Losing money is not fun, and nobody likes to go through this process. However, since you are in a casino you must learn how to control your emotions and react when such unnecessary things happen.

Blackjack is a game where everyone plays against the dealer, but there are some people that are trying to blame other players for their losses. Don’t be that person!

Signal Your Action, Don’t Say It

There is nothing worse than creating confusion on a blackjack table where the dealer acts differently than what you’ve said. In some cases, due to the loud noise in the casino and music, the dealer might not hear you properly about your betting decision and make a mistake.

To avoid such confusion, it is always best to learn how to signal your every in-game decision, and if confusion happens, there are cameras that will prove that you are right. So, learn how to signal the dealer whether you want to hit, stand, split or double down.

Don’t Touch the Cards

Don’t Touch the Cards

One of the most frustrating ways a player can disrupt the flow of the game is by touching the cards. So, if you are playing face-up blackjack at a table, you should never touch the cards. That is the job of the dealer, and players might get frustrated by that.

The dealer's job is to place the cards on the table, not yours, so don’t try touching the cards since this can get you into serious trouble.

Don’t Touch the Chips When All Bets Are Closed

The dealer always gives you plenty of time to make a decision, and for people that are not sure or second-guessing their decision, it is important to know that once all bets are closed, you are not allowed to touch the chips.

Once everyone has played their hand, the dealer will swipe their hand and collect all the placed bets. There is no turning back from this point on.

Don’t Place Your Bets Incorrectly

Another thing to avoid while playing blackjack is stacking your bets incorrectly which might lead to confusion or annoyance by the dealer.

Stacking the chips correctly will make the game smoother, and the dealer will be able to count your chips faster, so everybody wins. Therefore, you have to put the highest-value chip at the bottom of the stack, and the lowest-value chip at the top.

This way the dealer will have a much easier time counting your bet, and there will be less waiting time for all the other players on the table.

Don’t Bring Your Emotions on the Table

Before playing blackjack, it is important to understand that this is a game of luck and even the most experienced players cannot impact their winning chances.

So, remember to leave your emotions out before entering a casino and have a clear head while playing. Emotions can seriously impact your betting decisions and lead you to a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of.

No matter if you are on a losing or winning streak, it is important to compose yourself and have a clear mind about every betting decision you make. Leaving out your emotions when playing blackjack will improve your overall experience, and you’ll avoid ruining the game for the other players involved.

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