6 Best Platforms To Use Address Lookup Feature

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Doing property research is incomplete without using an address lookup service. There was a time when people used to depend on property agents for all types of information about a property.

However, now many options let you find every hidden detail of an address without going through any trouble.

In this article, we will cover the 6 best platforms to use the address lookup feature online. All these applications are tested by users and we have included a review for each one of them. That way, you can know which application has the best services to offer.

Before we cover these applications, here are a few things about this service.

What is Address Lookup?

Address Lookup

Address lookup is an online tool that lets anyone find public information about a property. The tool is attached with information sources so that a user can find information with a single search. That is why the effectiveness of the tool depends on the platform offering these services.

An Address Lookup Includes:

Part1- Details of Property

You can find all the details related to the property such as area, number of rooms, property layout, and other dimensions. Additionally, you can check the tax and mortgage information of that property as well.

Part2- Current and Previous Owners

This part lets you know about the tenants who have lived there. It includes their name, age, contact details, and criminal records.

Part3- Neighborhood Details

This part is more general and provides the experience of living in that area. It will show you the average cost of property in that area. Also, you can find out if there is someone with a criminal history living there.

Here are the best websites to use this service:



When someone talks about the address lookup services, the first name that comes to our mind is CocoFinder. It is an online public information finder that provides different tools and services to help you find hidden details of a property. The website is not limited to the address lookup as there are all kinds of tools to find information of a phone number, email address, or person.

The website offers a simple user interface so that anyone can avail of its benefits. However, some quick tips walk you through every step of gathering information from this website.

We recommend CocoFinder because it is one of the most secured platforms on this list. It uses encryption to protect the user’s identity from third parties. Another reason is that many credible sources are attached to this website.

Thus, you can always count on this platform to find some credible information about an address.

Refer to this website to learn how to reverse address on CocoFinder.



Here is a similar application that is well known for its address lookup services. ZabaSearch is an excellent tool to find out the hidden details that are not shared by the realtors. All you need is to visit ZabaSearch’s website and click on the address lookup button.

There you can enter the address that you want to search for. It will create a report that contains every single detail about that property. However, the most interesting thing is the owner’s detail part of this website.

Unlike CocoFinder, it can track the social media profiles of the previous owners as well. It will help you find out what type of person they are. Hence, we can say that ZabaSearch can be a pretty helpful application to find out the details of an address.



If you are trying to buy a new property or just want to know the owner’s details of an address, TruthFinder is the perfect platform for you. It has a large database where you can find all the public information conveniently. The only problem is that the website requires new users to create an account.

On the other hand, platforms like CocoFinder and ZabaSearch do not require any registration to work. Thus, you can consider your requirements before you go for this platform.

Other than this, this tool can be really helpful. It has a toll-free number that will assist you with the process.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is more like a public records platform where you can find public information online. However, you can use the services to find the details of an address as well. The only problem is that the process can be a bit more complicated.

If you have any experience with these tools, you won’t face any issues. Otherwise, you can skip this application and go for the simple ones.



This platform was founded in 2003 and has been providing services to help its users find any information they want. It has address lookup, phone lookup, and people search tools available on the website. All you need is to check the address bar and enter the details that you are looking for.

It will find the required information from its database so that you can get a proper report. We love this application because of its simple work. Even a beginner can use this tool to find the information.

The only limitation is that you need an account to use the platform. However, you can get a few searches without paying any subscription fee.



SpyDialer can provide four different lookup services on the same page. Thus, you just need to select what you are looking for and enter your query. The application has some public records from official sources.

It means the chances of getting correct information are much higher on this platform. The only thing that might upset you is the design of the website. Some unnecessary advertisements might impact your experience.

Other than that, you can try this application to find some data for free.

Final Words

If you want to do some digging on someone’s property details, the above platforms will help you out. It does not require much effort from your side. Instead, you can click on the feature and enter your query.

Most of these applications do not require registration. Thus, you won’t have to spend time creating an account either.

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