Platforms Other than CryptoPanic for the Crypto Related News

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In today’s time, there is a lot of change in the market and there is a lot of instability in the market of the world. This is because of the increased popularity of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is making its place in the market very fast and is influencing the market. People are investing in cryptocurrency on a very large scale and the increase in the number is also increasing the platforms which provide services related to the cryptocurrency.

There are many people who don’t know much about the current happenings in the crypto world and for that, there are some of the platforms that provide the information related to the changes in the crypto market. Some of them are news platforms giving the news related to the crypto market behavior and changes that are happening in the crypto assets’ values.

CryptoPanic is one of the most used platforms by the user to get news related to the crypto market. It has provided the user with all the latest updates in the market. Nowadays, various other platforms are affecting the increase in demand for the latest information related to crypto-assets.

In this article, we will give the name of some of the platforms other than CryptoPanic which provides the news and related services to the user and crypto holders which is correct and up to date. There are some platforms that provide services similar to CryptoPanic and some are better. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit the british bitcoin profit software.

Crypto News Aggregator Platforms

News Now

News Now

It is one of the most trusted and oldest news platforms. It provides all the information related to the market since 1997. Many people who want to know the latest updates related to the market uses this site or platform to get the correct and trusted news. It has sourced all over the world and provides services to almost all parts of the world.

The website of NewsNow is so much easy to use which gives it the advantage and the user can access the news related to his or her interest. There are different sections created on the website which give information about the various aspects of the market like the value chart, the latest update in the crypto assets, portfolios, and many other things.


This is one of the most simple platforms in terms of features. This thing provides it the advantage over various complex platforms. In this platform, the user gets the specified news related to his or her interest. The main features of the CoinNA are that it makes the bullet headlines providing information and the other is that it provides the news related to specific coins too.



CryptoControl is the other platform that provides the latest and correct news related to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. It has a feature that makes it interesting for the user as It provides the news heatmap in which the user can see the hottest topics of the market of the day in one place.


This platform is really helpful for the users who are involved in the trading and want to know the market behavior at the time of making a purchase or selling their asset in the market. This platform provides a feature in which the user can see the real-time behavior of the market and can place his or her bid accordingly at the same time. It also provides a graphical presentation regarding the behavior of the market.

Apart from these, there are many more but the important ones are these discussed here.

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