Planning on Becoming a Gamer? – Do this First

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If you thought gaming is nothing but an innocent hobby that requires minimal skill, it’s time this article proved you wrong. There’s an entire pool of information you’ll need to get the hang of before you call yourself a pro-gamer.

One of the most curious aspects of playing video games is learning the specific slang that allows you to communicate with other users. Almost every game genre, ranging from simulation to casino games, has its unique set of phrases.

To an objective observer, the gaming vocabulary, with its numerous acronyms and code-like terms, may sound like nonsense when, in fact, it represents mandatory knowledge for a gaming expert.

If you’re tentatively stepping into the gaming community, keep reading as we break down the most common gaming terminology.

Decipher the game rating

Decipher the game rating

Before you even start playing a game, it’s advisable to check the target audience for it, especially if you’re thinking about buying the video game as a present for your kids. Games packed with bloodshed and scenes of gore are not a number-one choice for your little one. To avoid this happening, you should look at the front cover where the rating icon is located.

Games marked with E are appropriate for all ages, whereas the letter M stands for mature, meaning it’s not recommendable for people under 17. There are also AO games designed for adults and should not be allowed for underage individuals. You might come across an RP label which indicates a game that still doesn’t have an assigned rating.

The video game jargon

The video game jargon

You’ll be glad to know that some gaming phrases are universal and have the same meaning no matter the game genre you choose. It would be a good idea for a gaming newbie to soak in the basics before moving on to more advanced terminology.

For instance, your avatar is the character that represents you in a game, and if you’re new to a game, don’t be surprised if they call you a noob. A platform is where you play the game—it doesn’t refer to your console or hardware.

Another frequently used term you should know is AFK or away from keyboard, meaning you’re unable to play or chat currently. Or, if nature calls, be sure to let your teammates know by typing in “bio” in the chat.

If you demonstrate valuable gaming skills while playing, your efforts will be rewarded by the MVP (most valuable player) title, making it a GG (good game).

The gambling slang

The gambling slang

As mentioned, each gaming community has a certain kind of terminology that can be beneficial for the player’s outcome in a game, and online gambling isn’t an exception.

The jargon, often heard at slots and poker tables, seems confusing to the casino novice, so before you proudly declare yourself a veteran, the first step would be to read about gambling slang terms.

When you get a general understanding of terms such as burn card, cashback, hot table, and parlay, then you know you’re ready to sit down at a virtual blackjack or baccarat table and place your bet.

All the new information might appear overwhelming but keep in mind that you won’t necessarily need to memorize all the phrases at once. You’ll learn on the go, and the more you play, the more likely you are to absorb the casino jargon.

Game-specific language

Game-specific language

Naturally,popular online games such as League of Legends (or lol as its fans prefer to call it) and World of Warcraft have a list of its must-know phrases for true gaming enthusiasts.

If you had some extra free time to put all of these terms together, you’d probably end up writing a mini dictionary. Knowing the lingo can help you while you’re chatting with your teammates and planning your next attack on enemy territory.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the lol gaming community, remember that ARAM is when both teams take turns fighting and that blind picking refers to choosing a champion before your enemy does.

However, if you’re more inclined to play Wow, think about the phrases such as pull, pre-pot, and DPS. The first indicates when the boss is engaged, whereas the second is a timer counting down until the boss’s appearance.

The last one, DPS, is used to talk about someone’s damage output in a game. There are many other common phrases to learn, and the easiest way to do that is to look it up online. Luckily, you can find anything on the Internet nowadays!

The bottom line

Hopefully, the article has provided you with a vocabulary foundation for your future gaming journey. As you can see, learning the terminology is necessary for a successful gaming career, regardless of which game genre you pick.

Don’t think of it as studying for a school test—the point is to have fun and connect with other users. By doing so, you’ll get more experience, and the gaming slang will come naturally.

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