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There are so many photo editing and enhancing programs available out there, but opting for the best is very crucial. Therefore Photolemur, one of the best photo editing and enhancing program is here to offer you effective features that will give your picture a stunning look.

The world is evolving, so is everything around us, including technology. With the latest version of Photolemur, you can experience what “evolving” simply means. The newest release offers photographers almost everything needed to create an outstanding look in images. Photolemur takes pride in using artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically enhance images.

Overview: Photolemur Pro

Photolemur is an automatic photo editor and enhancer powered by Artificial Intelligence. This AI-powered photo enhancer can be used directly by dragging and dropping photos onto the interface or from apps like Adobe Photoshop, Windows Photos, and Lightroom.

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Photolemur Pro Review

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5.0 rating

This software is very easy to use, easy to operate, but the results are very satisfactory

Jack c

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Photolemur Pro Review

Photolemur has been existing for the past few years; Skylum has really made so much effort over the past few years. Photolemur was bought by Skylum, and since the purchase, Skylum has improved so many features and there have been some inclusions. This program also supports TIFF, JPEG, and DNG files and as well as RAW files. This article takes a comprehensive look into the features, pros and cons, cost and new upgrades of Photolemur.

Photolemur and Artificial Intelligence

In Photolemur 3, the artificial intelligence simply makes use of machine learning whenever it processes an image; the neural network in AI has been designed to understand a large number of photos that are being loaded by different users utilizing various cameras. With AI, Photolemur can recognize the form of photography utilized and differentiate between various objects in photos, these include buildings, people, mountains, faces, and foliages. With all these, it can properly apply an edit to images.

Skylum looks forward to achieving some certain goals with the new Artificial Intelligence Lab division. This includes Tagging, Automatic enhancements, Image upscaling and Segmentation. Skylum has continued to maintain great reputation over time. Therefore, Skylum has succeeded in designing an AI-powered, automatic photo enhancer and editor.


Pros and Cons of Photolemur Pro

Photolemur has come with very nice features; this photo enhancing program has proved to be a very good photo enhancer and editor. Let us have a look into its pros and cons:


  • Sleek and friendly interface
  • Very fast and simple image processing
  • Face enhancements
  • Very affordable
  • Available for PC and MAC
  • Extensive image format support
  • Effective batch uploader
  • Correct exposure and white balance


  • Lacks zoom tools
  • Some photos lack sharpness
  • Less control over your image edits

What do I like Photolemur Pro?

Sleek and Friendly Interface

Photolemurs interface
Photolemur’s sleek and friendly interface

Photolemur offers you one of the easiest interfaces in this latest version. With just a simple invitation from a dialog box, you can drag and drop your images. Several photos can be dragged onto the target, after this, another interface appears on the screen using your shots as thumbnails. The interface is very simple to use even for first-time users, just get used to the interface and it becomes a part of you.

The user interface was designed by a designer who won the Red Dot Award.  You do not need to use sliders or some complex controls to edit; the whole photo editing process is done by the program itself. To get outstanding results, all you need to do is to drag and drop, then check and export.

Loading Images

In Photolemur 3, you can find a button for loading photo when you use the file browser on your system. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop images in the intro screen. The intro screen makes it much easier when dropping in images. Immediately, you load the images, the interface expands and gives room for the image aspect ratio.

The drag and drop process is really good, it is a simple process that works well with loading a single image or a batch of photos. This is something you cannot find in Luminar. Photolemur 3 has got its main menu which is concealed at the top. A drop-down menu pops up when you click “Photolemur 3” title.

Face Detection

Another interesting thing about Photolemur is that it has got a face detection feature that helps to enhance selfies. This perfect photo enhancing program aims at producing healthy-looking skin, beautiful and vibrant faces. Photolemur detects faces and then smoothen out any imperfection or blemishes in the face. With Photolemur, you do not need to worry about the spots, wrinkles, eye bags, and scars in your photos.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Photolemur is quite different from every other photo editing program existing out there. This program is AI-powered and is a total package of 12 different smart technologies that will help you analyze and adjust images automatically, ranging from colors, horizons, faces, objects, and the sky. The 12 Smart Technologies we are talking about include Color Recovery, Noise Reduction, Tint Perfection, face Retouching, Sky Enhancement, Smart Dehaze, RAW processing, Exposure Compensation, Natural light correction, JPG Fix, Foliage Enhancement, and Horizon Straightening.

All these technologies perform very good work while editing images. For example, the Horizon Straightening helps to fix crooked and curvy horizon and also perfecting the “lines.” You do not need to know all the functions of these technologies as they automatically apply the necessary correction for your image.

Image Processing

In Photolemur 3, there are limited options for processing images; this is because it uses AI to automatically enhance images. Immediately you load a photo, the Artificial Intelligence engine starts performing its magic and you get the final edit after a few seconds. After the final edit, there will be a vertical slider indicating the before and after which you just need to drag and compare your result. It only takes a few seconds to process images in Photolemur.

In Photolemur, there exists a main menu which is hidden at the top. When you click on the Photolemur 3 title, there appears a drop-down menu having various options, these options include Start Over, Load more images, Settings, include new styles, Photolemur 3 help, Install Plug-ins, Show styles folder and Quit. The quality of images processed by Artificial Intelligence tends to be very good as AI adds enough contrast and vibrancy to images.

Noise Reduction and Lens Correction

In Photolemur 3, photos have less or no noise. Artificial Intelligence seems to have got noise reduction algorithms; the fact that there are no artifacts after image processing is superb. With the in-built lens correction, vignetting and chromatic aberrations can be removed.

Instant Preview

Photolemur is a straightforward program; the instant preview feature makes it easy for you to compare the original photo and your final edit. All you just need to do is to slide it, and then you will see the huge difference in the image. In other photo enhancers, you cannot see the changes instantly, you need to look for the original image and then start comparing side by side with the final edits.

Well, I am sure most people will like this Instant Preview feature, as it will save you the stress of searching for the original photos to compare with the final edits. This program goes straight to the point; it performs faster than any other photo enhancer. Even without a learning guide, you can easily get the results you want in your photos.

New upgrades:

There are new features in this version; these features include Eye enlarger, a new menu for setting opacity, Facial retouch, new styles, new batch processing, and the likes.

New and Smart Eye Enlarger

new smart Eye Enlarger
The new smart Eye Enlarger in Photolemur

Photolemur 3.0 which is the latest release of Photolemur has the inclusion of a new Eye Enlarger tool. With this tool, eyes can be recognized and enlarged. This tool does just a slight enhancement that gives a difference to your final image. This tool is one of the new features users would love as it helps to perform wonders to the eye.

Facial Retouch

The new Facial Retouch is a very impressive feature that helps you improve how the teeth and skin look like, you can also remove wrinkles and eye circles from the face. Facial Retouch tool helps to make certain changes to certain areas in the face. This tool makes changes to the faces, and the face still looks real.

New Photolemur Styles

Photolemur New styles
New styles in Photolemur

Photolemur 3 now has the inclusion of six unique styles that you can apply to your image; these styles give your images a perfect look. They are similar to what we know as presets and can be called six Photolemur preset styles. These presets include Apollo preset, Fall preset, Evolve preset, Spirited preset, Noble preset and Mono preset.

New Batch processing and Export

Batch Processing is a new feature in Photolemur 3, the automatic batch processing allows you to enhance your photos without going through the stress of manual editing. The newest version now makes it feasible to directly export to SmugMug and you can also apply settings to all photos. Another thing is that Facial Retouch, Boost and styles can now be applied to a batch of photos. The new Batch processing makes it easy for wedding series or Landscape shots.

Cost : (Is it Expensive or Cheap?)

Compared to most editing tools, Photolemur is very cheap. Its single license goes for $35 for unlimited use on a single computer, while its family license goes for $39 for unlimited use on about five computers. For existing users who would like to upgrade, this goes for $15.

Considering the number of great features made available for users in this program coupled with the fact that it utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically enhance images, we therefore come to the conclusion that this program is very cheap for users. It is much better and cheaper compared to other photo enhancing and editing programs out there.

How to Setup and Download

How to setup and install

Step 1: Visit website and then sign up for download

Signing up for download
Visiting the website and signing up for download

Step 2: After download, double click the software to start setup and then click start

Double-clicking to start setup
Double-clicking to start setup and then clicking start

Step 3: Click install

Clicking install
Clicking install

Step 4: Wait for setup to complete and then finish installing, after that click close and run from start menu or desktop

Running from startup
Running from startup menu or desktop

Step 5: Activate the Photolemur license, when you open Photolemur for the first time, choose Activate with the serial number

Activating with the serial number
Activating with the serial number

Step 6: Enter your email address and the serial number given to you.

Make sure your serial number is correctly entered without spaces or invisible symbols. When activating Photolemur for the second time, please, ensure you use the same email address used when you first activated it. Click Activate Photolemur and then you can start using Photolemur.

Entering your email address
Entering your email address and the given serial number

Do we recommend?

Photolemur is quite different from some photo editing program that makes use of hardcoded filters, Photolemur automatically applies certain enhancements to every single photo. Another feature I like about this program is that it uses special technology to detect faces, objects, sky, landscape and the likes.

Another outstanding benefit of this program is that it automatically carries out its function, making it the first automatic and universal image enhancer and editor. Some other photo editing programs out there still make use of manual processes; Photolemur has improved greatly and makes use of automatic processes when enhancing pictures. This stand-alone program also works with Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, which makes exporting and importing of images very easy.

Photolemur is highly recommended for people who would love to enhance their images without going through stress, as this program is easy to use, AI-powered, and enhances images automatically, has 12 Smart technologies and very affordable. This program is the best image editor in the world, does not need any learning guide and offers you that stunning look.

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