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PhotoDiva is a free portrait editor that you can use to make an image portrait. There are many software out there, but you need to find an ideal one for your tasks. PhotoDiva allows you to retouch your photos, add makeup, adjust your face features, remove red-eye, and much more.

Summary: PhotoDiva

PhotoDiva is a photo portrait software for Windows. It has a couple of features that can be useful for all your editing tasks. It is also an all-in-one retouching studio, digital makeup software, and red-eye remover. Not only that, but it can also help you adjust facial features and change your body shape. Are you also looking for a teeth whitener? Look no further! This program is ideal for teeth whitening to ensure your teeth doesn’t spoil the picture.

It is a free portrait editor with AI effects. You can easily get beautiful portraits quickly by using 100+ one-click effects to make dramatic changes. PhotoDiva also allows you to try new makeup and see if it suits you. Whenever you have skin imperfections you can use photo editing software to correct them. PhotoDiva also has various pricing packages that include basic and advanced features.

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PhotoDiva Review

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Official website:

What we like:

  • It features advanced color controls.
  • PhotoDiva is suitable for rectifying your skin tone, putting on makeup, and adjusting any skin imperfections.
  • It is also great for teeth whitening and adjusting facial features.
  • It has a red-eye remover to ensure that pictures with such an issue can be clear again.
  • There’s an option for automatic eye & hair color change.

What we dislike:

  • It has advanced features that can be tricky for a beginner to use.

Download PhotoDiva

PhotoDiva Review

PhotoDiva is great software that features various functions. Not only is it a photo editing software, but also ideal for enhancing portraits. At times, we take numerous photos expecting to get an ideal one, but find none that pleases our eyes. Hence, that's why PhotoDiva was invented to ensure that in every batch of photos, you can edit one or two to make them suit your preference.
In the changing world, there is a need for having outstanding images in our social media networks. This is because we are portraying our brand to the world. However, don't try to change yourself through images. Ensure you use portrait photo editing software for the right purpose. You will get to know some of the ideal features. Here are some of the most outstanding features that you can use. The guide will help you be a step forward while using the software.

How to Install PhotoDiva

Step 1. Download PhotoDiva from the official website.

install step1

Step 2. Once, the download is over, set it up.

install step2

Step 3. It is not as hard, ensure you agree to the terms and conditions.

install step3

Step 4. The software will then launch and you can start using it.

Step 5. However, you can only use it with images with faces. The AI system recognizes the various facial features before allowing for any edit to take place.

install step5


Features of PhotoDiva



Do you want to make any retouches on your photos? Once you download the software you will see the various editing tools that you can use in the left menu bar. For retouch, you can use the one-button portrait that automatically adjusts your image. You simply need to select the style you like from the various options.

Just like in common editing software, you can use the healing brush and clone stamp to fix any clutter in the image. You may also have taken an image that makes you look darker or whiter than you are. Hence, PhotoDiva is the ultimate solution that will help you adjust your skin tone to make you feel satisfied with the image.

The various retouch enhancements include glamorous portrait, light tan, remove redness, bright lips, smooth skin, light face, clear eyes, shiny smile, and much more. In retouch, you can also add dimensions, change eye & hair color, and remove the red-eye effect. It also can make you have a cuter and lively smile.



PhotoDiva features an AI system that allows it to recognize the face automatically. It also pinpoints facial features so that you can adjust them individually.

PhotoDiva software also features sliders that you can use to position your image and edit perfectly. This will help make your image still look natural and smooth without making it look fake at all. You can also adjust the slider to reshape your facial features. Do you need your eyes to look bigger or your nose to look smaller or larger?

Why not try PhotoDiva that can help make your face smaller. Many times, you can take images and feel unsatisfied with the final product, however, the software can make your images look more natural and beautiful. With the face sculpt it allows you to change the face width, adjust the shape of your nose, lips, chin, and add a curve to your eyebrows.



Do you want to make your photo look as if you have makeup on? Well, the virtual makeup feature can make your photo look more appealing. This is by applying lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. PhotoDiva acts as a dressing room to ensure you look superb.

It inputs the matching makeup that will make it look like natural onemakeup. The makeup feature also helps to reduce any blemishes or spots you may be having on your face to ensure it remains as smooth as possible. Also, if you want to visualize how you would look with makeup on, this is an ideal portrait photo editor for you.



Just like most common photo editing software, it is equipped with basic adjustment functions such as saturation, vibrancy, highlights, shadows, and much more. Hence, if your image doesn't seem as you intend it to, it can restore the lost color photos.

If the picture is also in poor lighting, you can try to increase the exposure to improve the picture. The common features allow you to crop and rotate the image, change the lighting and color, sharpen, blur, and vignette the image edges.

The common features help to ensure your photo looks as original as possible. Hence, if you want the image to have a specific look it will. While your image is on the workspace, you can modify it to suit your preference.



There are other special effects that you can apply using the portrait photo editor, it allows you to quickly blur the background to make the photo subject more pronounced. There is also the option to change the background by smoothening the edges to separate the object or subject from the background.

There are over a hundred photo filters such as retro, movie colors, films, and much more. However, these are features only found in the ultimate version. The effects allow you to change the mood of your portrait.

You can put side illumination, Kodak, party photo, color gradient, warm tones, pink gold, black and white contrast, grayscale, soft toning, and other filtersto your images.

Payment Plans

  • It is a free portrait editor and you can try out many of its basic features without paying for it.
  • The Essential Version of PhotoDiva costs $19.25 and features the capability to retouch faces, erase unwanted objects, change facial features, and apply digital makeup.
  • The Pro Version of PhotoDiva is $29.40 and has more features than the essential one. The features include the ability to change or blur the background, contour face, retouch faces, erase unwanted objects, change facial features, apply digital makeup, and add dimensions.
  • The Ultimate Version of PhotoDiva is priced at $39.20. The version includes the ability to retouch the face, erase unwanted objects, change facial features, apply digital makeup, and 100+ photo filter effects.

Hence, depending on your budget, you can get the most ideal package for you.

Do we recommend PhotoDiva?

Yes, we highly recommend Photodiva which is a super easy portrait photo editor. Although it is free software, it may not have the same functions as Adobe Photoshop. However, with this software, you can easily improve your portrait photo. What other portrait editing software allows you to retouch your photos, apply makeup, fix your nose, your lips, and offer other special effects? That is the typical work of PhotoDiva.

Also, it features some tutorials that can teach you how to use the software and make your images more outstanding. There are many good praises PhotoDiva has that has made it rise to be among the best in the years. This is because people prefer using a simple tool that can help them make their images outstanding in a couple of clicks.

The fact that many features are aligned in one software is another reason why we love this portrait photo editing software. Don’t hesitate to try out PhotoDiva!

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