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If you need a program that can help you design unique images and widen your creative ability, then your answer is here. PhotoDirector 10 has proved to be the right program you can use to solve your photo enhancing, editing, and organizing problems.


PhotoDirector 10 is the latest version released by Cyberlink. Cyberlink has built a good reputation when it comes to creating nice photo editing programs. PhotoDirector is a total package that offers photo enhancing, editing and organizing. The latest release offers you a good number of features you would like to explore, these features include AI Style Engine, improved layer editing, and tethered shooting among others. PhotoDirector 10 is built to enable users to transform ordinary images into a beautiful work of art.

This program can create animated GIFs that can be shared on social media platforms. PhotoDirector features over 100 automatic lens correction profile and also integrates new features ideal for advanced photography. This program is suitable for both beginner and professional photographers and also supports a wide variety of image formats which includes different RAW image files.

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PhotoDirector Review

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PhotoDirector Review

The Pros and Cons of PhotoDirector


  • Great RAW Editing tools
  • Powerful and friendly interface
  • Supports sharing through social media
  • More lens profiles
  • Cool faux HDR effects and multiple-exposure


  • Lens Correction profiles are limited
  • Has basic Layer editing
  • Weird Library Management
  • Layer compositing is very slow

The Pros of PhotoDirector

RAW Editing Tools

The RAW editing tools of PhotoDirector are great and have a wide range of options an advanced program should have. There are automatic lens correction profiles and tonal range editing available. Additional lens profiles that are developed by the community can also be downloaded. The masking tools which work with localized edits are also great, although they lack keyboard shortcuts. The Edit Tab provides some helpful tools that are designed to carry out some photography tasks; the Edit Tab includes portrait retouching, Smart Patch tool, content-aware removal, and the likes.

Powerful and User-friendly Interface

User friendly Interface
PhotoDirector’s powerful and user-friendly interface

PhotoDirector user interface is quite similar to any other type of photo editing software, the popup window which explains what each tool or function that comes out immediately the mouse is moved over an icon enables you to get familiar with the tools. The popup can be disabled once you get familiar with all functions and menus. The different tools are well aligned in a way that will enable you to get familiar with PhotoDirector 10.

With the viewing options, you can move from the browser and the photo normal view to the image’s full-screen view without wasting much time. The interface is powerful and also user-friendly, for first-time users, they can always get to know their way around the program over time.

Effective Library Module

Effective Library module
Effective Library module

The Library module in the latest release of PhotoDIrector is a great tool that helps you classify your photos. In the world today, we like to keep track of our photos; this is seen as a very essential feature any program should offer.

When it comes to keeping track of images, PhotoDirector provides a module consisting of two segments, which are Metadata and Project. The latter allows you to have access to your various SSDs or HDDs, the exact way they have been organized and with this, you can create Smart Collections, Tags, Projects and Albums to organize photos.

A new option known as Calendar View has been included in the PhotoDirector, many users love to use the Calendar View, therefore it was very thoughtful to introduce in the latest version. With Calendar View, you can view your photos by date, and utilize the metadata to organize all images automatically.

Tethered Shooting

Teethered shooting
Teethered shooting in PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector 10 features Tethered Shooting. With this feature, you are saved the stress of moving from one software to another to do so many things. Tethered Shooting is a kind of feature limited to some models from Nikon and Canon, but Cyberlink believes that other camera models might work, so it is just best to download the trial version and try it.

With Tethered Shooting, you can load photos into PhotoDirector 10 as you shoot by getting the computer connected to the camera; this feature will come in handy to timelapse and studio shooting.

Watermarks and Cinemagraphs

Watermarks and cinemagraphs
Watermarks and cinemagraphs

The create section shows three various ways images can be used, these are Motion stills, Slideshow, and Animated GIF. Slideshow enables you to develop simple slideshows and this comes with three different musical themes that can be used with your show. While the Animated GIF allows you to create animated GIFs and the Motion stills is the version of Cinemagraphs that is created by CyberLink.

A series of photos can be selected, then select where you want to animate and PhotoDirector creates a still photo having an animated section. Some other tools offer you more options, but the inclusion of these three in PhotoDirector 10 makes it a very versatile program.

Watermarks and frames pop out after Photo Merge; this is also a feature that is welcomed by photographers, as it provides you with a simple way of creating watermarks. PhotoDirector 10 provides simple options for lines and frames to put watermarks, and there is the inclusion of some sets of examples that can be edited. This helps to quickly create a watermark you want to use in photos.

Great Photo Adjustment

Great Photo Adjustment
Great Photo Adjustment

The Adjustment section comes after the Editing section in PhotoDirector 10. The Adjustment section simply consists of two areas, these are Manual and Presets. In the Manual area, most of one’s time is spent on editing pictures with all the classic tools that can be found in any kind of modern photo editor. Split Toning, White Balance Tone, HDR Effect, Curves, Detail, Levels, Lens Correction, and HSL/Color are tools that are included in Global Adjustment Tools, while the Regional Adjustment Tools enable you to make some changes in certain parts of the image.

Presets are also included in the Adjustments section, there are several options included in Presets ranging from Essential, Black & White, HDR, Color Creative and Portrait. Sometimes, presets do not suit all images and you might likely hate some effects and would not like to try using them again. One good thing is that your own Presets can be created. There are quite a good number of tools you would love to work with, in the Global Adjustment tools.

People Beautifier

Apart from having some good features you might be excited about, the People Beautifier is a feature you would be super excited about. The People Beautifier provides Skin tools, Face tools, and Body Shaper. With the Face Tools, you can make some changes to some parts of your face such as the eye, for example, you can enlarge the eyes, brighten the eyes, remove dark areas, wrinkles, eye bags and also whiten the teeth.

Generally, the People Beautifier panel has got everything necessary to work on Faces to make them prettier. You can also use a Skin Tone chooser, Body Shaper, or Skin Smoother. The Skin Smoother allows you to smoothen certain areas of the skin. With this non-destructive brush, you can make a very pretty and spotless face. The Skin Tone allows you to utilize the Dropper tool to select a certain area in the skin and then create a mask. With the use of Brush Tools, the skin can be fine-tuned with Cleaner and Recover Brushes.


Nice layers in PhotoDirector
Nice layers in PhotoDirector

Layers are very crucial when it comes to photo editing, that is why the importance of a good layer can never be underestimated. A good layer makes your work less stressful. In the latest version of PhotoDirector, PhotoDirector did not fail to make improvements to layer editing. This improved layer editing allows you to widen your creative ability. This ranges from adding new empty layers to projects, layer grouping, and clipping masks. Users can explore these improved layers through an expanded menu that consist of various options.

Professionals would notice that there are key options in Layers while beginners might likely love the collection of Express Layer Templates which provide quick solutions that make work get done faster and also get to know more about how layers work. There are some templates you would also be excited to work with. At the top of the left sidebar, there are four buttons: add new layer, add mask, view available layer options, and add adjustment layer.

New upgrades:

PhotoDirector 10 has some new features and also upgraded some existing features. CyberLink did not fail to provide some advanced features in this latest version of PhotoDirector. These new upgrades include the new AL style Packs, Facial recognition, photo cataloging, 360-degree Photo Editor and the likes.

The new AI Style Transfer

The new AI Style Transfer is an option included in Photo Effects. This feature offers filter and does more than what a normal photo filter does. The AI Editing tools developed by CyberLink offer such powerful tools for editing images.

The new AI Style Transfer utilizes Artificial intelligence learning algorithms to get your images transformed into a different style of art. This is more than what you find in some apps like Instagram and any other photo editing programs. With this feature, you can create images looking abstract and post-apocalyptic.

360-Degree Photo Editor

There are different tools in this panel; these tools will allow you to get the perfect 360-degree panoramas. The tools included are Tripod Removal, Little Planet, Straighten, Adjustment, and 360 degree-to-Panorama.

Full Layer Support

Finally, PhotoDirector has full Layers of support. Users can now add empty layers, add clipping masks and other masking options in the Layer Module

Enhanced Lens Correction

This feature is a very crucial addition to PhotoDirector. With the enhanced Lens Correction in PhotoDirector 10, your basic needs are covered. The enhanced Lens Correction enables users to choose a specific lens. Users can do Chromatic Aberration and Fisheye Distortion.

Cost : (Is it Expensive or Cheap?)

PhotoDirector is fairly affordable for users; this program costs $99.99 for new customers. The program costs $69.99 for existing users who would like to upgrade. The PhotoDirector has a similar price compared to many other enthusiast and casual level programs; however, as a result of its issues with effectiveness, it offers lesser value. Also included is a 30-day trial version, which is also available for first-time users.

How to Download and Setup

How to setup and install

Step 1: Visit website and then download the software.

Visiting the website
Visiting the website and downloading the software

Step 2: After the download, double click the software to start setup and click start

Starting setup
Starting setup and clicking on start

Step 3: Click install now

Clicking install

Step 4: Select your preferred language and click on next

preferred language
Selecting your preferred language

Step 5: Click accept

license agreement
Accepting the license agreement

Step 6: Wait for Setup complete

setup completion
Waiting for setup to complete

Step 7: After installing, then click “Launch PhotoDirector”

Launching PhotoDirector
Launching PhotoDirector

Do we recommend?

PhotoDirector is a good photo editing program everyone would love to work with. As regards its wide variety of features, this program has proved to be useful to both beginner and professional photographers. This program features adjustment tools that allow you to change the balance, color, and contrast of an image.

PhotoDirector is not just a photo editing program; it encompasses photo editing, enhancing, organizing and management. This is a bonus to photographers as this program makes your work easier and also enables you to explore your creative world.

This program is highly recommended for all levels of photographers. Its Library module, Editing tools, Watermarks, and RAW image processing are quite good. Another feature that makes this program highly recommendable is its new AI Style Packs.

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