30 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2023 [Location Tracking]

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Do you want an authentic and reliable mobile phone tracker that can help you monitor the whereabouts of your mobile device? This article provides you with the top best phone tracker apps that you can use anywhere and on any mobile device.

You can keep tabs on the whereabouts of a mobile device with a phone tracker app. Your lost or stolen phone or tablet can be recovered with the software. You can even use it to keep tabs on your kids with this application. You'll be able to see the kid's current location as well as his or her call history, web searches, and social media messages.

The best free phone tracking apps are reviewed in this guide. It's important to know that all of the free apps featured here can track your mobile phone. In addition to the free version, you can now upgrade to a paid version that includes more comprehensive tracking tools for mobile devices.

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Top 30 Phone Tracker Apps 2023

1. MobileSpy — Best for iPhone and Android Real-Time Tracking


  • Price: 19 USD for 1 month, 16 USD for 3 months, and 13 USD for 6 months

MobileSpy is another excellent option for tracking a target device's GPS location in real-time. On iOS and Android, you can schedule restrictions on mobile phone use for your children. The microphone and camera are available in real-time, allowing you to monitor your children's texts, phone conversations, and films.

You can use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more, and the greatest thing is that it's compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

2. PcTattletale — Best for Monitoring Employee and Kids as well as Mobile Phone GPS Tracking, Social Media, Text, Email, Video Games, and Web Browsing Monitoring


  • Price: 99 USD annually for 3 Devices

PcTattletale remains one of the best location-tracking appsout there. You can also examine conversations, instant messaging, emails, social media, websites, and more. By doing so, you are able to view and even download recorded movies from anywhere you have internet access, be it on your phone or computer.

It's easy to use, and you can save your recorded videos as MP4 files to your computer. Windows and Android users alike can take advantage of this app.

3. Spyera — Best for Tracking Computer (Mac/Windows), Tablets (iPad/Android), SmartPhone (iPhone/Android) Devices


  • Price: 89 USD monthly for Smart Phone, 69 USD for Tablets, and 49 USD for Computer

Spyera is a useful free cell phone tracker tool. Itcan be used on both mobile devices and PCs. In this method, you can monitor your tablet or smartphone from afar. As a parent or employer, you can monitor your children's whereabouts and what they're doing on their cell phones. It is simple to set up and offers an intuitive web-based administration interface.

4. iKeyMonitor — Best for Parental Control, Desktop, and iPhone/Android Device Monitoring


  • Price: 16.66 USD monthly for Mobile Devices and 29.99 USD monthly for Desktop Devices

Because it records everything from chat messages to keystrokes to screenshots to website visits and more, iKeyMonitor is a popular parental control program all over the world. On Android and iOS devices, you can even snap screenshots of mobile activity and block specific games and apps. You can back up your contacts on the target device, and it can also be used with Windows.

5. SpyFone — Best for GPS Monitor, View Contacts, and Reverse Phone Lookup

SpyFone overview

  • Price: 4.17 USD monthly (Basic Plan), 12.50 USD monthly (Xtreme Plan), 8.33 USD monthly (Premium Plan)

With SpyFone, you can keep tabs on a target's texts, phone calls, and GPS location for free. Keep tabs on the whereabouts of your family members or employees and the content of their messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. This app works with both iPhone and Android devices and shows the current location of the targeted device in real-time.

6. GPS Phone Tracker — Best for Android Device Fleet Tracking and Tracking of Phone, Location, Family, and GPS

  • Price: Free

GPS Phone Tracker

Using GPS Phone Tracker, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of anyone else with an iPhone, making it an excellent tool for keeping tabs on loved ones. Using this app, you can keep tabs on your kids' whereabouts, your friends' whereabouts, and even your employees' whereabouts while they're at work if you need to. It can show you what people have been doing over the past 24 hours and pinpoint their exact location to within 30 feet.

7. Truecaller — Best for Revealing Caller ID and Blocking Spam


  • Price: Free (for Mobile app), 10.99 USD for 3 months (for Premium Package), and 249 USD annually (for Gold Package)

A tracking tool that can help you detect unfamiliar numbers, companies, or spam before you pick up the phone is a great option with Truecaller. Allows you to block phone numbers, including telemarketers and robots. There are no worries about picking up the phone for someone you don't know who might be trying to swindle you by using this method.

8. Find My Device — Best for Tracking Lost or Stolen Phones

Find My Device overview


  • Price: Free

You can use Find My Device to locate a lost or stolen phone, tablet, Android, or iOS device. It's free and easy to use. Most importantly, you can use this software across several devices.

9. Where's My Droid — Best for Finding Device Location and Theft Detection

Where's My Droid

  • Price: Free (for Basic Plan), 0.99 USD monthly (for Elite Plan)

You can use Where's My Droid, a free Android phone tracker app, to make your phone ring or vibrate while you search for it. It's also possible to remotely lock your phone, protecting your personal information. If you lose your phone, it will help you track down its GPS location, and you can secure the app with a password.

10. Spyic— Best for Parental Control of iPhone and Android Devices and Monitoring of Remote App


  • Price: 10.80 USD monthly (for Premium Package), 19.99 USD monthly (for Family Package, supporting up to 5 Devices), and 33.33 USD monthly (for Business Package, supporting up to 25 Devices)

Spyic is an excellent app for monitoring and controlling a child's phone. It is possible to track a phone's location for free. A monthly subscription is required if you want additional services like geo-fence, social media apps, and call logs.

Signing up for a free account will allow you to monitor the phone. With Spyic,you can monitor a device for free by signing up for an account. However, compared to other apps, the more advanced phone management functions are a bit more expensive.

11. Family Locator — Best for Tracking Family Member Location

Family Locator

  • Price: 14.99 USD weekly and 39.99 USD Quarterly

You can use Family Locator to keep tabs on your children's locations, and it can also notify you when a member of your family has checked in at a specific place. A lost or stolen phone can also be tracked with this app, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

12. Glympse — Best for Sharing Real-Time Location with Family and Friends with the Use of GPS Tracking

Glympse overview

  • Price: Free

Glympse is a free mobile phone tracker program that lets you share your current position in real-time and is simple, fast, and free. Your friends and family will be able to see where you are at all times, thanks to this feature. Not only does it not require registration, but it also runs in the background on the target phone so as not to interfere with usual activities.

13. Phone Tracker By Number — Best for Locating Your Phone and Your Kids' Mobile Devices using GPS Tracker

Phone Tracker By Number overview

  • Price: Free

Phone Tracker By Number is another excellent free tool for tracking the location of mobile phones that can assist you in finding the whereabouts of both your own and your children's phones. If you're looking for a stolen or lost phone, this tracker software is excellent.

You can also examine the position history for free. As far as tracking the whereabouts of your children, it can assist you in identifying their exact location and even pinpoint it on a map.

14. Mobile Tracker Free — Best for Tracking Mobile Devices of Family, Friends, and Employees for Free

Mobile Tracker Free

  • Price: Free

The free version of Mobile Tracker Free is a great option if you want to monitor WhatsApp or Facebook communications but don't want to root the target phone. With Telegram and Skype, you can also access all of the text messages that have been sent and received on the target device. As with phone conversations, you can also monitor the location of the target phone in real-time.

15. iSharing — Best for Tracking Loved One's Location

iSharing overview

  • Price: Free

This free phone tracker app can help you find your target device's location in real-time. You can also share your location with friends and family members so that everyone can stay safe. When your child arrives or departs from a location, you'll be alerted in real-time.

16. SpyHuman — Best for Tracking Mobile Devices and All Logs


  • Price: 9.99 USD monthly per device

SpyHuman is an excellent free cell phone tracker program if you wish to be able to monitor the target device's call logs so that you can keep track of all calling activity. You'll be able to see where your children have been and what they've been doing on the internet, as well as see where they've been in the past.

17. Cell Tracker — Best for Tracking Device Location, Texts, Social Media Posts, and Calls

Cell Tracker overview

  • Price: Free

In order to keep your children safe while also keeping an eye on their phone usage, Cell Tracker might be a useful tool. You can use it to keep tabs on their whereabouts, as well as their phone calls, social media posts, and text messages, all from a distance.

It is possible to keep tabs on all other channels of communication in real-time, as well as monitor their whereabouts from a central web management panel. For WhatsApp, you can check in to see any incoming and outgoing messages, and you can also do the same for phone calls.

18. Geo Tracker — Best for Tracking GPS Location and Long Distance Trip

Geo Tracker

  • Price: Free

If you're looking for a free GPS location tracker app that gives you a lot of information about where your phone is, Geo Tracker is a great option. Tracking statistics are also calculated. It allows you to mark places of interest or significance on your trip, and the program will record this data even if the phone is turned off.

19. Cocospy — Best for Parental Control and for Monitoring Call Logs

Cocospy overview

  • Price for Android: 9.99 USD monthly (Premium Plan), 39.99 USD monthly (Basic Plan), 69.99 USD annually (Family Plan)
  • Price for iOS: 10.83 USD monthly (Premium Plan), 99.99 USD monthly (Basic Plan), 399.99 USD annually (Family Plan)

Despite the fact that Cocospy isn't free, it does offer a free demo that allows you to get a feel for the product's capabilities. It uses a secure connection to transmit all of the data it gathers and then displays it in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard on the web. You can spy on a person's Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp activity using Cocospy.

All incoming and outgoing calls, as well as all, sent and received messages (even those that have been erased), can be tracked and monitored with timestamps. In addition to this, you can use the software to track a phone's location in real-time using GPS and the SIM card.

What makes Cocospy amazing is the fact that it remains a cheap cell phone tracking app that stands out because of its user-friendly interface. When you log in to Cocospy's web-based dashboard, you can see everything that is going on in real-time. Without a doubt, Cocospy is a tool that I love for its ease of use and feature-rich system.

20. Find My Kids — Best for Tracking Kids' Phone using GPS Tracker

Find My Kids overview

  • Price: 2.99 USD monthly per device and 16.99 USD annually for 3 devices

Parental control and kid safety are made easier with Find My Kids, another superb GPS location tracker app. As a parent, you want to know exactly where your child's phone is at all times, and this is one of the finest phone monitoring applications for doing just that.

Make sure your child has arrived at school in good time by tracking their whereabouts on a map. There are many ways in which you can keep an eye on your youngster when they're out and about.

21. FlexiSPY — Best for Monitoring Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Computers

FlexiSPY overview

  • Price: 29.95 USD (for Android and iPhone Devices), 68 USD (for Computers and iPads)

One of the world's most powerful free phone tracker programs, FlexiSPY, can help you not only with mobile phones but with PCs and tablets. There is no limit to the number of devices you can snoop on, including your children's phones and PCs or tablets.

In addition to parental controls, it can be used to monitor the internet activities of employees if you are using it for commercial purposes. Remote software installation and deactivation are both simple and painless processes.

You can prevent the target device from deleting the software because it constantly operates in hidden mode. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, and most computers, as you probably guessed.

22. Hoverwatch — Best for Monitoring Internet Activities, Call Audio, SMS, and Mobile Devices


  • Price: 24.95 USD monthly (for Personal Plan), 9.99 USD monthly for 1 device (for Professional Plan), and 6 USD monthly for 1 device (for Business Plan)

Even better, Hoverwatch is absolutely undetectable, so your child won't realize you're spying on his or her Android phone with this free cell phone tracking program.

In addition to the fact that you can install this tool from your online account, you can access all the information that is received and delivered by the device's owner. It's also possible to see what sites were visited by the target phone's owner, as well.

23. Clevguard — Best for Tracking Kids' Devices and Audios, Videos, Images, Call Logs, and Messages


  • Price: 19.95 USD monthly, 13.32 USD for 3 months, and 7.50 USD annually

This free cell phone tracker app, Clevguard, allows you to monitor your children's activities from afar without any problems. It's also possible to view their phone files instantly and from any location. Geo-boundaries are another option. The software will notify you if your child crosses one of these boundaries.

You can remotely take screenshots and record phone calls from the target phone. The best thing about this software is that you can use it in different languages, and the customer service is excellent. Android, iOS, or Windows can all use it.

24. XNSPY — Best for Tracking Tablets and Smart Phones


  • Price: 4.99 USD monthly (for Basic Plan) and 7.49 USD monthly (for Premium Edition Plan)

An excellent cell phone tracker app, XNSPY helps you keep tabs on tablets and smartphones, as well as review the contact list and all call logs remotely. Employee and child locations are shown on a map, as are phone calls, and you can listen to and transcribe them. Keep track of the websites your employees visit and emails they receive with this feature.

25. uMobix — Best for Kids' Smartphone Tracking and Monitoring


  • Price: 49.99 USD for 6 months

You can use uMobix on both Android and iOS, which makes this cell phone location tracker app a great choice for anyone looking for a free cell phone tracker app. With their assistance, you can keep tabs on virtually every aspect of your target phone's behavior, from social media to messaging to browsing history to GPS coordinates.

26. mSpy —Best for iOS and Android Device Tracking and for Parental Control


  • Price: 48.99 USD monthly, 27.99 USD for 3 months, and 11.66 USD for 12 months

If you're looking for a discreet way to keep tabs on your children's locations, mSpy is an excellent choice. In addition, you can easily keep tabs on your youngster from afar with this tracker software. You can access all of their communications and the phone's GPS location without any problem.

It safeguards and encrypts your data while running in the background, so they won't know you're doing it. You'll get updates on the target phone's activities every five minutes, and you'll also be able to see any incoming or outgoing texts.

27. eyeZy — Best for Stealth Mode Tracking of Remote Cell Phone


  • Price: 47.99 USD (for 1 month), 27.99 USD (for 3 months), and 9.99 USD (for 12 months)

For those who don't want to get their hands dirty with the technological side of things, eyeZy is a phone tracker app that promises to make the process a breeze. After signing up for an account and downloading the app on the target device, they declare that they are proud to provide their clients with both a monitoring app and a phone tracker app that works. It is possible to maintain an eye on the target's phone undetected and without having to worry about whether or not the information is accurate.

28. Life360 — Best for Mobile Phone Tracking

Life360 overview


  • Price: Free (for Basic Plan) and 1 USD to 200 USD monthly (for Paid Membership Plan)

Life 360 is a free mobile tracking program for Android phones and tablet computers. Numerous functions, including location history, location sharing, and location alerts, are included in this free software. Home, school, and job can all be saved for future reference. Automatic SOS and accident detection are also included in the basic version.

Upgrade to a paid membership if you want access to more sophisticated features. On Google Play, Life360 is a highly rated and Editor's Choice app. For the vast majority of users, the free version will suffice. The paid membership plan, on the other hand, offers additional benefits such as roadside assistance and limitless location alerts, as well as ID theft protection and family safety security.

29. Snoopza — Best for Tracking Android Devices for Free


  • Price: Free (for Basic Plan), 14.95 USD monthly (for Standard Plan), and 99.95 USD for 12 months (for Standard Plan)

This is yet another excellent Android phone tracker app, Snoopza included. Monitor phone conversations and social media communications using this app. It also keeps track of how much time you spend online and on YouTube.

Snoopza is an excellent phone tracking and parental control program. Free users, on the other hand, will be limited to the most basic of cell phone tracking options.

30. FamiSafe — Best for Parental Control and Tracking of Kindle Fire, iOS, and Android Devices


Price: 9.99 USD monthly (for Monthly Plan), 59.99 USD monthly (for Annual Plan), and 19.99 USD (for Quarterly Plan)

To test out FamiSafe, a premium parental control program, you'll need to pay 1.99 USD every day for a week. SafeSearch, Web Filter, Software Blocking, and more are included in the app. There are versions of this app for devices running Android, iOS, and KindleFire.

In terms of both parental supervision and phone tracking, FamiSafe is a dependable option. A lot of people love the app because of its usefulness and extensive feature set.


Q. How Do Phone Tracker Applications Track Phones?

The process is simple. These applicationsfunction by turning on the GPS tracking technology, which pinpoints the precise location of the target smartphone.

Q. What is the Reason for Tracking Someone's Mobile Phone?

You have several legitimate reasons to keep an eye on someone else's phone. If you're using social media to keep tabs on your ex or to check what your kids are up to, this is perfectly acceptable. I don't advise, however, that you track the phone of a random person or stranger.

Q. Should Phone Tracker Apps be installed on the Device to Track before they can Work?

In order to install an app on an Android phone, you will need to have administrative privileges on that device. The app can be installed through their iCloud account if it is an iPhone, so you don't have to. To accomplish this, all you'll need is their iCloud login credentials.

Q. Is It Free to Track a Mobile Device with Phone Tracker Applications?

In terms of being able to track a mobile phone for free, there will be a number of apps out there, but they are likely to be suspect. To put it another way, there isn't any such thing as a free lunch; therefore, you have to wonder why a phone tracker app claims its services are free. Due to their poor quality and a desire to obtain additional information, such as personal information, most of the time, it is because they are attempting to gain additional value from you.


With the best free mobile phone tracker apps listed above, you'll have plenty of options to pick from in 2022, making it a little more difficult for you to make an informed decision. You can find it difficult to narrow down your choices because there are so many excellent ones, but you will also find a plethora of options that you should not be associating with any of them, so sticking to lists like these will help you achieve your goals while preventing yourself from being exploited. Because most of them are free, you won't have to feel bad if you don't like one of them.

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