Top 6 Payment Apps of 2022

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EWallets have become the norm because of a primary reason, convenience. Time wasted standing in long queues at the bank trying to get cash is fully redeemed thanks to these internet-banking options.  A charged smartphone or PC, a stable internet connection, and the provider’s native app are all you need to transact.

The location doesn’t really matter as long as you have set up the two-step verification process. We have downloaded and tested some of the most sought-after payment apps and here are our top four.

1. PayPal


PayPal is the most downloaded app in 2021. An estimated 56.6 million users are using this payment option. This P2P app is available worldwide, both for personal and business use. The use of PayPal can also be seen in a wide variety of industries such as banking, retail, and even iGaming, where gamers can use PayPal to pay for their gambling sessions at the top PayPal casino sites.

Users have to verify the account by uploading a recent utility bill if they want to transfer money unrestrictedly.

Still on worldwide availability, you can link it to your local bank account and wire funds effortlessly. While the standard currency is the USD, you can convert to your home currency using the in-app converter, at competitive rates.

It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to access your recent transactions and balance quickly. Setting up the account requires an email address, phone number, and ID. The new additional features make this the ultimate e-payment option.

2. Wise

Formerly known as transfer wise, this application is known for its ridiculously low transaction rates. When you wire $1000 or its equivalent, the receiver will get $993.60. The meagre money wiring costs and the FDA stamp make it a favourite of over 11 million users.

You can link this to your debit and credit card and send money to other users that have credit cards. But even if the receiver does not have a credit or debit card, they can easily set up a Wise account and start receiving funds. Wise is readily available in a multitude of countries globally, making it both convenient and easily accessible.

3. Stripe


While you can use Stripe to send money worldwide, this application has additional features that makes it your ideal money-wiring option. It is ideal for one time and recurring payments. Billing is easy since this app avails features that make it convenient for you to send invoices to businesses that owe you.

The diverse payment management platform keeps you at the top of your game when it comes to multi-currency and unified payments. The application also gives you a comprehensive financial report on all your transactions within a specific period. Android SDK and iOS-powered users get the most out of this application.

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is available in several countries all over the globe, and it comes packed with appealing features. One that stands out is the ability to make contactless payments. Your phone needs to function with near field communication (NFC). You can easily check if your phone is NFC-supported by checking on the search bar.

This facility is not available in all countries, so you may want to confirm whether your region is supported.  If you have automated chrome, you can pay using chrome autofill anytime you use this browser.

5. Venmo


While PayPal owns it, Venmo is an entirely different payment app. The app is designed with a social feature. It allows friends and family to split a bill, all done on their smartphone.

However, while Venmo allows you to access your account on traditional computers, the money transfer is strictly possible through the app and mobile browsers. Currently, the app has more than 65 million downloads. Another great thing about this app is that if you send money using your debit card bank account, no fee is charged.

6. Cash app

This is a peer-to-peer payment method and its popularity has been growing over time. It works pretty much like Venmo but it has not incorporated the social features in its app. It allows its users to request money from, and transfer money to anyone with a Cash account.

Just like PayPal, Cash App has a wallet feature (you can transfer money from a linked account even when you do not have funds in your digital wallet). This is a great feature for most payment apps.


If you do not have your ATM card with you, you can always use faster payment methods. Just ensure that you link your account to your choice e-payment for easier and convenient access to money.

And while these apps are available worldwide, ensure that your device is compatible. If not, you can update the software or upgrade to a compatible device for ease of use.

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