5 Best Patreon Scrapers for Marketing in 2024

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Have you always wanted to extract data from Patreon for marketing campaigns or potential target identification but don’t know how? This article provides you with vital information about how to scrape data from Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon Overview
Patreon is a subscription-based platform where content creators can earn money from creating content.

It functions as a membership platform where you can register as a content creator and have fans subscribe to your content. This content could be podcasts, songs, videos, or webcomics.

Fans who subscribe can pay you per released post or every month.

What is Patreon Scraping?

The use of automated software to collect, scrape, or extract data from the Patreon platform is known as Patreon scraping.

The data collected can be engagement metrics, financial details, content information, patron information, or creator information.

This data is often about the creators. When you collect them, you will be able to find out the number of comments, views, and likes a creator has.

You can also use the data extraction tool to know how much a creator earns, how much he charges for his service, and the number of fans he has.

Personal information about the creator isn’t excluded from the data extraction. You will be able to know their payment information, email address, and their username.

The most interesting thing is that this data is usually collected for marketing campaigns or to gain insight into how to run a competitor’s platform.

1. Bright Data — Best for Collecting Creators’ Public Data

Bright Data Collecting Creators’ Public Data

One of the best Patreon scrapers out there is Bright Data. What’s interesting about this data collector tool is that you don’t need coding to do so.

With Bright Data, you can collect follower amounts, membership details, as well creators’ posts on Patreon. Its flexible service makes it a breeze to use.

With its web IDE, you can scrape Patreon data and get insight into trend-based new content creation, view what competitors are up to, build new memberships, and improve your business.

2. Apify — Best for Scraping Posts from Patreon Creator Page

Apify Scraping Posts from Patreon Creator Page

Apify is a web scraping tool for extracting data such as image and video content from the Patreon platform.

This can help you get a patron’s personal and profile details, such as user ID, post count, the amount charged, comment count, last update, user-defined tags, and view counts.

Apify is an effective tool for scraping Patreon data and viewing competitors’ posts and updates to improve your business.

3. GitHub — A Place for Easy Access to Patreon Download

Github Easy Access to Patreon Download

Do you want to download the Patreon content that creators post? GitHub is your best bet. With GitHub, downloading Patreon creators’ content is a breeze.

It provides you with a specific application called PatreonDownloader. You can use this application to download content from any Patreon creator.

This makes it easy to download the content from the creator’s profile directly to your device’s custom directory.

However, you will need to have Windows 10 1903 and above or Linux and other systems with OpenSSL 1.1.1 to get the app to work.

4. Kemono Party — A public Archiver for Patreon

Kemono Party public Archiver for Patreon

What better way to get all Patreon content in one place? In fact, this is the easiest Patreon scraper out there on the net.

What Kemono Party doeThisontent from patrons and archives for easy and free access.

All you have to do is scroll through the archived content to view it for free. You can also view comments made by the patron’s fans right there beneath the archived content.

5. Patreon Downloader — Best for Saving Images from Patreon Posts

Patreon Downloader for Saving Images from Patreon Posts

Patreon Downloader is a chrome extension that you can use to scrape Patreon and save images, slideshows, and files from Patreon posts.

This extension is also useful for archiving these images and files. However, you are required to filter posts by month for a single creator and have a fast internet connection since glitches in a network could stop the scraping.


Q. Is it possible to scrape Patreon?

Yes, you can scrape Patreon. Scraping Patreon is possible with the relevant Patreon scrapers. Some of the best are Bright Data, Apify, and Kemono Party.

Q. How do I view patron payment history?

To view a patron’s payment history, go to your ‘Relationship Manager.’ It contains when they downgraded or upgraded to a new tier, as well as when they first joined the platform. You can also view their declined payment (if they have any) in your ‘Relationship Manager.’

Q. What does Patreon prohibit?

Patreon does not allow various images depicting abuse, such as that of animals, humans, or children, or access to betting services.


The fact that Patreon is a subscription-based platform makes it difficult to get content for free on the platform. You will have to lay for them in the sense of a subscription to view what your favorite patron posts.

Despite this difficulty, with the best Patreon scrapers, you can still view and even download this content without stress. This list of best Patreon scrapers should solve the problem of not being able to scrape data from the platform.

With these Patreon scrapers, you can view images, files, a patron’s number of comments, views, subscribers, and how much they charge.

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