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Due to global innovation within the technology sector, you can now have your own personal photo booth on your mobile device! Passport Photo Online (PPO) was developed to suit the personal needs of each applicant, making it a unique service for all.

What is Passport Photo Online?

Passport Photo Online is both a photo mobile app as well as a photo tool website and therefore, the most convenient photo studio! You can have a professional photo of any document in just a few minutes without leaving your home.

Passport Photo Online creators

The Passport Photo Online creators are big fans of AI and modern technology. They have developed a photo booth service to be a biometric photo analytic. This revolutionised the old photo booths to Artificial Intelligence which checks and improves every uploaded photo, making it accessible worldwide.

The mobile services enable getting biometric photos in both digital and printed versions. In addition, the photos can be prepared at any time and any place, all a person needs is just a phone.

In 2015, the Passport Photo Online and PhotoAiD founders created the first self-service passport photo booth that allowed us to take biometric photos, such as photos for ID cards, passports or driver's licenses.

Online Application for Passport Photos

So what is it that makes this application so unique and better in comparison to other photo apps? First of all, it is relevant to establish that Passport Photo Online gives the applicant freedom in regards to the time and place you take the photo. Flexibility and comfort is what each firm should focus on when featuring any kind of service and PPO definitely covers that.

This passport photo maker has built-in features that enable applicants to check the photo, but also edit (remove background or red-eye), and crop it.

Online Application for Passport Photos app

The step by step procedure when using the PPO app is:

Step 1: Download the app in GooglePlay or AppStore depending on your operating system.

Step 2: Choose a document once you have registered. Available documents are: passports, visas, driver’s license, green card, ID card or student ID’s.

Step 3: Applicants must then take the photo using a mobile phone (make sure eyes are open, mouth is closed, and that the applicant is looking straight into the camera. Other requirements can be found on the app.)

Step 4: Artificial intelligence (an analytical tool) will check the photo in relation to official photo guidance. If a photo does not follow the rules, the app will notify them and give instructions on how to improve it, allowing the person to retake their photo..

Step 5: Once a photo is checked and approved, the app will crop the image to the size that is required by the document.

Step 6: The background will be removed if the original background in the picture is not white.

Step 7: Photos are available in digital format (in 5 minutes!) along with printout versions that can be sent to your home address.

PPO app

Passport Photo Online – Website Service

The Passport Photo Online, used by hundreds of thousands of people globally, works similar to the app, with the only difference is that you can use it straight from the platform.

US Passport Photo Tool

It is also based on artificial intelligence which changes the photo itself. To obtain the right photograph, the photo tool crops and adjusts the photographs to the frame, unifies the background and adapts it to the applicable requirements. Moreover, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, each photo is additionally verified with given country requirements so that you can be sure that the authorities will accept your photograph.

The first thing you have to do is just go to the Passport Photo Online website. Then, choose a document regarding your country, upload a picture and the tool will resize it to the required photo size of your document, make the background uniform, without any patterns or shadows and at the end, it will verify if the picture meets the government specifications.

You can download a digital version via email or order a printed one. Currently, there are 5 shipping points in Europe and the United States. This year, Passport Photo Online is planning to open shipping points in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

What are the Benefits of Using a Passport Photo Online Service?

Benefits of Using a Passport Photo Online Service

When examining Passport Photo Online benefits, it is safe to say that this type of service offers a guarantee of acceptance and satisfaction, convenience along with mentioned above comfort. PPO was designed to professionally suit each candidate and to spare their time travelling to get their photo done.

An option known as a refund is also accessible if the photo gets rejected in the application, meaning that the applicants are not losing anything. Simply put, photos can be taken not only anywhere, but also whenever and however you want with only your smartphone!

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