[Tutorial] How to Download Panda Helper for iPhone & Android

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panda helper iconBetween the official iOS app store and the Google Play Store, there are more than 4 million apps on offer to both iOS and Android users.

But that doesn’t really mean anything because a high proportion of those apps require payment and, out of the free ones, there is only a handful that is worth looking at.

This is why so many people opted to jailbreak their devices; to get more content, to get modified apps and games that did more than the stock versions.

With Cydia no longer so freely available, a new kind of app has come to light – the unofficial app installers and one of the very best is called Panda Helper.

So, what does this installer offer?

Amongst the thousands of apps on offer, there are plenty of tweaked stock apps, modified games, some Cydia tweaks, and other modifications, all providing features that the stock apps don’t.  There are loads of official iOS apps and games, all free to use and all available without a jailbreak.


How Does Panda Helper Work?

panda helper

Like all the other third-party installers, Panda helper must be sideloaded onto your device, and this is how they can work without a jailbreak – sideloading uses a tool called Cydia Impactor and eliminates the need for kernel or root access.

This also makes the installer much safer than jailbreaking – by not needing root access, it isn’t breaking either the Android or the iOS security protocols, and it isn’t opening your device up to external threat the way a jailbreak or rooting does. Plus you have one significant benefit that you will never get with Apple or Google – you can request modded apps to be added.

How to Download Panda Helper

Forget looking in any official store, and you won't find the installer there. That isn’t really surprising given that it is an unofficial app store but installing it is still easy. Just pick your platform and follow the guide below:

Method 1: iOS Only

  1. From your Safari browser, go to the official Panda Helper Download page and tap on one of the Configuration Profile download buttons
  2. An app page opens, tap on Install
  3. Go to your home screen where you will see an installation indicator. If it reads “Waiting”, tap it – the installation will start
  4. When it's done, BEFORE you open the installer, open your Settings app
  5. Go to General and tap Profiles and Device Management
  6. Find the Panda Helper profile, tap it and tap Trust
  7. Close settings; Panda Helper is ready for use

Method 2: Android Only

This isn’t complicated, but it does require you to install the APK file directly onto your device. Please make sure you only use the official download button for this file – there are plenty of fakes on the internet that won't do you any good at all.

  1. First, open your Android Settings app and go to Security
  2. Toggle the Unknown Sources option to enable it – do NOT skip this – it’s the only way for the APK to install on your device
  3. Go to your browser and open the official Panda Helper website
  4. Tap the APK download button to download it onto your device
  5. Find the file – it’s probably in Downloads – and double-tap it
  6. Wait for the file to install and then you can use Panda Helper

How to Use Panda Helper

It is one of the most user-friendly app installers:

  1. Tap the app icon on your home screen, and the app will open
  2. Choose an app category
  3. Find whatever app or game you want – there is a search facility if you need it
  4. Tap on the app or game, tap on Install and wait
  5. When you see the new app icon on your home page, it’s ready to use

App Features of Panda Helper

Panda Helper offers users plenty of great features, including:

  • No need to jailbreak or root your smartphone
  • Your warranty is safe – if you do use modded apps and your device goes in for repair, delete them first
  • Thousands of official app store games and apps, including premium content for free
  • Modified versions of some apps and game
  • Some Cydia tweaks
  • SSL Encryption keeps you safe
  • Fast downloads
  • Not a resource-hog
  • Update your apps and games through the installer
  • Great Cydia alternative for iOS users

If all that wasn’t enough, the developers have gone one step further. Because there are so many apps and games in the installer, they helpfully sorted it all into four main categories so, when you open the app, this is what you will find:

  • App Store Apps – tons of app store apps, iOS, and Android
  • Exclusive Apps –these are apps and tweaks not found in any of the official sources – games emulators, screen recorders and much more
  • Tweaked Apps –lots of stock apps with cool extra features
  • Modified Games –top games unlocked and with new features

Why Use Panda Helper?

There are several reasons why you would want to use an app installer like Panda helper.

First, if you were one of those who used to jailbreak, it offers some of what Cydia had.

Second, while the stock apps, like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and so on, are great apps, they are limited in what they offer. With Panda Installer you get to download modified versions of these apps, much better versions with extra features.

And that’s not to mention the games, with all the in-app features unlocked and free to use.

And last, if you never wanted to root or jailbreak your device, then Panda Helper offers you some of the extras that you would have missed out on.

Is it Safe?

After our expert test, the latest versions of  Panda Helper is 100% safe. Not only do the developers update it on a regular basis with new features and apps, but they also use SSL encryption keeping you and your data safe and secure.

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