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Oxylabs provides a powerful residential proxy service for businesses. Get access to human-like data scraping with millions of anonymous IPs with Oxylabs.

OxyLabs is one of the premier residential proxies on the market today. It provides superb performance and functionality for companies and end-users alike. The service provides affordable and scalable pricing plans for its various proxies offerings.

Whether you’re just a consumer, a retailer or a small business owner, Oxylabs has plans to suit your needs. Through its unique residential proxy network, you have access to unlimited IP addresses that you can use in unique ways to satisfy your needs.

This can help you perform anything from basic network routing tasks to getting around pesky geo-restrictions and even sophisticated data collection. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking to surf the internet freely.

OxyLabs Review

oxylabs review

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Oxylabs Review

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Features of Oxylabs

Features of oxylabs

With more and more services looking to geo-target and restrict their users, proxy services are on the rise. But most of these services rely on old methods and outdated systems to support their technology. This is why services like Oxylabs provide a new level of proxy technology by basing their services on new age aggregative technology. There are many benefits to using this kind of proxy over the dated technologies available today. Here are some of the key features of the Oxylabs residential proxy service.

Global Coverage

oxylabs Global Coverage

Unlike traditional proxy services that only operate in a few major countries and cities, Oxylabs provides global coverage.

Thanks to its residential rotating proxy system, you get access to a lot of remote locations that you could not otherwise dream of accessing with a traditional proxy.

As of now, Oxylabs supports up to 500+ cities across the world including both major thoroughfares and suburban towns. This provides you with the unlimited ability to access sites from just about any place in the world without the risk of being geo-restricted by any barriers.

Expert Targeting Tools

The biggest benefit of running a rotational residential proxy service is being able to carry out city-level targeting for your business.

Oxylabs enables you to have all the tools and functions you need to engage in ad campaigns, data scraping, and even global statistical analysis.

The worldwide access to residential IPs along with anonymous functionality ensures you can carry out your data collection without any roadblocks. You won’t have to face any IP bans or restrictions to stop you.

Limitless IP Addresses

oxylabs IP Addresses

The major problem with proxies these days is a finite number of IP addresses linked to limited data centers. Once a website catches wind that the IP you’re using is based on a VPN, they can simply ban it and you’re back to square one.

Companies like Netflix have been doing this for quite some time by banning major VPNs on its service. However, thanks to Oxylabs, this kind of nuisance is no longer a problem for you.

With Oxylabs, you have access to millions of rotating residential IPs from around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get access to over 30 million IPs at your disposal, making it virtually impossible for any website to track down and ban you.

Credible IPs

When certain proxy IP addresses are frequently used by multiple different users, they are flagged as suspicious and often blacklisted as a result.

Oxylabs gives you free reign of the internet without arousing any suspicion. With the benefit of having residential IP addresses, most websites will assume you’re an ordinary user with nothing to give you away. You’ll be faced with fewer checks to halt you along the way.

Concurrent Control

One of Oxylabs’ most impressive features is its concurrent control of IP addresses. With just a few commands, you’re able to control multiple IP addresses across the world.

It’s also compatible with scraper bots and similar tools. This means tasks like carrying out travel fare aggregation, ad verification, and any other user data collection happens in an instant.

You also have a session control that gives you up-to-date data and analytics of your ongoing campaigns and the ability to control them.

Complete Anonymity

Whether you are carrying out data scraping or ad verification, the last thing you need is for some website to mark you like an automated bot.

Oxylabs residential IPs make it nearly impossible for any website to distinguish you from an ordinary human user. This way you can run all kinds of scrapers and bots without any fear of getting caught by trust algorithms and captchas.

Fully Fledged Dashboard

Oxylabs has a clean and organized dashboard through which you can view and control your activity with ease. With the help of tabs, you can seamlessly switch between different actions and pages. The interface is split up into five convenient tabs:

  • Dashboard

The dashboard contains your data and analytics for the month. You can view just how much data and traffic has been used. You can also select separate sessions and view the usage for a specific time period.

  • User Management

This section contains the list of active users on the service. You can manage different users by deleting or adding them and even adding guest users to grant special privileges.

  • IP Manager

This is where you can manage and add IP addresses to your whitelisted IP addresses.

  • Entry Points

You can select your entry points for your network based on the country here. You have the ability to select a sticky point entry or a random proxy entry. You can also export the entire list of entry points in .xls format.

  • Documentation

This is where you can find helpful information on how to use the service. Helpful examples are provided in most major programming languages as well as descriptions of all commands and error codes. At the bottom, you can find a FAQ that will help you with the issues you might face.

Helpful Customer Support

Oxylabs provides round-the-clock customer support for all of its services. Whether you’re facing an issue or trying to set up properly, the Oxylabs team is quick to respond.

They have a dedicated customer support email that you can reach with your queries and issues. Generally, the response is swift and the team provides any and all assistance that they can.

Reliable Data Delivery

Oxylabs provides a fast and reliable network for all kinds of data exchanges to take place. The company has advanced backup systems in place to prevent data loss or theft


Oxylabs Pricing

Oxylabs has a very flexible range of pricing plans on offer for any kind of user. Starting as low as $5 per GB and going up to $15 per GB and beyond, each plan is based on traffic usage. The prices reflect how much you have to pay per gigabyte of data but you also get an allotted/capped amount of data for the month.

These pricing plans are not only affordable but also completely scalable. You can expand your plan easily should your business needs to grow. The best part about all this is that you get a free 7-day trial for the service regardless of whichever plan you choose. You can test out the service with ease for an entire week before you decide to invest your money into it.

Our Verdict

Oxylabs is one of the fastest and most reliable proxy offerings for businesses. It offers great service benefits for data scraping with a global reach and over 30 million IPs in more than 500 cities. The pricing plans are well-designed and the service offers great value for the money.

It provides powerful tools and functionality for all your needs along with great support. We can safely conclude that this is one of the best residential proxy services out there.

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