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Do you love video games? The obsession with video games is unbelievable in adults and children. After all, the new inventions, battlefields, and appealing graphic visuals keep them hooked to the screens.

With the sprouting trend of video games, online betting is also becoming famous. It might sound like a new phenomenon, but every person is trying their luck with it.

Isn’t it a great idea to earn while playing a game? Almost every eSports game is offering the feature of betting, either with real money or game coins. Surprisingly, betting comes with insane benefits as organized eSports competitions receive much viewership. All the betting enthusiasts are closely following the match to bet on the winning team.

Betting in eSports is quite a ‘significant’ thing as the betting market is now worth $30 billion. Thus, the eSports fan base is ever-growing, even during Covad-19 pandemic by every passing day. After all, it is impossible to ignore the benefits it is bringing for video gamers. With this new gaming experience, you can also try your luck with betting:

  • Large sums of prize money for individual players and teams since it attracts better sponsorship deals.
  • It increases the level of professionalism among gamers since betters look up to them.
  • If you are skeptical about investing in real money, skin betting could be a perfect option. Modern video games feature virtual currencies.

If you want to find “betting video games,” you are in the right place. Here we are revealing the seven top video games you can bet on.

Top 7 Online Betting Video Games

1. Counterstrike – Global Offensive

Counterstrike has been one of the top-rated video games for the past 19 years and is still going strong. The release of the global offensive failed to attract gamers, but the CSGO betting feature got everyone talking about it. They came up with ‘skin betting’ in the game, a relatively new feature that made every gamer download the game for testing this invention.


Soon many sites diverted their focus on CSGO, making it one of the top-ranking betting video games today. However, it has now imposed quite a few restrictions on the betting community to ensure user safety. Even then, it has hundreds of matches daily to bet on, keeping the enormous events separate. So, you decide whether they would kill with a grenade or not?

2. Dota 2

Many people think Dota 2 is unfit for betting since it has a smaller gaming interface than other gaming giants. Honestly, this has nothing to do with the game’s betting community. It is a valve game that offers in-game currency of skins and makes it prominent for this betting concept.

Dota 2

It offers an open-circuit tournament format, comprising of numerous smaller tournaments. Thus, you would always have something to bet on with plenty of different markets, like in other gaming forums.

3. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

After the burgeoning success of Grand Auto Theft, the makers decided to step in the video gaming industry. Red dead redemption also made its way to the most popular game of this generation. It caters to enthusiast gamers as they sit down for a few rounds of poker, following the tried and tested format of Texas Poker.

The players have to trick their opponent and walk away with more cash, which is not as easy as it sounds. If you get caught, expect to be challenged to an immediate fight to the death. The liar’s dice also appears for betting. It looks rough around the edges, but once you get the knack, there is no going back.

4. Fallout New Vegas

If you search for popular betting games, fall new Vegas makes its way to the top of the list. It offers an enjoyable gaming experience where your luck plays a massive role as you wander around Las Vegas. Coming to the casinos, they are not as honest as they seem like, allowing you to use your wits and tricks to shut doors for cheatings and money scams.

Fallout New Vegas

At times, you can even become a victim of the enemy’s downright thievery. Hence, get familiar with the graphics, gaming strategies, and players to place your bet on this game. Also, look out for rewards to see whether it justifies the betting cost for the game.

5. Overwatch


Overwatch has taken the video game betting world by a storm with its incredible features for players and the betting community. It features a league system in four stages and a playoff between teams, giving you ample betting opportunities. The makers of this game have created different leagues and set up franchises to make betting simpler.

You can purchase, design, and build teams as per your preference, but no alterations are possible once they are in the leagues. Don’t mind digging deeper into the overwatch eSports competitions since it could be the perfect future investment choice.

6. StarCraft II

StarCraft II

People who like challenges are fond of StarCraft and its gaming features. It jumped into the world of betting when there wasn’t much competition, and since then, it has stood at its peak. Speculate the game for some weeks to see the trending players in the game. After this, visit any credible site and start betting on the players. It helps you earn a few bucks while you sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, to understand betting ethics. Otherwise, you can get banned from the site.

7. League of Legends

Unsurprisingly, league of legends is the most played game among users in the eSports world. It offers many ongoing leagues worldwide, allowing you to bet on any of them at any time. You will come across distinct betting options for the same match to diversify risk instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

League of Legends

Here you also have to use your knowledge to understand how the teams play and how they are different from individual players. You will learn how to bet on teams by seeing which will be the first to draw blood or take the first tower. All these little things can enhance your betting experience.


If you are a novice in video game betting, take your time to see how things work instead of jumping into placing bets. You would be competing with professional experts who have been in this market for years. Thus, familiarize yourself with the norms, ethics, and then hunt for games which can bag you the maximum money. Start by experimenting with small amounts of money, and once you start winning, go for the kill.

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