5 Online Resources To Check When You’re Bored

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With what appears to be a never-ending COVID-19 phenomenon and many individuals still working from home, boredom seems to be a regular part of daily life.

Sure, there are some entertaining websites to visit when you’re bored, such as Instagram and Twitter, but you can only browse for so long before things get monotonous and boring.

There’s a lot of information about productivity, including hacks, shortcuts, and tips and techniques for getting more done in less time. It’s all about the sprint, crossing items off the list, and downloading software that will shut off any distractions.

But the question is, how do you spend your downtime? You may still have some fun while being locked up at home by visiting these fantastic, amusing, and odd time-wasting websites. All of these entertaining websites will keep you occupied on the internet for hours.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

If you are interested in home décor or DIY projects, you may find yourself spending hours and hours on the Apartment Therapy website. There’s a lot of great visual and textual information on this site.

They also provide helpful articles ranging from how to remodel your stairs to suggestions for using an odd area over your house or backyard. There’s no shortage of practical and entertaining material on this site, making it ideal for endless surfing.

A Soft Murmur

Set yourself up for genuine attention when taking a break from your usual job grind with A Soft Murmur. This website is your white-noise generator. Its dashboard, accessible as an iOS and Android app, has slidable volume bars for five distinct natural sounds: rain, thunder, waves, wind, and fire.

This website allows you to individually change the level of each of its five sound effects, resulting in an outdoor ambiance reminiscent of your favorite relaxing pastime. Turn on “Waves” and “Fire” to simulate a beach bonfire. Turn on “Rain” and “Thunder” to simulate a distant storm outside your home.



Lifehacker is a resource for productivity hacks, hacks, and downloads. It’s essentially a repository of all the knowledge that would be helpful to know but that no one ever tells you. Aside from productivity, they also include money-saving suggestions, creative applications for home objects, and so on.

They offer some unique, in-depth articles as well as informative listicles, in addition to entertaining content. Since there is so much material on this site, it might be challenging to discover postings on specific categories. Use the Lifehacker Index to get an overview of their most popular posts and advice on finding content on any topic on the website.

National Design Academy

Idle times, long vacations, and lockdowns are opportunities to try something new and productive. It’s the perfect time to visualize and create, particularly in the built industry that requires a significant change to meet social distancing requirements.

Experts believe that infrastructures would play a huge role in preventing future outbreaks from progressing as far as COVID-19 did so far. Thus, many interior designers, engineers, and architectures would be needed in this revolution.

If you have plans to claim a space in the field of interior design, take an online degree as early as now. The website of the National Design Academy offers an array of relevant studies, and it’s where you should be if you plan to push yourself onto this career path.



Skillshare provides over 29,000 lessons in design, business, technology, and other fields to anybody, anywhere. It takes pleasure in offering more than simply access to education; Skillshare believes itself to be an online learning community of over seven million people. You can learn skills, network with others, and discover new possibilities in one location with Skillshare.

Classes are accessible for free or $99 ($8.25/mo) to unlock all premium-level courses. These donations will be used to pay professors, and you will have access to classes that are not ad-supported. Skillshare also provides several scholarships (as well as free or low-cost trials) to assist students financially.

The internet is home to endless information to entertain and get you out of boredom. However, you should be and always be aware of the sites and contents you browse. Check what you surf and be responsible for opening websites. Think and rethink before you click.

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