Online Relationships and the Shift in Attitudes We’re Experiencing as a Result of Technology

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Here’s a statistic that might surprise you. According to many surveys assessing the habits of a cross-section of Internet users, around one-in-three claim to have accessed dating sites regularly.

This represents a phenomenal shift in attitude, and there’s every indication this is a trend showing no sign of relenting. By the end of this decade, using the digital environment is set to become the default method for singles to connect.

If you have ever posed the question, ‘where would be the best venue for arranging 1 night stands near me?’ the answer is straightforward. Go online. Let's take a closer look at how technology has impacted relationships.

Casual relationships have never been easier

Casual relationships have never been easier

One aspect of dating that has always been consistent is the notion of no-strings-attached get-togethers. Singles who have become disillusioned with hanging around in offline outlets, bumping into the same old faces, can broaden their horizons. This has also prompted another shift in attitudes – getting acquainted with individuals from disparate ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

There are no international boundaries in the digital world, so when you sign up to become a member of a site, you'll just as likely find yourself interacting with gorgeous girls from Latin America or Southeast Asia as singles from your neighbourhood. The advent of software that will provide real-time translation when engaging in online conversations has meant that speaking different languages is no longer a barrier.

Sheer volume of dating sites

There's no such thing as online dating! When you pop those keywords into your favourite search bar, you will unleash a flood of results. Within these titles there will be a dizzying array of topics, covering everything from LGBT romance to age-gap partnerships.

This has caused a distinct shift in attitudes. People can now interact with an incredible array of potential dates.

Taking more time with relationships

Not so long ago, individuals would sign up to dating outlets to plan a meeting with a prospective partner as hurriedly as possible. But the technology built into dating services is becoming increasingly focused on bringing compatible people together.

Algorithms will assess the information new starts provide, instantly profiling them and suggesting existing site members who might appear to be perfect matches. This saves a lot of unnecessary time-wasting. Those signing up for dating sites can also feel free to explore different possibilities. Flexibility is everything, making online dating much more of a recreational pastime than it has ever been before.

Ease of communication

Ease of communication

Another fundamental technological development has been the introduction of user-friendly communication channels. This has been especially beneficial to people who might have previously felt themselves to be a little shy or hesitant when flirting with strangers online. Now there are all sorts of shortcuts available to make things so much easier.

You don't even need to think about killer icebreakers to introduce your flirtatious messages. Websites will offer a shortlist of different lines to copy/paste into your texts and emails. Shortcuts are also available, such as the functionality to send a ‘wink' to someone, alerting them that they have an admirer who would like to get to know them better.

Taking control of your love life

Above all else, subscribing to online dating puts you firmly in control of your destiny. It's up to you who you decide to touch base with, which particular members to move on from, or even block. You can take full charge of how things are set to pan out.

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