Online Dating Tips & Strategies for LGBT Singles to Find Love in Digital Age

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If you're from the gay community, the chances are you've either discovered the delights of digital matchmaking or have at least considered giving it a go.

Statistically, members of this demographic are twice as likely to be enthusiastic online daters as their ‘straight' counterparts. So, if you have ever asked the question, ‘where could I find the best gay hookup places near me?' the answer is so obvious – literally at your fingertips! Here are some common strategies and tips for gay singles who are thinking of going online to find their ideal partner.

Join a suitable website

Join a suitable website

What type of relationship are you looking for? It would help if you could narrow this down, as simply popping ‘LGBT dating sites' into your favourite browser would present so many possibilities. One of the most basic tips is to start with a concrete idea of what you're looking for, and then tailor your searches appropriately.

Of course, one of the best aspects of digital outlets is that you never have to feel tied down. The flexibility (and generally free registration process) of dating websites and apps means you can ‘shop around' until you find the best resource. If, after a while, you decide you'd like to investigate other possibilities, then you'd simply close your membership and move on.

Always be courteous

There can be a temptation to be more flippant with online communication than if you were chatting with other singles in the real world. But it would be a mistake to be less than genuine when reaching out. LGBT dating services are so much more than matchmaking platforms.

They are vibrant virtual communities where kindred spirits can touch base in chat rooms, getting to know a variety of new friends and expanding their social circle. If anyone has been rude or anti-social, word of this will soon spread. So, when it comes to exchanging messages or dropping into forums, ensure your default positions are always ‘friendly' and ‘approachable.'

Take advantage of algorithms

Take advantage of algorithms

Once you have joined an LGBT website or app, you can spend as long as you wish browsing through the profiles of other site users, keeping an eye out for individuals who cause you to double-take. But you can also rely on the inbuilt matching algorithms – software that will compare your details against information already stored in the database.

This makes it so much easier to identify those individuals you have the most in common with. As online dating is evolving, these algorithms are becoming ever more sophisticated, allowing shared interests to be analysed to the Nth degree.

For instance, say you were in the habit of searching for LGBT partners from a French background. You might begin receiving hints about French restaurants in your vicinity that would be perfect for a date.

Don’t be over-reliant

Many people find that going online can become addictive, and will become square-eyed staring at screens. But it's always recommended that you try to balance your online activity with general socializing.

Always make room for meeting up with friends in coffee shops or other social settings. That way, accessing your dating account will become something you can look forward to, rather than becoming something you are overly reliant on. And once you do connect with another LGBT single, aim to meet face-to-face soon.

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