How Online Casinos are utilising Digital Innovations

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From websites with videos, live streams and online shops to entirely online services, it’s hard to believe that digital technology is only a few decades old.

Digital technology has been the fastest evolving industry, going from simple text websites and pixelated video games to livestreaming services and virtual reality headsets within most of our lifetimes.

Digital technologies are used by almost every major industry, and the gaming industry has obviously been one of the biggest beneficiaries of new technological advancements.

Home gaming consoles now support high-definition gaming and games are bigger and better than ever. Whole communities have been spawned by games like Minecraft and Fortnite, independent developers have found a voice, and player-created content is thriving.

A subsection of the gaming industry which has also enjoyed the benefits of these new technologies is the gambling industry. While digital slot machines have been around in casinos since the 1970s, the translation of all casino games into their online versions only happened in the mid-1990s.

Since then, there have been a number of other technological advances which have had huge impacts on the industry and shaped the way it exists today.

Online Casinos

Better Graphics

The easiest advancements to notice are those that affect the way games look and play. Games are dynamic; the slot reels turn, the roulette wheel spins, and when cards are dealt, they fly across the screen. All these little effects make the games more exciting, and if you came across a static website now, you’d definitely notice the difference.

Online slots have also upped their game, with slots coming in all manner of different themes and involving animations and film clips. The graphics don’t look any different to other mobile games out there, showing how online gambling is keeping on par with the rest of the gaming industry.

A Wider Range of Devices

Many players now look for convenience and an ease of access when choosing the best online casino for them. A lot of online casinos are now more accessible to everyone because they can be played on a wide variety of devices.

Not only are modern casino websites optimised for mobile devices, but they also often have their own downloadable apps so that players can keep playing on the go. Games are designed with large buttons for touchscreen functionality and graphics will adapt to the size of whatever screen you are using.

A Wider Range of Devices

Online casinos have now been developed to be accessed on a wide range of devices including desktop, laptop and handheld devices like tablet and mobile phone.

More Secure

Innovations in digital security have meant that information you enter into a website or store on an account it kept encrypted and therefore difficult to steal. This could be email addresses, bank details and passwords.

Online transactions which require you to type in your card number are also securely encrypted so that the data cannot be intercepted en-route. This has revolutionised the way we pay for things remotely and reassured customers that website are safe places to store their information.

Payment Choices

But making a deposit by card is no longer the only way to top up your online casino account. Online wallets, virtual debit cards and cryptocurrencies are all acceptable methods of payment at many online casinos.

Without the technology to process all these different types of deposits, online casinos would not be able to give their customers the variety of choices which make them so accessible and appealing.

Payment Choices

A lot of gambling providers now accept various payment methods for their games, including digital e-wallets and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Live Games

One of the most recent developments in digital technology to have impacted online casinos is increased broadband and mobile internet speeds. With fibre optics and 4G offering their fastest ever speeds, connecting online and streaming from remote locations has become a reality.

A lot of online casino providers now offer live games where you can connect to a real dealer in a casino, interact with them in real-time, and feel like you’re really there. For online players who prefer a more authentic experience, rather than relying on a random number generator, this has been a popular development.

In Summary

The online gambling sector has been able to benefit from the same wonderful advances in digital technology as the rest of the gaming industry. Better graphics, tighter security, faster internet speeds and the ability to play on different devices have all had a positive impact and increased the number of players accessing online sites.

With virtual reality and augmented reality gaming gaining traction, it probably won’t be too long before these are adopted by the online gambling industry, making the future of online gaming exciting.

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