Number-Lookup Review: Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service In 2022

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Number-Lookup website helps track the calls you receive by providing complete information about who called you.

In this technological era, receiving calls from suspicious numbers has become a norm, and our initial intuition is to decline them conspicuously. However, what if the calls become incessant and frustrating? What if it is a friend or relative with a new number?

Or is an emergency from work or a recruiter trying to reach you? There hasn't been a stress-free way to identify unknown callers until lately. Thankfully, there's a new and effective website that can help you identify these numbers. So why wait? You can check out who called you with Number-Lookup.

Number-Lookup Overview

Number-Lookup Overview

Firstly, a reverse phone number lookup is a tool that lets users input a phone number and find out the details of the individual who owns the number! So-called because it works in reverse of standard phone books, where you look up an individual's number,

That said, Number-Lookup is one of the leading websites where you can perform a reverse phone lookup search in 2022. When you perform a reverse phone lookup on TheNumberLookup, their website gathers publicly available data from their database and compiles it into a comprehensive report.

Why Number-Lookup Is The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Easy to use

Number-lookup is accessible and user-friendly; you don't need advanced tech skills to navigate the website.

Free of charge

Number-lookup is a free reverse phone lookup tool – users can perform different kinds of searches without paying a dime.

Assured confidentiality

Coupled with their industry-standard security measures and the fact users don't need to sign up – Number-Lookup does not save your details as a result of using their website. Therefore, it is safe and secure to use their website without giving away your information.

Fast and accurate

Number-Lookup provides you with fast and accurate results as you perform a search.


Like every other reverse phone lookup website, Number-lookup saves you valuable time, usually spent visiting public and government agencies searching for information about these individuals. Instead, you can now get the information from the comfort of your home.

Check Out Who Called Me Now

Check Out Who Called Me Now

Below are the step-by-step guidelines required to check who called you with Number-Lookup.

Step 1: Visit the Number-lookup website

You will visit the website on your computer and then go to the reverse phone lookup service option. Enter the number in the provided search field and press the search button.

Step 2:  Filter your lookup reports

The site will display a range of searches and filters on your screen to enable you to get the most factual information.

Step 3: view and download your report.

Finally, download and view the target person's information by clicking on the view of my report link.

Other Services That Can Obtain In TheNumberLookup

Public Records Search

Number-Lookup will supply all essential information about the numbers' owners, including their names, phone service providers, and place of residence, by digging through their comprehensive database.

People Search

The Number-Lookup people search feature enables you to search for people easily by number and name. You can use this feature if you receive a suspicious call and want to discover more about the caller.

Address Lookup

This feature is useful when looking for the physical address of an unknown caller.

Background Check

Number-Lookup has access to various public databases and can gather a wide range of background information.

Is There An Alternative? Why Number-Lookup Is Better

Number-Lookup vs. Intelius

Intelius, Number-Lookup, can tell you who phoned you on this phone. You may use both websites to gather accurate and timely information on a caller. The Intelius website also has a background check option that allows you to learn all there is to know about someone by entering their phone number. However, unlike Number-Lookup, their services are not free.

Number-Lookup vs. Truthfinder

Both Number-Lookup and TruthFinder are incredible choices for performing a reverse phone lookup and background checks; however, there are some significant differences between them that can affect your final decision.

Firstly their cost: for starters, TruthFinder does not offer free services. Maybe, once in a while, you might benefit from the website's occasional promo offers. Or else you must pay to use their services. Number- Lookup, on the other hand, is an entirely free service.

Pros and Cons of Number-Lookup Website

There's a lot of debate about the pros and cons of using reverse phone lookup websites to search for unknown numbers. Most people find them valuable and essential, while others think these websites are a bit dodgy and unsafe. So to quell these worries, we will list some of the pros and cons of the Number-Lookup website:


  • No prior registration is needed; hence no need to divulge your personal information.
  • Renowned as the best free reverse phone lookup service around the globe
  • It's free to use online service
  • Factual and quick results with every single search
  • Background check feature


  • There's a limit to the number of free searches available to a single user.


Tracking down someone through their number is not an easy job. Like every human being, I'm sure that you will try to discover the caller's identity when you receive a suspicious call from an unknown number. For this reason, you need an efficient reverse phone lookup service.

Fortunately, Number-Lookup is one of the leading free people search websites on the internet. You can perform quick and accurate searches on this website for free and without hidden costs.


Is a reverse phone lookup legal?

Yes. A reverse number search is a legal service that adheres to legal regulations and functions following federal standards. The process behind a phone number search is to gather all publicly available information relating to the target number, which means you can even dig it out yourself.

Number-Lookup takes care of the inconveniences for you, offering a more effective and quick option when you need information about an unfamiliar phone number.

How long does it take Number-Lookup to display a search result?

Number-Lookup takes about five minutes to display and download each search report.

Do I have to pay additional fees for the Number-Lookup phone lookup service?

No, the Number-Lookup service will never ask for any additional fees to use their services.

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