Top 10 Newspaper Comics of All Time

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It’s morning! You know what that means! Other than having to drag yourself out of bed to prepare for school or work at least you have one thing to look forward to in your morning. Opening the pages of the newspaper to the comics, a needed smile appears on your face.

The comics first started in the 1920s, eventually expanding their popularity. Comics are a unique visual way of storytelling followed by a gag. Comics involve stories from all sorts of cartoonists such as Popeye, Calvin, and Hobbes, The Adventures of Tintin and much much more.

Comics are a mark of history. As newspapers are slowly vanishing, so are comics. Honor your favorite cartoon comics every day If you would like to learn what the top 10 best comics are, follow this list and then binge read all the glorious comics.

Top 10 Newspaper comics list

10. Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey

Since the 1950s, cartoonist Mort Walker has entertained readers about life in the military. Since there is no joke about being in the army, Beetle Bailey manages to be funny and self-aware of their situation. You cannot let others or yourself get you down.

9. Doonesbury


Since 1970, Doonesbury is a political strip famous for its controversial nature. Still, the comic does not hesitate to deliver a needed laugh or two. Or winning the Pulitzer Prize. It’s another rare comic to age characters and even has openly gay characters. Having been pulled from some newspapers, Doonesbury is a historical piece of work.

8. For Better or For Worse

For Better or For Worse

Lynne Johnson developed a prolific series about the life of a family. In contrast from other comics, the family age and grow, moving on with their lives. For Better or For Worse faces serious topics such as death, moving on, coming out, and most importantly growing up.

Life is hard. No comic is more genuine than For Better or for Worse. Life is all about the way you look at things and how you respond.

7. Dilbert


Dilbert is social commentary about everyday work life in an office. For those who have had long days in the grind, you can sit back and laugh at Dilbert and how they manage to make the most simple work task so funny.

Delivers some of the best comedic timing and storylines, it’s easy to get yourself captured into the life of Dilbert. You can also invest in the TV series.

6. Baby Blues

Baby Blues

Parenting is never easy. Wanda and Darryl raise their three children in the heartwarming or hardest days of their lives. Baby Blues is social commentary on how tough parenting is. No matter how terrible your child behaves you have to give it your all. Nobody knows how to be a parent. New parents can learn from comics. It’s all about improvising.

Fantastic, realistic, and hilarious storylines readers look forward to what adventure is next on the page. Although hit with controversy and negative letters to co-writers Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman, the creators have continued forward relinquishing real stories that have happened in their families.

Sometimes you don’t have to look very far for your storylines.

5. Zits


Covering the realistic life of a teenager, Jeremy, his family, and his friends, Zits is told through the perspective of a teenager. Of course, not all readers may agree with his behavior but remember; we were all once a teenager. Growing up is tough.

The strip is also realistic. We all have those arguments with our parents when we’re young trying to figure out who is right and wrong.

4. Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy

Rob and his pets, Satchel and Bucky, never live a normal day. Cartoonist, Conley has done some risque and controversial steps within the comic. However, Get Fuzzy manages to deliver laughs and terrific comedic timing especially amongst interactions between Bucky and Satchel. And readers are sure to relate to Rob.

3. Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is an endearing comic series about a little boy and his stuffed/imaginary tiger, Hobbes. Bill Watterson delivered a fantastic comic from 1985 to 1995. Calvin, a six-year-old boy, has a lot to say going off on philosophical rants and adventures into space.

Every single adventure is a fun read. The jokes are hilarious. And you can just relate to Calvin's faithful parents. Especially his father who believes that everything builds character.

Unlike other cartoonists, Watterson stopped the comic at the right time. Like most comics which have grown tasteless to the reuse of jokes, Watterson believed there wasn’t much left to explore the series and characters. Calvin and Hobbes is a mark of our childhoods that will never disappear.

2. Peanuts

Peanuts Comics

Published from 1950-2000 by Charles Schulz, Peanuts is a famous comic about the life of a young boy named Charlie Brown, a talented dog, and his many friends. The Peanuts have their very own televisions show, films, merchandise, and even a musical!

However, Charlie Brown falls more on a melancholic note than a happier tone. Charlie Brown is different from the other kids, looking at the world in a more realistic way. Still, his adventures with the other kids are fun to read and explore becoming an influential series.

Take the time to fall back into your imagination and your childhood.

1. Garfield


Since its first publication in 1978, Jim Davis has made countless fans laugh throughout the adventures, or rather a lazy day, of Garfield, a fat orange cat. Jon, his owner, and a dog, Odie cause hilarious antics.

Garfield has gone through quite the history. Thousands of comic books in print, his very own TV series, followed by two movies, Garfield has been quite the success.

Sometimes the strips only involved Garfield complaining how much he disliked Monday’s while other times there were storylines about being stuck in a curtain that lasted more than a week. What is a comedy? It’s unexpected.

Unfortunately, Garfield is starting to lose that flow as it has been repeating jokes readers have already seen countless times. No matter what, Garfield will never loose its comedic luster.

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