100% stay away form Name.com! Never transfer domain to Name…Is it a scam?!

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100% stay away Name.com! Do not use or transfer your domains to Name.com, I did it, then the nightmare came, still not wakeup! Please carefully checked what's happened! The terrible support is still no response!

I am making a living via blogging for more than 10 years! I used so many Domain Name Registrars, like GoDaddy, Namecheap, network solutions, Google Domains and so on…I have more than 300+ domains at now…There was no problem with other Registrars…

But this time I plan to transfer my 20+ domains to name.com! I really never want to note this Bu**sh*t Registrar! After I approved the transfer from GoDaddy, They closed my account without any notify!

I'll show you their behavior here! Mainly show the evidence and I guarantee the authenticity of the information!

Sep 14, 2019 – Register to Name.com

The beginning of the nightmare when choosing it…

register name.com on Sep 14th

Sep 14, 2019 – Paid for transferring domains from Godaddy to name.com!

After registration, I requested all my authentication code from GoDaddy.And We all know, you have to submit your authentication code to when transferring.

Yes on Sep 14, I already unblock my domains on GoDaddy and submit my domain's authentication code to them.

I paid for transferring order using my credit card, Successful payment to Name.com and got their system “success” feedback, Here is the detail!

transfer domain to name

Name.com – Order Confirmation – 14974935

Hello phreesite, Thanks for moving your domain over to Name.com! An approval email will be sent to the domain's administrative contact. It will contain a link that you can Use to approve the domain transfer and move on to the next steps in the transfer process. You can monitor your transfers from within your Name.com account. If you have any questions, check out the transfers section in the Name.com knowledge base. Automatic renewal is now enabled through your default payment profile. Manage your billing and renewal settings at any time. Username: phreesite Payment Method:

Here's a summary of your Name.com order on 9/14 /2019. 14974935

I requested at least 20+ domains at one time from GoDaddy!

domain list 1

domain list 2

Sep 14, 2019 – Approved transfer on GoDaddy!

I got the alerts to transfer domains out from GoDaddy, some of the domains are set to lock, I unlocked it, and approved all the transfer.Approved transfer from godaddy

Okay, keep going…After I approved the transfer, got the last double-check the email reminder!

transfer request

Note the date! My domain will be 100% transferred to name on Sep 18.

transfer domain notify

Okay, check email…nothing happened until! Sep 17th…

Sep 14th – Sep 16th, No any email got…

Only on Sep 15th, I logged in to their platform. and at that time, the account is still can log in…

email from name.com

Sep 17th – I found My Name.com Account got closed!!!

On Sep 17, I want to check my domain name transfer completed the transfer or not…

Something crazy happened! My account is closed!

I found it by myself! There is no notice that my account is closed! No reason-giving…My account is closed…Not to mention, tell me to stop domain transfer…

Username: Phreesite

I publish my username, everyone can ask their support to verify all my disclose information!

Do you remember when my domain will be 100% transfer out?! The date is Sep 18! Is this a coincidence?!

accoun is closed

In fact, In most of the case, if you click on approved the transfer out, the domain name will be transferred out of time will be greatly advanced than the final dates! You must note this case also!

Can you close your client account on any time no need to reminder?

Sep 17th – I contacted name.com support (First-time)

Yes, It's maybe by mistake to close my account or what's another reason, okay, I contact their support on Sep 17th.

Now I am in SOS situation, my domain is transferring or already transferred to them, But nothing I can do!

I chat to their live support, the live support nothing can help me out! Only tell me to email to <[email protected]> to recover my account, From today, No response got from this email!

I am transferring my domain from Godaddy to your platform…
Now my account gets banned!!!!!!!
Username: phreesite
Please fix it asap!
account recovery

After I found my account got closed…I immediate login my godaddy account and ask godaddy stop all my transfer immediately!


Sep 17th – I found have domain been transferred to name.com already!

Some domain already deleted by GoDaddy on my account…though I immediately ask GoDaddy stop my transfer…F… word in my head!

Then I check the whois…the domain is already hosted on name.com…F… name.com once more in my head!transfered to name already

Almost all domains on my GoDaddy account are bought from the auction! Almost are premium listing domain…Not just cost $10 per one… the majority of domain buy at $400 – $800…

Sep 17th – I Contacted to Godaddy support to Stop other transferring

On Same day, I contact to GoDaddy support to stop all my transfer otherwise…all 20+ domain will be transferred to name.com…luckily Godday offers 24X7 live support… With support help, you just need to use your admin email to declare cancel the transfer to [email protected].

I do not want to transfer away from the domains from go daddy anymore,
I replied to each domain email, but I am Afraid that, maybe miss some email… for too many domains may use some of my others emails.
Here is the full list…So I send this full domain list,
Please help me handle it, thanks
Stop transfer domain

After a wihile, I got the notify…

Your domain transfer request has been canceled.

You've either canceled the domain transfer to NAME.COM LLC, or you didn't respond to our request to confirm the transfer. This applies to the following domains:

transfer request caneled

Luckily, Most of domain names are now active on the GoDaddy…

Sep 18th – I contacted Name.com support again! (Second time)

The result is almost the same to last time…I note my issues…the support can do nothing but sent me another email (<[email protected]>) to contact! Damn!

Okay, then I follow their support's require…Once again…

When I writing this post, the 24 hours were passed….but still, nothing response got…

Abuse about my account banned

Email content sent to <[email protected]>


I am transferring my domain from Godaddy to your platform… 
And I approved it on GoDaddy, some domain already deleted on their platform already…. 
Now my account gets banned!!!!!!! Let me know why! I Just register….do nothing, It's really crazy!

Username: phreesite

Please fix it asap!

Auto response from <[email protected]>, 

Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our Chargebacks Department, please allow 24 hours for response.

To find our more about our policies visit https://www.name.com/policies/procedures

Please note this request will be addressed by an abuse representative in conjunction with our legal team, if warranted. The tickets are answered based on their issue, concern, or inquiry.

If the report is applicable, we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Depending on the issue, this may involved facilitating communication with the registered domain holder. At all times during the abuse resolution process, complaints will be tracked.

Please note that while we are happy to review any claim that a domain is violating our Registration Agreement, we do reserve the right to judge the appropriate response in our sole discretion.

If Name.com is not the Registrar or hosting provider, it may not be able to respond to this allegation. Please take steps to ensure that you are contacting the appropriate party in regards to this complaint. You can find information on the domain in question By performing a Whois query at http://www.who.is . If this complaint is applicable to Name.com, expect a reply shortly. We strive to answer all abuse complaints in a timely and efficient manner.

Sep 19th – I replied to [email protected] once again…

Now, still, no response got, I will keep update it! See how whole things happen! My domain transferred to name.com already!

I don't know whether they'll give my premium domain back or coercive control it? If they never reply and answer to me, Does it mean they successful “stole” it?! At least now, nothing I can not for My account closed without any reason…but domain already tranferred to them…

No reply…

Sep 20th – Contact to name support (Third time)

Because they didn't answer my emails…I contact their support 3rd time!!

Hello, how can I help you?

My account is closed
username: phreesite

It looks like your account was flagged by our compliance team for one reason or another. You'll want to reach out to [email protected] for more information on this matter

Send already!
3 days ago
No one reply to me

Sorry, I'm not able to speed up the process here in support. You'll have to wait for compliance to respond. Are there any other matters I can assist you with today?

chat support

chatting records chatting records

chatting records

Ask me to reach out [email protected] once again!!!

Sep 20th – I sent a Tweet on my twitter!

I think I have to let more user know what's the issue that I faced! I write a tweet on my twitter and @namedotcom! And submit my issue via comments to them, submit 2 comments on their tweet…But my twitter account is blocked by them!

report on twitter

Why not just go public and let's talk about it?!

blocked me

Sep 20th – Got the first email reply for my issue! (Ask me verification…)

Finally! Under pressure from social media, they send a reply to me, Though what seemed like a “deliberately difficult”…

photo verification


It appears that your account has been flagged by our system and closed for fraud. We may be able to re-open this account with proper verification. We have not heard back from you regarding this response that we first sent you on Wednesday. Please know our support department cannot be with any assistance in this issue. We will be waiting to hear from you.  

Please reply to this email with the following for consideration: 

-Scan or Photo of a Government Issued Photo ID 

-Scan or Photo of the Credit Card Used for purchase. 

Thank you,

Thank you, 
Name.com Abuse

They are the “big company”, I do not know they have the ability to protect my personal privacy or not…for years, Only PayPal, Payoneer asked me that information…Okay, I follow to do it, I would like to check what's going on!


Wednesday? It's an auto-response to ask me to wait 24 hours! If I not stop it, all domain will be transferred to your system! How long are your 24 hours? Let me know!
Okay! I attached my photos of my passport & credit card!
I used lots of registrars…you're the first one to ask it! I do not know why!! 
Okay, I sent it to you. Please take care my your client's personal privacy information!
You can do it when I register or when I handle the payment, But 100% before the transfer…
Also…wait me so long time to reply to me…and closed even not send an email to notify your client!
Do you know how much hours wasted…

Wow…Yes, they sent me a reply on Sep 18th, I carefully check all my email again! You can check I never check and read it for in the trash/spam folder…

I have to note it! I just found! For it's in my trash folder for this email provider it's mean spam folder like Gmail…

This one I misunderstood their Name.com Compliance team (compliancehelp), It the same email to ask the verification!
So I am sorry to those my words that I sent to their support about this.

Wednesday? It's an auto-response to ask me to wait 24 hours! How long are your 24 hours? Let me know!
Sorry about this, but the other facts are still the same…

I just sent an email saying sorry about it! I am a reasonable guy, If happened we should not hide it!

A missed email

But this matter does not affect the whole facts, I think they will activate my account…but whole things is crazy!

They closed the account when I am transferring my domains…and especially closed my account without any notify! Until I contact their support they tell me “account has been flagged by our system and closed for fraud”…If you feel it's fraud,  Should you contact me to verify it, isn't it!

If they notify me, I 100% already refused all domain transfer! No need to waste my time to those all thing…Now If I want to handle the domain, I have to take another more time to verify my ID!!!

Sep 22th – The account is still closed…

Okay…nightmare is still, keep observing it!


Now I am on vacation in Taiwan, I write this post firstly at 11 AM on Sep 19th at UTC/GMT+08:00, all images should be based on this time zone, and my vacation almost destroyed by Name.com…Waste my too much time on it…

  • 100% stay away Name.com!
  • 100% stay away Name.com!
  • 100% stay away Name.com!

Three times for important things!


And I found not just me in the same situation…There are lots of bad reviews…I do regret not seeing it earlier!

It's 100%, not just an easy mistake…I found one guy report the same issues to name.com…the guys got domain locked…For me, my account got closed directly after I transferred the domain to them!

transfer 20 domain

Is Name.com a Scam?

You can evaluate from my experience…”My domain” now is holding on Name.com, but I can not log in my account…Funny or Crazy? Not to mention their customer service…

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