Guide to Downloading MovieBox App on iPhone Android & PC

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moviebox proIf you are looking for an app that lets you stream unlimited movies and TV shows, you should take a look at MovieBox. Most apps of this kind require you to download the video first, and that causes a problem for those who don’t have a great deal of space left on their devices.

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Plus, there are usually limits on how much you can download. MovieBox eliminates both of those problems, giving you the option of direct streaming to your device, offers unlimited movies, and it is entirely free.

How to Download MovieBox

MovieBox is compatible with iOS and Android, and there is also know a way to download it on PC or Mac too. Choose a method and follow our guide:

Steps for Downloading MovieBox on iOS

moviebox pro - iphone x

MovieBox has been renamed as MovieBox Pro and, to get it, you need a third-party installer such as AppValley,

    1. Download AppValley, following the linked guide or tap one of the direct download buttons above
    2. Open AppValley and find MovieBox
  1. Tap Install and wait for the icon to appear on your home screen
  2. Before you open it, open Settings>General>Profiles
  3. Tap the app name and tap Trust
  4. Close Settings, MovieBox is now yours to use.

Steps for Downloading MovieBox on Android

You must follow these steps carefully,

  1. Open your Android browser and download ACMarket app.
  2. Open your Settings app and click Security
  3. Enable Unknown Sources and close Settings
  4. Go to Downloads, find the Moviebox .apk and tap it to install it
  5. When you see the MovieBox icon on your homepage, it’s done

Steps for Downloading MovieBox on Desktop

This is easy enough to do but, because MovieBox has not been designed for desktop use, you will need an Android emulator – Bluestacks is the best one:

  1. Download Bluestacks onto your computer
  2. Download the MovieBox .apk file
  3. Open Bluestacks, find the moviebox.apk and click it
  4. Wait; when you see the app icon on the Bluestacks home screen, it’s ready to use.

Troubleshooting Problems of MovieBox

moviebox app

MovieBox Has Stopped Working?!

You will probably find, within a few days after installing it, that MovieBox crashes and stops working. This is down to it being unofficial and Apple revoking the app certificate. Rather than getting yourself into an endless cycle of reinstallation, download one of the VPNs for MovieBox straight away. The certificate is protected and cannot be revoked.

Fixing MovieBox Errors

While it is a stable app, a few common errors seem to be raising their heads. Don’t worry because we have solutions for all of them,

 White/Blank Screen

This is not a serious issue and can be fixed quite easily:

  1. Open your settings app and tap on Safari
  2. Tap on Clear Website Data and close settings
  3. Try again, and the screen should have cleared.

AppValley Invalid Argument Supplied

This looks far more complicated than it is:

  1. Delete AppValley off your iPhone or iPad
  2. Install it, following your chosen method
  3. Restart your iOS device
  4. Open the AppValley Settings and look to see if there are any updates – if there are, install them

AppValley should now work.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error

This is another easy one to fix:

  1. Note the developer name on the error message
  2. Open your Settings app and go to General
  3. Tap on Profiles and then go to the Enterprise section
  4. Tap the developer name, tap Trust and close Settings

MovieBox Has Stopped Working

This is a verification issue and is similar to the fix above:

  1. Open Settings>General>Profiles
  2. Tap the app name and tap Trust or Verify
  3. Close Settings and it should work

AppValley Won’t Download

One of the most common errors, this is also one of the simplest to fix:

  1. Delete AppValley off your device
  2. Reboot and then download the installer again

This is usually down to you already having AppValley on your device and trying to run a different version – all it does is causes conflict.

Profile Installation Failed Error

This is another one that looks complicated but isn’t. Mostly, it is caused by the Apple Servers being overloaded and not coping with the level of traffic. Just try waiting for a couple of hours and then having another go. If you still can’t get rid of the error, try this:

  1. Put your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode and then open Settings
  2. Tap on Safari and then tap Clear History and Website Data
  3. Next, tap the Clear History and Data option
  4. Close your Settings app down and then take your phone or iPad out of Airplane mode
  5. Wait for a few minutes and then download the installer again – you should see that it works just fine.

Alternative Apps to MovieBox

MovieBox is just one movie streaming app. If you want something different, have a look at these alternatives. All are free to use and all support both iOS and Android,

There is no doubting that MovieBox is one of the best apps we have for streaming movies and TV shows. It offers access to all the latest and the best of the old classics.

The only thing we would say is that you do use it at your own risk and we will not encourage nor do we condone piracy in any form.

Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think.

Obviously, there are lots of advantages of “free APPs”, But those App may raise the issue of copyright infringement and What’s worse is that some bad guy maybe leaves the backdoor on the APP! Though all our recommended apps have downloaded and tested on our mobile devices, We can not 100% guarantee it 100% safe to use. In short, Take note your actions are your responsibility when using free apps, that’s noted on our “Disclaimer“.

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