15 Best Movie4k Alternative for Watching Movies for Free in 2023

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If you can't access the Movie4K platform, continue enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows from other alike sites.

No doubt that Movie4K is one of the leading user-contributed websites where you can watch free movies online. Here you can also search and download your favorite film or TV shows straight to your computer or mobile phone. Movie4K doesn’t have content, but it aggregates TV shows and movies from other free sources.

Have you ever asked yourself what could happen if one day the platform is shut down just like Movie2K due to copyright concerns? How about if Movie4K is unavailable in your country? Here are the best alternatives that you can use to continue enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

1. TinklePad

TinklePad overview

This is a great platform where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows stress-free. Here you can watch both new and classic content without paying a dime.

The good thing about TinklePad is that it allows users to sort content by its popularity, date of release, and IMDb rating. You can easily find a movie or TV show by searching it on the search bar available on the site’s home page.

2. Putlocker


You can never miss your favorite film and TV series on the Putlocker platform because it's one of the best Movie4K alternatives in the market. It’s one of the oldest online platforms for streaming films, where you can find even newly released movies and TV shows.

Here you can watch anime, cartoons, Asian drama, and TV series from all genres. As a user, you can browse movies by name, year of release, and even genre. Alternatively, you can subscribe for updates on movies, TV series, and news about content that’s available for you to watch.

3. Filmyanju

filmyanju overview

Are you a fan of Bollywood or Indian movies in general? Then you should try Filmyanju as an alternative for Movie4K. The online movie-streaming platform is a home for both new and classic films in South Asia, especially Indian films.

The good thing about Filmyanju is that you can use it to stream your favorite film from all parts of the world. Additionally, all films are of high quality, and you can watch them from your computer or on the go from your smartphone.



Don’t be discouraged from trying this site because it lacks a professionally designed platform.  The website is rich in amazing Hollywood blockbusters and other newly released and classic films. Here you have access to high-quality films that you’re unlikely to find in some Movie4K alternatives.

COOLMOVIEZONE offers free registration, and you can save or download your favorite movies effortlessly. You can easily search for a movie you want to watch by typing the type of film on the search bar located on the upper part of the home page.

5. Global TV

Global TV overview

This site is for people who love watching TV series. Global TV, formerly known as Watch Series TV, is the best TV show-streaming site to watch the latest episodes of TV shows. The good thing about Global TV is that users enjoy good audio and high-quality videos.

You can also install its web application and use it to search and watch your favorite TV shows effortlessly. You can never miss any TV series using Global TV because it provides regular and timely updates about upcoming TV shows.

6. 123Movies

123Movies overview

Nothing is as irritating as pop-up windows and ads that keep appealing. However, you don’t have to worry about them when streaming films from 123Movies. Here you can access all sorts of films, both new and classics, from all parts of the world. The platform is user-friendly, and content is arranged in various categories.

Therefore, you can go straight to movies from a given country, most-watched, newly released, or those with a high rating.  Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find what you want to watch.

7. FilmRise

FilmRise overview

This site comes with a stunning web interface, unlike most free movie streaming platforms. For instance, it has a slideshow to the photos, a mobile-friendly platform, high-quality videos, and high loading speed, among others.

Users of FilmRise also get a sneak peek of a movie or TV show that they want to watch. The good thing about this platform is that it offers all types of movies, TV series, and even documentaries. Additionally, FilmRise is completely free and safe.

8. Vumoo

Vumoo overview

This Movie4K alternative is for those looking for an online film-streaming website that’s simple and easy to use. Vumoo is a fantastic platform that offers access to a broad selection of films and TV shows free of charge.

Unfortunately, the platform's design is so simple that it lacks good arrangement or content like other free movie streaming sites. However, it has a search bar to type the title of a film that you want to watch and search it easily.

9. Yify

Yify overview

The list of the best Movie4K alternatives can’t be complete without mentioning Yify. This online platform is famous for offering HD-quality movies from all parts of the world. However, most of the content on this site is from Australia.

The good thing about Yify is that it offers movies at the smallest size possible so that users can save storage space. Here you can watch your favorite films online or download, save and watch later.

10. SnagFilms

SnagFilms overview

Do you love watching documentaries alongside other movies? SnagFilms gives you access to a pool of over 5000 documentaries and movies from all parts of the world. Here you can watch both new, classic films, documentaries, and independent films.

The only challenge is that you have to deal with numerous ads that keep popping because that’s how the site earns revenue. However, that shouldn't be a problem if you turn on your ad blocker before visiting the site.

11. Hulu

Hulu overview

This is another popular online platform where you can watch all types of movies and TV series. You can either stream them online or download and save them on your computer or smartphone and watch them later.

The good thing about this website is it is completely safe, and you don’t have to worry about your privacy when streaming movies and TV series on it. Here you can watch both new and classic films and in different languages.

12. 5movies

5movies overview

You can never miss any of the movies found on Movie4K on 5movies. The online platform is among the best websites to watch movies and TV series in up to 4K video resolution. You can easily search your favorite movie based on genre, year of release, title, popularity, and language when using 5 movies.

The good thing about this platform is that it supports a dark mode feature. That way, you can watch your favorite movie enjoying a theater-like environment. However, you should note that you can't download movies from the 5movies platform, and it has many pop-up ads.

13. Vidcloud

Vidcloud overview

Do you love watching movies and TV series on your smartphone? Then it would help if you considered using Vidcloud. The platform has a wide selection of old movies, undercover films, TV series, and variety shows, among others.

Vidcloud is easy to use and comes with a friendly user interface.  However, you should be ready to deal with annoying ads that keep popping. You should also note that most of the content available on Vidcloud is from the USA. Therefore, you should look for another Movie4K alternative if you don’t like American movies and TV series.

14. StreamLord

StreamLord overview

Another great Movie4K alternative where you can watch HD movies and TV series is StreamLord. The good thing about this website is that it has a more advanced user interface compared to other free online movie streaming platforms.

StreamLord is a fast-loading site where you can watch both new and old movies. You can quickly sort what you want to watch by genre, title, popular movies, latest movies, animation, and action, among other categories. Generally, StreamLord is an excellent site for streaming movies, but you should be ready to deal with ads that keep popping.

15. MovieNinja

MovieNinja overview

The last list is MovieNinja. This is a great online platform where you can watch HD movies just as you would do on Movie4k. Here you watch new and old movies from all parts of the world.

The good thing about MovieNinja is that it gives you suggestions for movies you should watch the moment you start using it. You don't need to create an account or pay even a dime to watch movies on MovieNinja.


There are many online movie and TV show-streaming platforms where you can watch your favorite movies free of charge. Don't get stuck if Movie4K is unavailable in your region or you don’t like using it. No doubt, Movie4K is the market leader in streaming new and classic films.

However, it’s good to try other free online platforms that stream movies and see what they offer. Some could be offering movies and TV series not available on Movie4K or better quality videos.

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