TOP 21 Movie Review Sites in 2024 [Rating Movies]

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If you love knowing about films before watching them, these movie review sites will help you achieve your goal. They all provide valuable news on the different movies, TV shows, and series.

Are you a movie fan? Then it would help if you considered accessing these movie review sites to know whether your next movie is worth watching. They all offer honest reviews, while some are basically for pure critics.

Therefore, it will save you from watching a movie that doesn’t interest you. You need to bookmark one of the sites and always check it out when you watch a new movie. You won’t regret it! Furthermore, you can also stumble upon a story that interests you.

If that interests you, carry on with the article!

1. Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert overview

On the Robert Ebert site, you can see the latest movies, collections, interviews, movie reviews, and more. It also features a blog section, where you can read the latest news on movies, actors, and upcoming shows. You will always get the juicy information in an instant.

When you browse the website, you can stumble upon the history of certain movies and series. If you are a movie fan, you should make this you're favorite.

2. Guardian Movie Reviews

Guardian Movie Reviews overview

This is another reputable site where you can get the best movie reviews. The site is updated regularly to ensure you are always on the know-how. Therefore, you won’t miss out on anything.

On the movie review site, you will also get information on why a certain movie didn’t pick as it should have. You can also search for a specific title and see whether it was captured in the movie review section.

However, don’t be biased; that shouldn’t prevent you from watching the latest movie.

3. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes overview

Rotten Tomatoes website is one of the world’s most trusted recommendation resources for high-quality entertainment. You will get genuine reviews from professional critics that will help you see whether it is worth watching or not. The movie can be either fresh or rotten based on how it is.

Not only does the platform offer movie reviews, but it also produces fun and informative video series. It also offers live events for fans all over the country. The Tomatometer user score is achieved by hundreds of film and television professional critics. Therefore, you can trust the score and save yourself from watching a movie that won't interest you.

A fresh red tomato means the review is positive (fresh), and a green splat tomato shows a negative review (rotten). A faded tomato means that it hasn’t been given a score yet.

4. Yahoo! Movies

Yahoo- Movies overview

Yahoo Movies is another ideal platform that you can use to find the best movie reviews of all time. You also get to see the latest movies and how popular it has become over time.

Additionally, you can also see the latest trailers and see what's trending at the moment. You will always know what you need to watch at the moment and what is not worth your time. Moreover, the elaborative blog will help you be informed about the movie industry.


IMDB overview

It is one of the best sites to get movies, TV, festivals, awards, and celebrity news. What would you want to know today? Then consider the IMDB website.

You can get regular updates on the latest shows on the site. You won't have to look further. The web interface is also easy to navigate through; you will be able to see what you want in an instant.

Moreover, you can sign in to get recommendations based on your interest. You can see exclusive videos, movies, and what's coming soon to the theaters.

6. Meta Critic

Meta Critic overview

Do you love genuine opinions about shows? Then make the Meta Critic website your best friend. It aggregates film reviews, TV shows, music albums, video games, and books. On the site, the scores from each review are averaged. It allows consumers to make an informed decision on how to spend their time and money on entertainment.

On the platform, you will also be able to discover what's new and notable.  You also see the new movies in theaters, games, TV shows, and music.

7. Film Comment

Film Comment overview

If you are skeptical about films before you watch them, then you should consider the Film Comment website. It features the best movie reviews of all time. Moreover, it has a podcast that reviews the various films that have already been released.

Film Comment is a site that promotes independent film journalism, in-depth interviews, critical analysis, and mainstream coverage. You will always be updated on the latest films, and it will save you time from watching something that you won't like. Therefore, be the judge!

8. MTV.Com

MTV Com overview

If you love being updated about the latest movies, then the MTV news platform is the best for you. It features a lot of movie updates that you will love. The content is updated regularly to ensure you don’t go out to watch a movie or series that won't interest you. It also provides information on certain actors and actresses.

You then become the judge to decide whether to watch a certain film or not. Therefore, if a film is showing in the theaters, you can head to MTV news to see what critics are readily saying about it. What are the major weaknesses and strengths?

9. Letterboxd

Letterboxd overview

What are your thoughts on a forum that allows you to discuss with other film lovers about certain movies and series? Letterboxd was created to be a social platform where different movie lovers could discuss films and help each other to choose the right films to watch.

On the platform, it is easy to track films that you have already watched, save those you want to see, and even share feedback about certain films. You will always be updated. For the best experience, it is most appropriate to create an account.

The platform also shows the latest films that you can consider watching during your free time. It offers one of the best-personalized experiences of all time. You will love this platform!

10. iCheckMovies

iCheckMovies overview

How do you track movies or shows that you have already watched? You can consider using the iCheckMovies platform to keep a personal watch list of movies that you have seen and liked. It is an easy way to keep track of everything that you have watched in an instant. However, you will need to create an account to get the best user experience.

The platform also offers the most favorite movies among the users. Therefore, you can be decisive on whether to watch a film or not. With an account, you also get personalized movie recommendations.

11. Criticker

Criticker overview

Do you often find it hard to choose a movie to watch? Then you can consider using the Criticker platform. It easily matches you with other users with similar tastes. From there, you will be able to get great recommendations immediately. It is also easy and free to use.

You even get the chance to give reviews of some movies and films. On Criticker you can also see new releases, the filmmaker list, and collections. Everything that you could wish to see is readily available. You can also engage in the forum and get more information.

12. IndieWire

IndieWire overview

Are you looking for the best platform that will keep you updated about the latest films and people’s opinions? They consider accessing the Indie Wire platform. In the blog section, you can learn more about movies, actors, actresses, producers, awards, and other filmmakers.

You can then choose the kind of movie that you want to watch during your free time. The platform has been in existence for over 25 years and has grown to provide the best news in the entertainment industry.

13. The New York Times

The New York Times overview

Do you like knowing what a movie is about before watching it? Then you should consider checking out The New York Times platform. It offers a synopsis of what a film is about so that you can decide whether it is worth your time or not. It has a wide variety of written articles.

Therefore, you can only imagine the level of effort put into the platform to ensure that you get the required information. It also provides information on the different movie directors, which will make you decide whether to watch a film or not. To get the best experience on the platform, you will need to choose one of the subscription options.

14. Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times overview

This is another great review site that offers the best information on the latest movies, films, shows, and documentaries about to be released or already released. While reading the blog, it will ignite your curiosity about wanting to watch the different films.

You will get information on what's playing in the theatres or what you can stream. Reading the information can even make you stop what you are doing and start watching a film. The movie reviews are written in an unbiased way that you will love the site.

15. Screen Rant

Screen Rant overview

Screen rant is another amazing movie review site that features the latest film news. You will always be updated on what's happening in the movie industry. You also get to see the current movies and learn more about their synopsis. This will make you decide on whether to watch a certain film or not.

Not only does it talk about movies, but also about series. You even get more information on what producers and directors say about their films. Did they make a mistake that they regret? You get information on some interviews, tech information, TV news, movie news, and gaming news.

16. Empire

Empire overview

Empire is another movie review site that allows you to learn more about certain movies, TV, gaming, podcasts, and awards. It also has an eCommerce section that allows you to shop for certain items.

There are numerous movie reviews on the platform, and you will feel great using the platform. If you are often skeptical about movies before watching, consider sparing a minute to read any of the reviews and determine whether the film is worth watching or not. It also offers star ratings so that you can decide whether to watch a film or not.

17. IGN

IGN overview

IGN is a movie review site that provides the strengths and weaknesses of a film. However, through the synopsis and rating, you can know whether a certain film is worth watching or not.

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what other people felt about a certain movie? Then, it's the right time to check out this IGN movie review site to see whether other movie fans felt the same about the movie.

18. The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter overview

This Hollywood reporter platform is a digital and print magazine website that focuses mostly on Hollywood films, television, and the entertainment industry. You will get all the information that you need from the platform effortlessly.

It also gives information on some actors, actresses, and awards. You can also watch some beautiful videos from the platform that are based on the films.

19. The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone overview

The rolling stone is just like most ideal movie review sites. It features valuable information on various films, actors, TV shows, and actresses.

The platform is broad, thereby you can get different information on what's also trending so that you can always stay updated on what's going on in the film world. Also, you get more information on the latest valuable documentaries that can interest you. Luckily, it has a large database of movie reviews.

20. Variety

Variety Overview

Variety is another movie review site that allows you to get more information on the latest films, movies, and TV shows. You will feel great reading these film articles on the Variety movie review site.

The beautiful blog titles will make you want to read the specific articles immediately. It has a large database of blog posts that you can’t fully exhaust. However, don’t read all the reviews and refuse to watch any released or upcoming film.

21. Film Companion

Film Companion overview

Film companion is another great movie review site that allows you to get the latest news on the film industry. One unique thing about it is that all the articles are popular, and you can choose what you want to read at a particular time.

Regardless of the kind of films you like, you can get valuable information on the platform.

Make Your Movie List More Interesting

All these movie review sites will help you to always be updated about the film industry. However, don’t read the blogs so much until you lose interest in watching the films.

Regardless of what some critics say or their strengths and weakness, you never know! The specific movie or film might interest you in ways that you can’t imagine.

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