3 Best Money-Saving Apps of 2021

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Do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet? There’s no need to hold your breath every time you open your banking app if you’re able to manage your money and learn how to save. Just as you use an app to check your current bank balance or lack of, why not use an app to help improve your financial situation so you can feel comfortable looking at your accounts in the future?

We’ve selected some of the best apps available to help you not only save money but to invest, and potentially make an additional income further down the line. So, it’s time to round up the pennies, put your budgeting to good use and start saving whether it be for a house, holiday, or to add to your pension pot.


This app is totally free and is available on both iOS and Android. Monzo can help you track your spending habits – no matter how extreme, set budgets to monitor these habits and take care of that awkward moment when you have to split the bill with friends. Monzo offers one of the first mobile-only bank accounts, so there’ll be no need to wait in line for hours at the bank if you choose this dazzling new digital option.


Previously, the unique neon orange card acted as a pre-paid top-up card, but now Monzo operates as a traditional bank would with its own debit card, allowing you to make transactions as you would with any bank account. Monzo took the banking world by storm in 2017 as it launched a mobile banking app like no other.

This app provides you with notifications straight to your smartphone as soon as you’ve completed a transaction. It also logs your spending and organizes it into categories from gifts, to shopping, bills, and transport, making it easier for you to monitor where your money is going and breakdown those frivolous spending habits. For the spends taking over your pay packet for the month, they’ll be easy to identify in the Monzo app allowing you to implement changes where necessary. It may be time to hop on the bus and say goodbye to taxies, but you’ll be thankful for public transport in the long run.

Feel confident when spending as you’re able to set budgets and categorize each transaction. The app will alert you if you’re approaching your limit and you can rethink the decision before parting with your precious pennies. This feature has worked wondered during lockdown when you’re reaching to order yet another takeaway. Monzo’s there with the notification, right on cue, to remind you that you’re close to exceeding your takeaway limit for the month.

Monzo also allows you to send money to people in an instant, without the need to copy and paste sort codes and account numbers. Simply send a money request or split the bill with family and friends to avoid the awkward payment at the end of a delightful dinner. As for those family members that constantly owe you money, send them a subtle reminder via the app to cough up the cash!


Again, this app is available on both iOS and Androids and the first three months are free. Providing you’re happy with the app’s services; it will cost you £3.99 per month after that.

For many of us, we spend our pay packet before it’s even reached our bank account. There’s nothing like feeling flush on payday, but we tend to forget about the rest of the month and those all-important bill payments that come around like clockwork. By using Squirrel, you can help your money go further.

Take control of your paycheck and allocate how much money you need to cover your bills before you hit the high street. This app will monitor your money and only release funds to pay bills a day before they need to be paid. Use Squirrel to set up savings too, if you’re looking to put away money for Christmas or a holiday, for example.

Only once all your bills are taken care of, and savings too, if you have them set up, then the rest of your funds will be transferred into your spending account. There are also features in place for you to use to help spread out the rest of your money for the month by using Squirrel’s weekly installments to ensure your paycheck lasts.


If you’ve finally managed to suss your savings out, it might be time to ease yourself into investing.

With Moneybox, it couldn’t be easier to invest. This app is designed to make the change from your everyday purchases and automatically invest it for you in a stocks and shares ISA. So, if you’ve fancied becoming the next Warren Buffet for a while now, we suggest you start here. Simply link your debit card to your Moneybox account and let the app do the hard work for you. As you ease yourself into the world of investing, you can spend time learning more about the market and slowly, over time, increase the amount you spend on your investments.

Some people question whether it is worth it. Whilst you may not be moving mountains with the amount you are investing, as your transactions are relatively low and perhaps only a few pennies from your morning coffee are getting added to the pot at one time. Still, it’s best to start small and not run before you can walk. You can start earning with as little as £1, and as Moneybox does all the hard work for you, there’s nothing to lose. When people see their pots starting to fill up, you also have the option to top-up your accounts each month to earn even more money.

Like Squirrel, this app is free for the first three months and then £1 per month if you choose to keep it.

  • Bonus tip: once you’ve dabbled with a stocks and shares ISA, it might be time to try your hands at another type of investment such as real estate. With the potential to earn passive income and long-term capital gain, why not read up on the latest guides on how to get started. RWinvest offers some fantastic tips for anyone looking to invest in real estate and can be downloaded free from their website.

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