How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel?

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It’s no secret that people are making money by creating and sharing videos on YouTube. But, how can a person earn on YouTube? Creating and sharing videos is not just all you have to do to earn a decent living via this platform.

You need a strong base of followers or subscribers to earn money on YouTube. That’s why some people buy YouTube subscribers trying to boost their followers’ base.

Every day, about 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube around the globe. On average, a viewer spends about 40 minutes watching a video.

But, the major challenge that most people face when it comes to earning on YouTube is getting more views. In most cases, the amount a person earns depends on the number of views they get and the quality of the engagements generated by those views.


According to statistics, over 500 video hours were uploaded to this channel every minute by May 2019. This translates to about 30 video hours uploaded every hour.

Consequently, the amount of videos available on YouTube has increased dramatically with the appetite of consumers for video content growing.

YouTube traffic has grown over the years making it one of the best channels for making money online. But, how do you earn on YouTube?

Best Ways to Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Google Ads

One way to earn on YouTube is through Google Ads. These are the ads that precede YouTube videos. To do this, a YouTuber signs up for their AdSense account via Google.

This enables Google to track the number of impressions a YouTube video gets. Impressions are counted as the time that viewers watch videos for a time that exceeds 30 seconds. A person earns money from AdSense depending on the impressions or the ads that are shown during the time that a video runs and the number of times an ad is clicked.

Partnering with YouTube

YouTube Partner Program provides a way of accessing the special features of this platform. Becoming a YouTube Partner allows you access to different income streams instead of just Google Ads. It also allows you access to features that enable you to tap into the wallets of your fans directly. These include channel memberships, merchandise shelves, and Super Chat.

But, the YouTube partnership comes with eligibility requirements. These include establishing a successful YouTube channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and having a minimum of 4,000 watch hours in a year. You also need to submit to continuous reviews.

Selling Merchandize

Selling Merchandize

Another way to earn on YouTube is through the sale of merchandize. This entails designing a product, sourcing and/or building a product.

Once you’ve done that, you create a landing page and a shop. With that, you can now use YouTube videos to promote the product. For instance, you can use or wear your merch in the videos. You can also feature viewers that have bought and already using the product.

And, remember to add the link to your store to the video subscriptions. Also, include cards and end screens with calls to action.

Create Sponsored YouTube Videos

Become Sponsored

You do not need a product to make money on YouTube. You can create sponsored videos that post them on your channel. That means you negotiate with a brand that wants to sell something directly. These will pay for the content that you create directly. This is the most popular way to earn on YouTube.

It’s also the reason why many people are struggling to get more subscribers on YouTube. That’s because most entrepreneurs consider the number of subscribers a person has before they decide to use them as influencers or creators of their sponsored content.

This is also called DTC sales and it’s a great way to monetize YouTube following. Some YouTubers have made millions through DTC sales.

Product Placement

This is a way of monetizing YouTube content. It occurs when a company or brand pays a YouTube content creator to feature a product in a video or review it.

A sponsor or advertiser gets more value when the video that features or reviews their product is watched by more people. That’s because the viewers are likely to be influenced to purchase the product.

Thus, when a video that has a product placed or featured in it gets more views, the content creator is likely to get more revenue. That’s why most YouTube content creators are focused on increasing their audience size.

Ask Fans to Pay Directly

YouTube provides an option to ask viewers to pay for a channel membership. When a person pays to become a member of a channel, they get custom badges, emoji, and access to the members-only exclusives that include Live Chats with the channel administrator.

You can also earn money by encouraging fans to be premium subscribers. When premium members watch the videos uploaded to a channel, the owner gets a chance from the subscription fee they pay. This also happens to the other channels where they watch videos.

License Media Companies to Use Your Content

When any video becomes viral, news outlets try to get and replay it. Luckily, professional media companies know that they should pay for any content they use. And, this is an opportunity to earn on YouTube.

Being a content creator, you can license media companies to use your most successful videos. Just ask them to pay a fee to access and use your content.


This entails soliciting donations online. It can be an ideal way to earn money on YouTube when trying to generate revenue or fund a channel-related project.

Nevertheless, you need to have a crowdfunding account and promote the campaign in videos. You may also need to use several platforms to enhance the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

The Bottom Line

Although people face many challenges trying to get loyal and more subscribers on YouTube, they have many ways of monetizing their following once they succeed.

Today, people that have known the best ways to earn on YouTube and grown their following are making millions of dollars every year. If you desire to become a successful YouTuber, try a method that works best for you or combine several ways to earn on YouTube.

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