Mobile marketing trends for 2021

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2020, a year that will likely be marked red in the history books. The corona pandemic has resulted in international conferences being canceled, countless workers being sent to work from home in the wake of the lockdown, and entire economies being shaken.

Companies are now looking to 2021 full of hope. It will be a year in which many businesses are starting up again at full speed to leave the effects of the pandemic behind. It is therefore worth taking a look at the trends we can expect in terms of mobile marketing in 2021.

From the future of television and OTT to new monetization strategies for apps to iOS 14 and the topic of data protection, the following are the five most important trends that mobile marketers will have to grapple with in the coming year.

The future of television is mobile. Brands can no longer ignore this fact!


Video streaming sales continue to grow from year to year. Let’s take YouTube streaming – unlike OTT space, YouTube live streaming became more powerful and influential on webinars. You can buy YouTube views for live streaming and optimize streams for the algorithm.

Forecasts show that growth will not stop: by 2024, industry sales are expected to rise to 30.4 billion US dollars worldwide. Over-the-top formats (OTT) thus offer enormous opportunities for mobile marketers that have so far remained largely unused.

Mobile devices are an important part of the OTT mix, whether at home in the living room or on the go. Current surveys by Adjust have shown that younger consumers in particular mainly stream mobile.

While mobile marketers will significantly increase their advertising expenditure on OTT in the future, the main question for 2021 is transparency: How are the budgets used and how can performance be measured? Even companies that invest large sums in OTT often have no way of determining the added value of the channel.

Subscription models for the monetization of apps are becoming more and more important across industries


Apps with subscription models have seen significant growth this year because users are now using their mobile devices for a variety of activities. Whether entertainment, e-commerce, fitness or banking, everything now takes place via the app. This trend is also being driven by changing habits. Subscriptions are becoming an ongoing issue, especially with Millennials and Gen Z.

They are most willing to pay for a premium app product or endorse their favorite brands. Recent research by Adjust found that 25- to 34-year-olds spent the most on subscription apps at $ 25.85 per month. In comparison, respondents aged 55 and overspent just $ 13.97 a month.

Subscriptions are becoming a new and very important source of income for many app publishers and advertisers anyway, as ad targeting on the iPhone becomes more difficult with the introduction of iOS 14. We, therefore, expect that more and more apps will diversify their monetization strategies in 2021 and rely on subscriptions in addition to income from ads.

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