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Do you use Microsoft for your word editing and document creation, and wonder if there is a way you can reduce the subscription fee? These steps will guide you on how to get the Microsoft student discount and enjoy amazing services at a reduced cost.

Enjoy Amazing Document Creation and Editing Services with the Microsoft Office Student Discount

If you need easy-to-understand and well-known software for editing and creating documents, Microsoft Office is the answer. The software is well-known among businesses, organizations, professionals, and students. The Microsoft Office offers amazing services for easy document editing.

student discount Microsoft Office offers

The software has amazing offers that benefit both students and businesses. This article will examine the student discount Microsoft Office offers, alongside the benefits for opting for the discount.

Is there a Student Discount for Microsoft Office?

One unique thing about Microsoft as a large technology company is its desire to give back to the people. It has various means to carry this out, and one of them is through the student discount. The program is initiated to ease students off the burden of a huge subscription fee. Once you are eligible for the offer as a student, you can immediately enjoy the discount. One of the means to be eligible for the discount is to have a valid student identity card.

Student Discount for Microsoft Office

Several Universities and Colleges avail this offer to provide their student with a nice deal. If you are using the desktop application, you will also be required to buy a plan. One thing about the program is that it can’t be purchased for personal use except your school partners with Microsoft. Once your school partners with Microsoft, the program will automatically become available to you.

Ways to Sign up for Microsoft Office Student Discount

Every student can use Microsoft Office without the fear of a huge subscription fee. To avail this amazing offer, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  • Step 1:

The very first step to availing yourself of the Microsoft Office student discount is to visit the education page of Microsoft Office. The website enables you to begin the registration process to get the amazing student discount.

microsoft student account

  • Step 2:

Once you access the website, the next step is to register. You can register using your student identity card. To access the discount, you have to use a .edu email ID to process your registration.

microsoft student sing up

  • Step 3

After registration in step 2, the next step is the creation of a Microsoft Office account. By creating an account on Microsoft Office, it will be easier to get the student discount without complications. It has amazing features you will benefit from. It is advisable that you input your correct details so as not to encounter any issues in the process. Once you have correctly entered your detail, you can click the ‘Start’ option to immediately start your account creation.

creation of a Microsoft Office account

  • Step 4:

Once you are done with step 3, you can now begin to use Microsoft Office features at no cost. You can access it on Cloud. Microsoft Office 365 has amazing features that you can use to create documents for your project, business, etc. Once you have a student account, you are assured of accessing the features of Microsoft Office for free.

Microsoft Office 365 student account homepage

Microsoft Office Student Discount Features

Microsoft Office Student Discount Features

There are many benefits you can get from Microsoft Office. Once you can work with the software online, you don’t have any issues. Below are the various features you can benefit from using Microsoft Office 365.

Provision of Security

One major aspect Microsoft Office prioritizes is the area of security. As a brand, the company ensures you are properly protected online. With Microsoft Office, you can have an environment that is well secured. This feature is useful if you are an individual who likes your privacy to be protected online.

Availability of One Drive

With the Microsoft Office student discount, you will have One Drive that you can use a cloud platform. It is advisable that you utilize it if you are one of the persons who love to have enough space to upload your contents and files. Another unique thing about the One Drive is that its link can be shared with your friends.

You can Access Microsoft Applications for Free

Once you have a Microsoft Office student account, you don’t have to bother about how to complete your college assignments and applications. With your student account, you can make use of Microsoft applications for your college assignments for free. It is a nice feature for those who desire to have all their works in one location. Some of the Microsoft Applications you get to access for free are PowerPoint, One Note, Teams, Word, Excel, etc.


One of the best document software every student can use for their college activity is Microsoft Office. You can use it for your document creation, document editing, and lots more. Each of the applications packed in Microsoft Office serves a different purpose. For instance, you can use Microsoft Outlook for calendar and email management, Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation creation, Microsoft Word for document creation, etc.

Due to the availability of so many Microsoft applications and the fact that you may not need all of them for some purposes, the applications are grouped by Microsoft in one collection known as “Suites.” This makes it easy to categorize different suites according to various needs. For instance, small/home business users have their own Microsoft suite; there is one for students, schools, and also established organizations. There are different pricing for each of them according to what they contain.

Students can make use of this opportunity by making use of the Microsoft student discount to carry out any school-related activity that involves documents. They can write a book using Microsoft Word as its features support large document files. It is absolutely free as Microsoft doesn’t charge students for using the Microsoft application. More than one billion users make use of Microsoft products because of their amazing features. So, you shouldn’t be left out as a student.

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