Microsoft Exam MS-101: How to Pass It with Exam Dumps?

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Year by year, the IT industry showcases new trends and advancements, which are all vital for technological progress and thereby, for professionals and businesses directly connected to it.

And the only way to know and keep up with these modifications is through acquiring new insights and skills. Well, this is easily done by getting certified by Microsoft.

One of the most interesting certification tracks at present is the role-based certification program offered by the corporation.

And if you’re planning to get validated your expertise in Microsoft 365 Enterprise, and namely, in its administration, there’s a specific technical credential designed especially for you.

Crucial Details on Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Becoming an expert is not an easy path. But with the proper amount of hard work and patience, you’ll be reaping the fruits of your sacrifices.

For those who want to earn the latest Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, it’s best that you can prepare yourself for.

This newly developed credential will be certifying your expertise in advanced enterprise administration skills. These focus on assessing, migrating, deploying, and overseeing various Microsoft 365 services as a whole.

As an upper-level badge, it is known to have certain requirements that you need to comply with.

First, a candidate should complete one of the associate-grade certifications in Microsoft 365 field that comprise Modern Desktop Administrator, Security Administrator, Teamwork Administrator, Messaging Administrator, and Teams Administrator. If not, you can secure yourself MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert as a prerequisite.

How Many Exams Should You Complete to Earn This Certification?

Well, there are two required exams for Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert. These are MS-100 and MS-101 tests. Considering your successful passing of MS-100 exam, let’s have a brief discussion of the second test, which is MS-101.

Now, this Microsoft assessment is designed to analyze in-depth mobility and security features surrounding Microsoft 365 services. Because of this, you will be exposed to specific tasks in the test which will be essentially portioned into three core topics for your convenience.

These are modern services that take 30-35% of the whole exam structure, then Microsoft 365 compliance and governance holding 35-40%, and Microsoft 365 security and threat supervision committing to a label of 30-35%.

Each of these topics will provide you with comprehensive Microsoft 365 knowledge to become your reference in taking the analyzed exam.

Who are Best Professionals for MS-101 Exam?

In case you’ve decided to take MS-101, you should be well-equipped with management experience in Microsoft 365 services. With your working knowledge, you must also have performed tasks related to Microsoft 365 identities, compliance, support, and security. It’s also recommended that you have expertise in Microsoft 365 workloads, including SharePoint, Exchange, Windows as a Service, and Skype for Business.

How to Pass the MS-101 Exam in Your First Attempt?

Without a doubt, Microsoft certification exams are challenging and time-consuming, therefore, you need to strategize well so you will pass the exam with minimal errors. Apply the below tips and ace your exam fearlessly in just one take.

  • Refer to Official Exam Content

Changes in the exam structure are inevitable. Thus, you should keep an eye on possible modifications that can take place during your preparation with the Microsoft exam guide so you won’t miss any crucial subject.

As of this writing, take a close look at this Microsoft MS-101 exam’s page and study all the topics, skills evaluated and preparation tools to the bottom. May your preparation be easy and fruitful!

  • Get Support from Expert-Led Training Courses

As stems from the title, official training materials are made available to help you prepare for the exam in the most reliable way. These paid courses are led by Microsoft valid experts who will give you valuable insights into Microsoft 365 Security Management, Device Management, and Compliance Management.

Both Security Management and Device Management courses require 1-day training while Compliance Management will efficiently run for 2 days.

  • Invest in Exam Ref MS-101 on Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

Authored by Brian Svidergol and Robert Clements, this highly-relevant publication is another great addition to your learning. You can get this material from Microsoft Press Store or other platforms like Amazon. This book will give you more insights into the exam topics so you can create better judgments during your exam to pass it comfortably.

  • Evaluate Your Skills with

To help you measure your exam readiness, there are great exam dumps available at

For instance, free dumps uploaded by recent test passers offer the latest exam questions with answers that will help you refine your knowledge.

Importantly, all dumps at this platform are run using the VCE Exam Simulator recreating the real testing environment.

However, if you want upgraded materials, there’s also MS-101 Premium Bundle that comes with a premium practice test, along with a relevant qualitative training course.

This premium MS-101 test comes with 161 questions and answers that are all carefully developed by experts in Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security to guarantee their authenticity and utmost relevance. Thu bundle will cost you $34,99.

  • Take Advantage of Free Online Video Clips

Aside from Microsoft and Exam-Labs, you can also find imperative references for MS-101 exam on YouTube.

Through the detailed videos, it’s easy to acquire a more profound comprehension of different Microsoft 365 mobility and security functions.

Besides, you can find there substantial video clips giving you useful tips on taking the exam. Unlike the paid courses from Microsoft, these materials are easily accessible online without spending a dollar!

So, don’t miss the chance and continue learning.


It’s never easy to prepare for a test. When the tough challenge gets going, always remind yourself of your career goals. What do you want to complete as an IT professional?

What are your most enticing career goals? Fuel your dedication with these questions and stay committed all throughout your exam preparation.

Once you complete both MS-100 and MS-101 tests, your efforts will pay off and you’ll relish the advantages of becoming a Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert!

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