Meowchat: 10 Best Apps like Meaowchat To Meet New People Online

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You are looking for a place where you can have some fun, get to hang out with some new faces and maybe do a little bit of networking?

Here is a list of top 10 places similar to MeowChat to find new friends and/or (maybe even) love.

Meowchat is an app that erases the border between the random hook-up app like Tinder and standard instant messaging apps of the new age like Viber or Whatsapp.

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Although it is a 5-year-old application (arrived in 2014), in the previous year it achieved a big boom and exposure and it suddenly became hugely popular.

Sometimes you want to meet up with new people, just chat about anything at any time. Sometimes it might be romantic, but sometimes you just want to socialize for a bit with people you find interesting.

While the classic hook-up apps like Tinder will match you with people that are nearby, Meowchat will find people with similar interests, likes, and hobbies, so it is more of a place to form some long-term bonds, whether emotional, friendly or even professional.

The list that is presented to you will offer you some slightly less known websites that will provide to be similar to MeowChat, so if you have a desire to connect with the world and the people of the interests similar to you, you can always consult this article for some social apps and tools that will make that possible.

Top 10 Free Dating & Social Apps Alternatives to Meaowchat For Making New Friends!

Here is the list of top 10 websites that are similar to MeowChat to find random people and have some fun!

1. MeetMe


MeetMe is a social interaction website that is really similar to MeowChat since it allows you to find people with similar interests and likes and you can form some connections similar to the conventional social media like Facebook.

You can connect your Facebook and use a MeetMe chat client to talk with your friends, share different media and post some informational updates (similar to status). It is not a social network, though, while containing some of the elements.

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2. Badoo


While being touted as Tinder’s big rival, Badoo shares a lot of similarities to MeowChat also. It is a social interaction app where you make a profile, upload your interests and images, and then you dive into the world of many other single and non-single people to meet and interact with.

The point of Badoo is still primarily about ‘hooking-up’, but with Badoo, it is much more easy to meet people with whom you will maybe stay in good touch, make some friends or form formidable relationships.

You can add so many interests and hobbies that you may randomly encounter a person passionate about the same things and that’s it. With over 400 million people, Badoo is a leader of random interaction websites.

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3. Chatous


Chatous is a chat (textual) environment that shares its pros and cons with its some more popular counterparts. It is similar to other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber with a single difference – it is completely random.

Your contacts will not be the contacts from your telephone, but mostly strangers that you meet while browsing through similar (or different) interests, or just people that are nearby. Chatous is a great new app that is certainly building its fanbase and is steadily growing.

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4. Bumble


Bumble wants to distance itself from the ‘dating apps’ and wants to offer something else. The message that they clearly send once you enter their landing page. They offer you different opportunities on their site – career, friendship, romance, etc.

The website is neat and clean, it looks smooth and the app seems to be running without any problems. It is still a relatively new alternative to the top guns in the game but you should try it out. Like most, it is location-based and then interest-based, so you will have fun browsing through it.

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5. Omegle



Omegle is completely different in the way that it will automatically connect you to a random person in a form you desire – audio-visually (cam and mic) or only text. You can type your location and interests so it connects you to similar people nearby, but you can chat with people all over the world.

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With Omegle, you don’t have a standardized profile and you can’t connect in any other way expect this. You are thrown into the ‘fire’ – a 1v1 chat room with another person, and you can decide whether you want to stay or leave. You can simply just leave and very quickly the software will pair you with another.

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6. Meetzur


Meetzur is a new website similar to others in a way you enter, register, make a profile and then hang online with various users from all over the world.

It is not as popular as others and the website while new seems a bit outdated but it still has some great traits like search filters, cool image mosaic of new and recently active users and you have your own user board where you can allow other people to leave your comments.

Definitely worth a try and maybe will grow to be much more popular soon. It has potential.

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7. Skout


Skout is a great app that bears some resemblance to Facebook in a way that it was always meant to be more a friendship app than a dating app. Things changed, though.

In Skout app, you are similarly to Tinder swiping other profiles but you will not only match the people you can be sexually interested in, you will have a spectrum of all people that share interests and ways of life with you, so you will be able to meet a lot of friends and people that will stick with you for a long time.

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8. Happn


This is a peculiar app that will match you with people you’ve been in the same place with. You can find some entertaining new faces and have a lot of fun and a great experience with them.

If you ever happen to be a bit lonely away on a trip, Happn will match you with people that you were in the same place at the time and you may already have some topics to share bonding over reasons for being at the same place at the same time (for example).

This app is great for making new friends and making new romances equally.

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9. TinyChat


TinyChat is a video chat platform where you can discover a lot of similar people and maybe you will be motivated to do a little bit of vlogging. Here you can record yourself and place it in your profile in a way to attract other people to interact with you – by you just being the way you really are.

TinyChat is a nice way to understand the way of video chatting with random people, people that maybe have common goals and passions, and in the end, you may form some strong bonds here.

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10. Zoosk


With over 40 million users, Zoosk is a gigantic platform where you will, similarly to Tinder or Badoo, find a little bit of romance and a bit of dating. You will get to know many people just by a little swipe, most of those people will be the one you may sexually be interested in.

It is the way the app is designed. It doesn’t prevent you from forming a friendship and other relationships, it is just not its primary goal. If you are looking for a good dating place with random encounters and social interactions, this is a great app for you.

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These are the top 10 apps that will give you the same vibe as MeowChat. Some or video-oriented, some are completely textual, some are for dating, some for friendship.

You will find what you need. Feel free to leave some comments and share this. Hope you spend some great time browsing these places!

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