10 Best Men’s Android Games Online of 2021

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The recent study shows that 55% of gamers are male and most of them prefer mobile gaming. What are the most popular games among men? And where to play them? Read on to find the answers.

Mobile phones are no longer used for communication only. They are now a gateway to the world of entertainment.

The mobile gaming industry is growing rapidly, and so is the number of gamers. The latest stats show that there are over 2 billion active mobile gamers worldwide.

Every year, the industry offers hundreds of mind-blowing releases to Android device users. People download games of various genres, from Strategy GamesAndroid casino sites, Action Gamesmobile sports games, racing game, Fun Adventures and to simulators or RPGs.

10 Popular Android Apps among Male Gamers

Whether you prefer shooters, fantasies, table games, live dealer саѕinоs, etc. — you will find the right option in this list.


Most popular Android Games for all male

pubg mobile

PUBG has quickly penetrated into the life of modern gamers and turned it upside down. It is one of those apps that has managed to unite people of different backgrounds and from various countries.

Here, you share the game with 100 other players and have to follow it till the end. The last one to survive on the unknown battlefield wins. You can collect weapons, shields, and other stuff. Some extra gameplay features are added during the play.

2. Critical Ops

Exciting shooting android games

One of the most outstanding shooters, Critical Ops, won’t leave you disappointed. The game offers different maps, weapons, and outfits.

Choose your side and fight villains, teaming up with other players. You can invite your friends and play with them or join any other community. Master your skills and get bonuses for beating opponents.

3. Huuuge

Mobile casino for fun

Here is a major mobile casino developer that mainly focuses on slots. Their Android саѕinоs are perfect for those who love quick and vibrant gameplay. Here you don’t need to bet your own money, but it feels as if you do.

However, you can get саѕinо bonuses instead (e.g. daily bonus, match bonus, promo gifts). Thus, for any virtual deposit, you get a deposit bonus. The possibility to win a match bonus and jackpots attracts thousands of users to this Android casinos venue. Along with a match bonus, new players can get free coins at the start.

Huuuge саѕinо offers a wide range of Android саѕinоs games: hold’em, roulette, baccarat, and slots, but, unfortunately, no live dealer casinos are available. Play the games every day to get pleasant bonuses. Huuuge casino is definitely one of the top Android casinos out there.

4. Vainglory

PVP games android game

This fantastic MOBA with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay is for those who value high-quality video games.

Join the team and start the match with the character that you have selected. Enjoy all the benefits of the game for free.

5. Big Fish Саѕinо

A social саѕinо app

This mobile саѕinо gathers several types of slots and table games in one place. Bright, colorful, and dynamic — these Android саѕinоs games are highly entertaining. The саѕinо also offers big wins, a match bonus, and special саѕinо bonuses for risk-takers. You are also provided with a deposit bonus to get an easier start.

The mobile саѕinо is easily accessible from any type of Android devices. It allows you to practice your skills and see whether you are good at gambling.

Although there are virtual prizes and a match bonus within such Android саѕinоs, you can’t claim them for real money. This is a social саѕinо app.

6. Mywavia Studios

Great gameplay at a mobile саѕinо is what Mywavia Studios provides to the customers. Why should you limit your choice to one particular Android саѕinоs game if you can play them all?

That’s what this developer aims to achieve with their саѕinо apps. Mywavia offers a bunch of mobile саѕinоs’ table games that you can play alone or with friends to get diverse саѕinо bonuses.

Participate in tournaments and win the gold medal. These Android саѕinоs games connect 15 million users!

7. World Series of Pоker

Are you as good at pоker as Justin Bonomo? Prove it by participating in one of the most famous tournaments in the world. No, you don’t need to go to Las Vegas for this — WSOP is available in the form of an Android саѕinоs game.

That’s right! One of the top саѕinо apps lets you feel as if you have joined the world championship. Practice your skills, play online (even anonymously), collect саѕinо bonuses, and don’t rely on a specific device, because the game is cross-platform. This is where you can get a solid experience and feel like a superstar.

8. GSN Grand Саѕinо

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of Vegas? Are you looking for ultimate Android саѕinоs experience? GSN offers high-quality Android device games that let users in the world of fun and happiness.

Using this mobile саѕinо, you can try your luck at video pоker, spin the wheel of fortune, check out slots, collect саѕinо bonuses in live dealer саѕinоs, win a match bonus and a deposit bonus in bingo.

The opportunity to win a jackpot is the most appealing thing of this Android саѕinоs app. Would you miss out on it?

9. The Wizard of Oz Slots

Finally, the favorite characters of many people have entered the Android саѕinо’s world. If you want to try one of the most special саѕinо apps, this is the right choice.

Inspired by the famous movie, this Android саѕinоs game allows you to explore the Emerald City and win big jackpots, deposit bonus offers, credits, etc.

Here you will be able to try your luck at themed slots. Free gameplay is the main reason why you should check one of the best mobile саѕinоs.

10. Mobile Deluxe Games

Solitaire Deluxe

It’s exciting to play mobile саѕinо games, isn’t it? Using this Android саѕinоs app you can play 20+ different games — from cards to table games to solitaire.

Different modes, customizable background, free gameplay, loads of extra features, and саѕinо bonuses make your Android саѕinоs experience fascinating. So far, this app is among the top-rated mobile саѕinоs.

Android Games Of Today

There are 2.1 billion men and women who enjoy playing games on their mobile devices. Why is it so?

Mobile gaming lets us escape from reality, forget about current issues, develop skills, and even broaden horizons. It seems that playing online doesn’t have any benefits, but it’s not true.

Playing improves concentration, mood, determination, and brainpower. It allows users to find new solutions to problems and quickly respond to them. When it comes to Android саѕinоs, most of them let us gamble without losing actual cash.

Why Android Саѕinоs is so hot for men?

All men like passion and excitement!

Android саѕinо games have always been among the best ways to spend leisure time for most adult males. You can try your luck without losing any of your money in most cases.

If you download apps from Google Play, you can rest assured that Android саѕinоs there don’t support real-money play. You can still play with virtual in-game currency and even get match bonus offers.

So what exactly is going on in the world of gaming? Mobile саѕinоs, Android саѕinоs, and саѕinо apps, in general, are becoming more advanced each year.

Thus, it’s understandable why more and more gamers are using mobile devices to bet and win, especially in Android саѕinоs. 

Since you can’t do it in most Android саѕinоs, the reason to play Android саѕinо games is different. You get excited when you happen to guess or predict the outcome, bet and win virtual prizes like a match bonus.

  • Play anywhere and at any time

Whether you are going to work, traveling or waiting for your friend in a cafe for yet another hour, you always know how to spend time — playing in a mobile саѕinо.

Log in and start playing in your favorite Android саѕinоs right away. Lots of table games are available for Android devices.

With mobile саѕinоs, you can get a deposit bonus and win a match wherever you are. Such flexibility is hardly possible with саѕinо sites.

  • Get amazing experience

For a long time, PC games dominated the market, but eventually, with the rise of Android devices, mobile games got just as much power. Today, our small digital assistants can perform lots of functions. Thus, game developers have started focusing on саѕinо products for Android devices.

  • Enjoy the quality

With advanced software, some games are better to play on the phone via Android саѕinоs or саѕinо apps. Modern mobile games support all the finest features.

You will get incredible graphics, convenient navigation, support, and hints when playing in Android саѕinоs. In some cases, mobile саѕinоs even offer smoother gameplay than that on the саѕinо sites.

Disclaimer: Not all casino games or Apps have a good faith, you have to take care of those game! There are quite a few online casino scams online! So when you play those types of games, 100% be careful! And you can read this post for getting some tips to protect yourself from fraud.


Mobile gaming is an ever-growing industry that introduces new Android games each year. Due to its constant improvement, we are not limited to particular genres anymore.

No matter which kind of mobile саѕinо content is your favorite — live саѕinо games, table games, shooters, etc. — Android devices let you enjoy everything you want.

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