Marketing with Memes – How to use them to gain traction

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Memes are an omnipresent part of the online experience, particularly on social channels. This internet phenomenon has grown in popularity, together with social media and the web’s visual nature.

They are fascinating and now a large part of the online culture. Memes are meant to be humorous or mocking, but as they grab the attention, businesses can use them to benefit as long as it is done smartly.

The enhanced demands for the Memes have made the companies use them as a primary mode of marketing their products and services. Meme marketing advantages a company in quite a few ways; a few of the advantages of Memes marketing is explained below:

  • Today Memes are mainly shared and viral things on social media platforms. A significant motive for this is the viewers can associate the memes with specific circumstances in real life.
  • Companies always try to find out less expensive or low-cost marketing tools and expect to get a good response from the audience. Meme marketing is one such option that allows companies to save while marketing their services and products.
  • If a meme is entertaining, imaginative, and relevant, it stays on the audience’s minds for a long time. If a meme gets viral, it would be utilized by the meme-makers for quite a few years. Thus, as the meme marketing’s theory is gaining many followers, it can assist a company in marketing its products and services using innovative tactics. This will stay alive in the audience’s mind for a long time.

How to Make Your Memes for Advertising?


Memes thus can help boost your brand with little to no investment. Fortunately, getting into meme advertising is not as hard as it sounds. You need to keep updated with the latest meme formats and offer them your twist.

From the instances shown above, there are many meme templates and formats to select from. You need to find the best ones for your brand. This can differ based on the type of product or service you are selling, but on the whole, most meme formats can be adjusted to fit nearly any product.

After researching and finding a suitable meme format, you can utilize free online meme creators to make the ideal meme for your social media accounts. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Video Creek

This meme creator allows you unlimited free access to all resources so you can give life to your ideas and turn them into something imaginative every day. You can use VideoCreek’s meme editor tool and meme creator to make memes that leave audiences laugh and help you grow your social media following. You can create an instant and personal relationship with your audience through meme marketing. This meme maker enables you to deliver your meme via videos rather than plain text.

  • iLoveIMG

This is a popular meme generator that allows you to upload an image or choose a meme template to begin. Text boxes are there, but you can edit them with your text and see how they look. You can even add more lines of text.

  • Quickmeme

This can help you create hilarious memes in seconds. Choose from the most well-liked meme templates, include top and bottom text, share it on social media, or download. If you want to choose a famous picture and add your text, you can use the “caption a meme” option.

Meme Marketing Examples

Here are a few of the most successful meme marketing instances in recent years to offer you an idea of how brands are using memes to great success.

Meme Marketing Examples

  • Netflix Meme Marketing

Netflix is often considered as one of the most excellent instances of meme use in social media marketing. In December 2018, Bird Box, the Netflix original film, went viral after memes from the film began cropping up on well-known meme accounts. Meme marketing assisted the movie in getting over seventy million views in the first 24 hours. Netflix carries on using a mix of mainstream meme formats that audiences know and original memes using Netflix content. Memes make a society for Netflix fans, turning a private activity into a social activity.

  • Apple AirPods

Meme Marketing is at its peak as social media managers are ultimately getting an incredible response from this approach. Apple’s iPhone sees a downfall in some of the critical markers, but other products are still helping the tech giant stay among the top in the global market. If you adhere to the tech world, you would be conscious of how these AirPods were trolled when the organization declared about them in 2016. They were very much universally mocked, but now the same criticism helps them get high sales in this competitive age.

The memes helped in growing the popularity of AirPods in the past couple of years and established themselves as a status-giving product. Since then, there have been numerous memes centered on AirPods, and the popularity of these memes picked up momentum in December 2018. These memes were all over on the Internet.

  • BarkBox

Memes are aligned to the highly visual nature of Instagram perfectly. Barkbox, a subscription service for dog treats and toys, recognizes this. They make up the majority of its Instagram content with animal-related memes. It creates humorous memes that are relatable to animal-lovers, which guarantees that they are shared thousands of times.

Final Thoughts

After you have made your meme and posted it on social media, it does not end there. Checking the levels of reaction and engagement is vital to understand what your audience prefers. So, go ahead and make some quality and original memes to share with your audience!

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