15 Best ManyCam Alternatives [Video chat] in 2023

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ManyCam is without a doubt one of the most popular webcams in the world, with its numerous features which include video effects, desktop screen capturing as well as its intuitive user interface which allows users to drag and save their favorite tools in a menu, it is no surprise why it is so popular.

It has green screen capabilities and allows users to broadcast live feed across all the available streaming channels (I.e. YouTube, Skype, Twitch, and Facebook) at the same time. It is a great webcam software no doubt but sometimes might not be available to be used for certain reasons; not to worry though, as they are numerous alternatives that will be able to perform similar functions with the multipurpose Webcam, 15 of which are-

1. YawCam

YawCam Overview

Short for, yet another Webcam, this software works mainly for Windows devices and is simple and easy to use. It allows you to use your PC camera to record a live feed and then publish the video via your web-connected PC.

It has various features like Video Streaming, a Built-in web server; Ftp-upload, Image snapshots, and Motion detection which can help you monitor movement in your house when you are away or around.

It also has diverse languages and thus you can pick a language that you are fluent in to use the app.


  • The motion detector is another function of this software.
  • The software is simple to integrate with a security camera.
  • Yawcam is a general-purpose webcam solution with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • The software interacts automatically with your web server.
  • includes password security.
  • numerous languages are supported.

2. SplitCam

SplitCam Overview

One of the coolest Webcams out there, it allows you to split your webcam video stream and video chat with as many people as possible. It has various features and effects that can be used to make your video streams lively and fun, one of which is the Realistic 3D masks that can let you apply a variety of fun masks to your video.

It works with all streaming services and allows you to open your webcam in different applications at the same time without any error message popping out. It is free, fun, and easy to use.


  • Splitcam has a number of interesting special effects and video splitting alternatives.
  • Now it is possible to stream clips at once.
  • comes with a variety of believable 3D masks,
  • There are a number of free filters to choose from.
  • It is quite simple to switch backgrounds.

3. Webcam Max

Webcam Max Overview

This Webcam has a lot of cool effects from webmax.com that can be used for live video chats as well as video recordings that can be posted on streaming sites like YouTube or Facebook and can also be shared directly with friends and family.

It works on almost all programs such as Windows, Skype, and Ustream. One of its most interesting effects is the PinP (Picture in Picture) feature that allows you to broadcast different sources at the same time.


  • It has Installation procedures that are very simple.
  • Its multiple frames and filters are gathered all in one location.
  • You won’t encounter any problems with video and photo recording.
  • It has picture-editing software included.
  • You can enjoy high video resolutions.

4. YouCam

YouCam Overview

One of the most functional Webcam software out there, YouCam affords you the option of over 200 effects for video chats and recordings.

It can blur or change your video background and even pop out your face with the array of face filters available and is compatible with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft team, and Google Meet.

YouTube and Twitch creators can also use this software to customize their titles and images for live streaming while recording as well as editing their work and it is compatible with Windows Operating System.


  • It has an automatic face recognition
  • It has several special and fun effects
  • offers live screen capture that make it simple for users to edit photographs and videos.

5. MyCam

MyCam Overview

This is another great alternative to use when ManyCam is unavailable. With this software, the user can take videos and pictures with the option of using the numerous filters and effects available.

One great interesting thing about this application is that you can easily share the videos and pictures taken on it to your mobile device by using the “Album” feature. It can also be shared by scanning QR or bar codes.

The application can be used for free with a ‘MyCam’ watermark or by purchasing a license that can be registered on 2 PCs.


  • It has amazing video and picture effects and filters like 3D
  • It has a barcode scanner
  • It is used to play and open video files

6. AlterCam

AlterCam Overview

AlterCam allows you to add your logo to a live stream instantly. It also has various effects that make video recording and editing interesting and has a selection of virtual backgrounds that can be used without the need to use a green screen.

Users can also hide their faces by using mosaic or changing their voices, some of the over 50 live effects available on the application as well as broadcast pre-recorded videos.

This application can also split videos into several programs without any error message and uses GPU acceleration for less CPU usage.


  • Users can decide on a frame/ background of their choice.
  • Employs sound effects or distortions, or transform your voice
  • There are several effects and overlays available for users to select from.
  • The ability to save a scene or template with a combo of your effects, etc.
  • It permits splitting of the webcam.
  • There’s a free version only available for windows

7. I Glasses

I Glasses Overview

This software is only compatible with MAC devices and helps enhance the PC's camera video on Google Meet, Facebook Live, and other live streaming services.

With over 50 effects available to be used on the app, it can record videos in HD quality and allows the user to adjust the brightness and saturation of the video.


  • Videos can also be easily enhanced and modified through its manager tab.
  • It is very user-friendly but cannot be minimized while in use.
  • provides a variety of useful features and an intuitive user interface.
  • Facebook, Skype, and other webcam programs may all be used with these technologies.

8. ApowerREC

ApowerREC Overview

This webcam tool can be used across different Operating Systems and enables the user to record live streaming videos. One impressive feature of this software is that it allows real-time editing while recording a video which means you can be recording and editing at the same time.

If you like to schedule your video recording, then this application is for you as it allows you to create a scheduled task to start the webcam automatically. Videos made with this software can be converted into AVI, MP4, or WMV. It also has a great interface.


  • It is used solely for taking videos
  • One can record using the webcam
  • It allow trimming of clips/ videos
  • It has a zoomer

9. Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture Overview

With this tool, you can record videos from a variety of sources and easily broadcast them to social media apps like Facebook and Twitch.

Its settings can be easily customized to match the interest of the user and also the user personalized video content with text overlays. Videos are also being recorded in vertical format.

It can only be used on Windows and macOS but requires registration before you can access all its features.


  • It allowing multistreaming
  • It supports live broadcasting
  • It also supports video capturing
  • One can adjust speed easily

10. Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software Overview

With this application, you can record a video, a screen, or a selected portion of the screen. It records videos in WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, MOV, and MO4 format and allows you to edit the video after recording.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows devices alone and can allow you to capture videos with no sound depending on your preference as well as create a photo snapshot for the video.


  • Videos can be easily shared across different channels but in most situations, the videos will have a watermark.
  • simple to use
  • You can record using your camera
  • recording your entire screen has been made easier
  • Can easily convert to certain files

11. Webcamoid

Webcamoid Overview

This software has over 60 effects and allows you to easily manage multiple cameras. It is a versatile webcam application that can easily capture videos from a network or local devices and supports 3GP, FLV, GIF, MP4, and F4V video formats.

While the user interface is not the best out there, it is easy to use and is translated into various languages.

It can be used on GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating systems.


  • It supports a virtual webcam.
  • The user can record their screen.
  • No installation is necessary.
  • It allows one to correct Images
  • Contains an IP camera
  • Has numerous Special effects
  • Video recording has been made easier

12. Bandicam

Bandicam Overview

This tool does not support live streaming but can screen capture perfectly. It is the perfect tool for gamers and will help them stream their gameplay to an audience and for offline views only.

Using technologies like DirectX, Vulkan, or OpenGL, you will be able to capture the video in AVI and MP4 format and is excellent when it comes to cutting, editing, merging, and enhancing the quality of the recordings.

It can be set to start recording at a specific time and is suitable for Windows.


  • The user interface allows you to regulate the recording capabilities.
  • Screen recording may be customized using the crop, text, and annotating tools.”
  • “High video quality with good sound quality.”
  • A high-quality screen recording with clear audio features.

13. Windows Camera

Windows Camera Overview

This webcam software by Microsoft allows you to pause and resume any video recording and has digital stabilization that enables users to shoot a smooth video.

With this tool, you can easily capture videos in both dark and bright areas and it supports up to 1080p resolution. As it is affiliated with Microsoft, your videos and pictures are automatically saved to OneDrive and it can be used on Xbox and Windows.

It is the perfect application for photographers.


  • Resolutions higher than 1080p are supported.
  • Excellent for photographers.
  • There is no virtual webcam built in.
  • A camera that can record 4K movies is required.

14. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder Overview

This tool acts as both a webcam and screen recorder and can be used for streaming and capturing video calls.

It does not require any special hardware to capture the screen audio, only requires a plugin or a microphone and can record from any source especially the mic, system sounds, and webcam.

It can also be set to record videos when you are not present and allows for easy sharing of videos to Google Drive, Movavi Cloud, or YouTube.

It supports Mac and Windows.


  • Making of
  • Editing a screenshot is easy
  • It's great for scheduled recording.
  • Conversion to SuperSpee
  • Supports instant sharing on social media.
  • There are several export choices.
  • Has customized shortcuts

15. PassFab Screen Recorder

PassFab Screen Recorder Overview

This Windows-only software can be used to record a variety of videos including streaming videos, tutorial videos, etc. It easily records all activities on your computer screen.

It offers 3 recording screen modes- Record Screen, Record game, and record webcam and can capture the screen in different frame rate options- 15 FPS, 30 FPS, 45 FPS, and 60 FPS.

It also supports different resolutions from the low quality to the highest quality and it has a scheduling recording feature that allows you to set the time you want it to start recording.


  • There is no time restriction for recording the screen and camera.
  • Without any interruption, one can record the screen, microphone, and speaker.
  • Concurrently you can record your webcam and your computer screen.
  • Record game, teaching, and sports videos, among other things with this software.
  • All camera, microphone, and speaker devices are compatible.


All the software mentioned in this article is a fantastic alternative for ManyCam and while they may not be able to provide all the features so beloved on ManyCam, they can hold their own and offer features for a great video recording experience.

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