Mangafreak: 10 Free manga website Alternatives to Manga freak

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You may want to ask, Does the mangafreak is still working? The answer is Yes, That's is one of the best free manga reading websites online.

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Do you find passion in checking out comic content in different sites? Are you looking for a perfect alternative for Mangafreak? Worry not since this article will lead you through the best Mangafreak options.

Manga is gaining popularity day in day out as people are developing the interest in comics which come in different languages to suit people of different tongues.

Websites have also been developing to provide a variety of platforms where you can access comics as per your convenience. Discussed below are some of the best Mangafreak alternatives you would love checking out for an epic comic experience.

Top 10 free manga app & websites like Mangafreak

1. KissManga


KissManga is another comic site that allows you access a wide range of Manga, comics and watch anime making the rich experience one of a kind without having to sign up. You can check out the latest comic updates on this site making it another best Mangafreak alternative.

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However, you are likely to encounter ads which pop up and might be a nuisance unless you block them. KissManga is another great Mangafreak alternative.

Key Features of KissManga:

  • KissManga does not require a sign-up.
  • You can access a variety of comics on this site.

2. Manga Fox

Manga Fox

If you are a fan of Manga and you are looking for a suitable Mangafreak alternative, Manga Fox is a thrilling spot for you that has all the excellent Manga content. MangaFox concentrates on providing the best Manga with its website having a variety of options that make it easy to toggle through the page.

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You can browse through Manga content and view your history, which makes it easy for you to keep track of your reading activities on this website. You can see different genres of Manga which include action and romance, which are updated to provide you with the latest Manga. Moreover, you can access Manga on an app, which is an alternative that guarantees convenience.

Key Features of Manga Fox:

  • Manga Fox has Manga on a website and an app.
  • You can read a wide range of updated Manga.

3. VIZ Media

VIZ Media

VIZ Media is another site that well suits the place of Mangafreak due to the different types of Manga that are available on this site. You can access Manga in the form of articles, or you can also watch anime making this an excellent Mangafreak alternative. However, this site requires you to pay before reading or downloading the Manga on this website. VIZ Media is compatible with Android and iOS making it more convenient to use on any gadget.

Key Features of VIZ Media:

  • VIZ Media is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • You can read or download Manga from this site.
  • VIZ Media is a premium site.

4. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Manga Reader is another excellent Mangafreak alternative which has an extensive library of Manga making it an oasis for you if you are a hot-blooded fan of Manga. Manga Reader has popular updates of Manga with a search button that helps you to search for the Manga that well suits your interest. In addition to that, you can read Manga on this site without a fee or having to sign up, making it convenient for you and any other reader as one of the best Mangafreak alternatives.

Key Features of Manga Reader:

  • Manga Reader is a free site.
  • You can access a wide range of Manga.

5. ComiXology – Best manga mobile App

As the name suggests, Comixology is the home of comics, making it one of the best alternatives you can find when looking for a substitute to Mangafreak. Comixology comes in the form of an app with a diverse selection of comics that can quench your thirst when looking for the best library of Manga. Having a menu with several options, Comixology allows you to access comics that are top rated as well as the latest versions.

With over 90,000 comics and 200 million downloads, Comixology allows you to build a whole library that helps you know the Manga comic you are interested in and also keep up with the latest comics making it the best Mangafreak alternative. You can read content on this site by downloading the app, which has the comics that you can access for free. What is more thrilling about this app is its compatibility with Android and iOS.

Key Features of ComiXology:

  • Comixology has over 90,000 comics with over 200 million downloads.
  • Comixology is compatible with iOS and Android.

6. Manga Rock

Manga Rock123

Manga Rock is another top rated site for Manga and other forms of comic making it another preferred alternative of Mangafreak. Manga Rock is a free site with a wide range of comics you can choose as per your interest. You can check out the different genres of comic content from adventure, comedy and so much more on this app to find the one that well quenches your thirst for comics.

What makes this app an excellent choice is that you can click on the comic and read a summary as well as the number of chapters the comic contains making it easy for you to choose a comic that will suit you. Moreover, Manga Rock comes with features such as bookmarks and orientation that makes your reading experience even more exhilarating, making it another best alternative to Mangafreak.

Key Features of Manga Rock:

  • You can access different genres of comics for free.
  • You are open to an outstanding reading experience provided by features such as bookmarks and orientation.

7. View Comic Online

View Comic Online

View comic online is another excellent Mangafreak alternative with a vast collection ofnew comics hosted on the website. What makes using this site even easy is an option that allows you to search through the website to find a cartoon that fits your taste.

Comics on this site are up to date and free making it easier for you to enjoy reading. You will find a unique feature that provides you with all the pages that you will only need to scroll to get to the page that follows, making it an excellent Mangafreak alternative.

Key Features of  View Comic Online:

  • You can search for a comic that suits you.
  • With View Comic Online, you can scroll easily through pages of a comic.

8. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is indeed another excellent Mangafreak alternative that contains both old and new Manga making it the right choice for our list. Comic Book Plus has over 35,000 comics with the website getting updates to provide new content. You can read or download Manga from this site for free, making it easier for you to learn offline or share Manga.

Key Features of Comic Book Plus:

  • You can read both the new and old Manga.
  • Comic Book Plus allows you to download Manga from its site.

9. Manga Stream

Manga Stream

Manga Stream is a convenient Mangafreak alternative that has many copies of Manga for free. You can access a menu on this website, which enables you to go through the site with ease. What makes this website an even more convenient Mangafreak alternative is that you can save Manga for reading later. Moreover, you can keep track of your last chapter and your previous read, making the reading process easy.

Key Features of Manga Stream:

  • Manga comics are free.
  • You can save Manga comics for reading later.
  • You have an option on this website, which is the last chapter and last read that enables you to keep track of your reading records.

10. Manga Panda

Manga Panda is a free Manga site with a large number of comics you can read. You can read Manga on this site free with the comic collection getting updates making it an excellent Mangafreak alternative. You can quickly get the Manga of your choice by clicking on the search button. The display on this page makes it efficient for you to scan through comics to make you choose one that suits you.

Key Features of Manga Panda:

  • You can easily search for Manga by using the search button.
  • Manga is free on this website.


In conclusion, you can step into a world full of Manga to enjoy the most thrilling comics with different genres and storylines. Be limitless as you walk your path down to a grand haven of Manga.

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