How to Get the Money Instantly While Saving Your Time?

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The need to get money instantly isn't a rare thing. In such a case, you can apply for a loan or get a credit card. Alternatively, consider some of the listed options to earn money fast.

In dark times, the money becomes extremely valuable. Well, they’re always valuable but the smaller the amount of funds you own, the more important money is for you.

The World Poverty Clock reports that there are almost 600 thousand people or 8% of the world’s population in extreme poverty right now. Even more men and women live just above the threshold. They can support their families but no more.

The catch is that all of us need money, not only people who live in poverty. Often, we can’t get enough because of unemployment, health problems, temporary issues, accidents, and so on.

Sometimes, we need the money really quickly. It happens that a few thousands of dollars can save a mother’s life or guarantee a good education for a kid.

But where to get these thousands? In this guide, we’re going to show you the best ways to earn money quickly to get speedy cash loans.

Making Money VS Getting Money

Let’s start with a very basic fact: there are ways to earn money and ways to get them «for free». Yes, there are quotes because it’s impossible to get money for free at all.

Even begging in the subway requires some time so you simply turn it into money. So, the suggestions will be focused on two groups:

  • Make money

Options in this section require you to dedicate certain effort. Like at a regular job, you should work to get money. However, the nature of work varies greatly.

You may need manual labor when making and selling postcards or just your creative thinking when trading/investing in stocks.

  • Get money

On the contrary, this group includes less demanding things. Say, you will need a few minutes to fill out the application to get a loan, nothing more.

Still, these options are trickier as they come with extra requirements after delivering the money. In the case of a loan, you will have to return it, for example.

Hopefully, it’s clear now so let’s move to the first category.

Top Ways to Receive Money without Effort

Actually, we will start from the end. Everybody wants to get money with the minimum effort and resources spent so here are the most popular, simple or profitable options. Don’t expect too high income and always be aware of conditions.

1. Credit Card

Credit Card

This one should be clear. Finder reports that there are 469 thousand active credit cards in the USA which means that an average American citizen has two cards! The benefits are clear:

  • Get as much as you want. You’ll have to return only the sum you spent + interest.
  • Opt for 0% interest credits. Aiming at liquidity, banks often deliver free cards.
  • Build your credit score. Just repay regularly and you will boost the rating.
  • Enjoy extra bonuses. Cashback, discounts, gifts – cards have plenty of that.

The main obstacle is clear, too. To get the best offer like a high credit limit and 0% interest, a client should be a reputable person. The main requirements include good credit history and official employment, or a stable income. If you’re unable to get a credit card with the required limit, read on.

2. Loan


Unlike credits, loans usually come as lump sums with a fixed amount, repayment period, and rates. It means that a borrower will have to return exactly the sum he got plus interest.

In Q2 2019, there was more than $50 million in loans in the USA, according to LendingClub! And almost 45% of clients reported that they use the new loans to refinance the old ones. In other words, we’re in extremely big debt…

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Anyway, loans remain viable options for millions of customers. There are several different types so everyone can find the best offer. You can opt for a short-term small loan to cover daily needs until the next payday, pay for your education, get a car to earn with it, etc. Still, two key categories are as follows:

  • Business

Used to boost the business-related expenses: acquire new hardware/software, improve processes, grow the company, pay the debt, and so on.

  • Personal

Used for private expenses: buy a property, pay tuition fee, cover medical expenses, consolidate debt, and so on.

When applying for a loan, be sure to check all the requirements and conditions. You want to get a repayment schedule and, ideally, reserve funds to return the loan urgently. And, please, get the money from trusted firms only.

3. Sell, Rent or Give

The final option requires some assets in your ownership. The nature of these assets may be extremely different but they are united with one key parameter: you can exchange them for money. Take a look at the examples listed below to get the idea:

  • Rent apartments

With platforms like Airbnb, you can host guests in your room, house, boat, and any other property with sleeping places.

  • Sell old and unused stuff

Using Amazon or eBay, you can sell everything. Clothes, books, games, tech, handcrafted things – the choice is wide.

Alternatives Focused on Earning Money

Now, let’s quickly talk about ways that help you to earn money, literally. For this, be ready to spend not only time but also some resources, apply skills and knowledge.

Respectively, the following options can bring substantially higher profits than the previous ones

Here are some of the most interesting variants:

  • Become a taxi driver

Uber, Lyft, and other local services often accept independent drivers with their own cars. For a certain fee, you will get more clients.

  • Complete daily tasks

Apply your skills in almost any field by helping other people. There are a few platforms similar to TaskRabbit focused on different services.

  • Deliver things

Want to be a courier? Nothing can be simpler. Cooperate with Postmates or even earn when you travel by delivering from abroad with Grabr.

  • Do babysitting

Feel like a skilled nanny? Then you may be interested in sitting with kids available through sites such as Babysits.

  • Go online

Hundreds of online freelance services are available via freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Upwork. Code, translate, write, design, whatever you can sell your skill online.

  • Lead tours

Do you know the city like nobody else? Then, Viator can help. With it, you can offer your services as a guide or even a whole travel agency.

  • Teach others

You can become a tutor in a specific science or school subject. It’s also possible to start your career as a personal trainer or even a workshop host.

  • Walk dogs

Yeah, this one is a bit old-fashioned but people still need other people to care about their pets. For instance, check Rover for jobs.

Finally, consider indirect earnings. They require you to invest some money, basically. For instance, a deposit bank account will generate some income annually buy you will need a large sum on it to live from this percentage.

Simpler indirect profits are known as cashback. Thus, you can get the money back on your card when shopping.


Summing Up

As you can see, there are dozens of options related to earning money with your skills and knowledge. Getting funds without spending time or resources is almost impossible.

If you’re in need and can’t find the right niche to earn, then a credit card or a loan can save the game. Just remember that you will have to return the money.

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