Mailchimp Alternatives: 11 Newsletter Services like Mailchimp for Email Marketing

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Do you run a marketing business which requires you to send email updates to your email subscribers regularly?

Well, there are plenty of email marketing softwares offering excellent customer service, reporting, and other impressive features these are known as Best MailChimp Alternatives.

The internet is still by far one of the most significant innovation the world has experienced. As a result, human beings have given internet preference, mostly using it for marketing their products.

Online Internet Marketing Helps Your Business To Grow

In this modern world, most companies prefer marketing their products using email marketing software purposely because it reaches a broader target population during a short period without straining on the available resources.

That has seen the emergence of several email marketing software with MailChimp dominating the market. MailChimp has gained popularity among email marketers due to its impressive features including advanced segmentation and access to engaging campaign templates.

Top 10 Online Email Automation Softwares Similar To Mailchimp For Your Business

But you don’t have to be bored with MailChimp because there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Below is a list of ten Best MailChimp alternatives worth your try to boost your business.

1. Omnisend (Omnisend v Mailchimp)


In terms of Mailchimp alternatives, Omnisend is an excellent way to upgrade your email marketing. Offering sophisticated marketing automation in an easy-to-use package, Omnisend makes it easy to increase the revenue you earn from email, without increasing your workload.

Omnisend uses a drag-and-drop builder for all creatives: emails, automation workflows, pop ups, sign-up forms, landing pages, and more. You can use any of their pre-built templates to customize and get started even quicker. Their automation workflows are crafted specifically for online sellers, so it’s really easy to target and send the exact message you want, to a precise customer at the right time.

Their automation even includes conditional splits that allow you to adjust the messages that get sent to your subscribers as they interact with your messages, creating ultra-targeted experiences. Unlike other automation tools,  you can even add SMS and push notifications to your workflows alongside email, packing an even bigger punch to your strategy.

Omnisend offers a free plan for basic email marketing needs, and each paid plan comes with a free 14-day trial so you can test the tool for yourself. Their Standard plan starts at just $16 per month and the Pro plan comes with free SMS credits equal to the price of your plan, so you can experiment with SMS risk-free.

Key Features of Sparkpost:

  • Easy-to-use automation workflows for email, SMS, and push notifications
  • 100% customizable templates for emails, workflows, sign-up forms, and landing pages
  • Advanced tracking and sales reporting dashboards
  • Free SMS credits with Pro plan

2.HubSpot Marketing

Best MailChimp Alternatives

HubSpot is by far the best MailChimp alternative. The software's a contender in this list because of its broad applicability among email marketers.

The email marketing software has some impressive features which include the engaging user interface, landing pages, lead management, and market automation, among other standing features. Additionally, the software scores beyond the scoreboard when it comes to reporting and in-depth tracking.

Visitors Traction:

The software gives users the ability to track visitors from any location by just a simple click, using the ready-to-use templates. Moreover, you can attract more visitors to your page by using ads while sharing your content or by using thousands or readily available templates.

Unfortunately, some shortcomings are arising from the email marketing platform such as frequent system updates, restrictions to the contacts of email subscribers, and the high billing rate.

In either case, the email marketing software is a fantastic MailChimp alternative because it shares engaging information to a broader audience. Even if you are new on marketing, HubSpot caters for you by giving you a sign up with a free trial, making it easy to decide whether the software is your go-to MailChimp alternative.

Key Features of HubSpot Marketing:

  • Highly automated inbound marketing campaigns aided with landing pages.
  • Gives users an opportunity for ad management using premium subscriptions.

3. Sparkpost


Looking for the best MailChimp alternative? Sparkspot is your go-to MailChimp alternative. The software has gained popularity in companies of all sizes because of the lower billing and other fascinating features such as template management, analytics/reporting, webinars, and in-person training.

According to Sparkpost website, it came into life after the popularly known Mandrill lost its market share, leading to a gap in the provision of essential email marketing services.

Sparkpost is one the best MailChimp alternative because of some fantastic features such as a high level of message deliverability than any platform which has a significant revenue impact. Moreover, the software has Sparkpost signals which analyze your data, gives warning, and fix email performances. Furthermore, users can use the web app or API and track domains from their accounts.

Key Features of Sparkpost:

  • Allows users to schedule transmissions for a future
  • Gives users the ability to personalize email with a simple email template.

4. GetResponse


GetResponse is a superior email marketing software that has won the heart of many entrepreneurs because of its outstanding features. It is among the best MailChimp alternative because of some fascinating email marketing features such as such auto-responders, mobile-optimized emails, landing pages, management of mailing list, among other features.

Just like MailChimp, GetResponse has sending limits depending on your plan level. Both small and large companies prefer email marketing software because of its large target market.

Apart from its dynamic content, GetResponse gives entrepreneurs the ability to engage in customer surveys and in-person training. Moreover, the software has remarkable customer service, allowing you to share your problems using the live chat option.

Just like MailChimp, this platform gives you tons of templates to allow you compose tailored emails to your list of subscribers. One disadvantage is its unaffordable monthly billing amount which can threaten your financial muscles. In either case, when your company has a deficit in marketing, GetResponse is your go-to alternative.

Key Features of GetResponse:

  • Market automation allows you to track the activities of your mail subscribers
  • The existence of email Auto-responders
  • Gives users the ability to save templates that they use.
  • GetResponse features automation segmentation that enables you to scale down the activities of your email subscribers.

5. Emma (Emma vs MailChimp)


Emma is a handy email marketing software designed to help entrepreneurs reach their target population while incorporating outstanding email marketing campaign.

Emma is among the best MailChimp alternatives because the platform pays attention to the minute details, helping marketers reach their potential customers at a record time. The highly flexible platform has a simple but engaging user interface which is exceptionally eye-appealing.

Just like MailChimp, Emma allows users to send personalized messages using customer information, enabling the platform to stand out among its peers.

Emma is also an important marketing platform because it will allow users to evaluate their marketing performance and make adjustments with the help of analytics. This simple email marketing software has an affordable monthly and annual billing plan that will fit your budget.

Key Features of Emma:

  • The pricing/billing is quite affordable. One can use either monthly or annually package.
  • Suitable mostly for small and medium businesses because of the wide variety of templates.

6. Exponea


Fast result delivery is always the primary goal for nearly all businesses. That’s where Exponea comes in handy as an outstanding email marketing software. Exponea has gained popularity with marketers who have opted using it as a campaign tool to deliver results at a less time.

One aspect that makes Exponea an alternative MailChimp alternative is its ability to use customer information to enrich marketing campaigns. Such capabilities allow the platform to reach maximum customers at a short period.

Moreover, Exponeacorrectly engages the audiencewith well-crafted tailor-madeautoresponders and accuratesegmentation.

Key Features of Exponea:

  • Simple and neat user interface.
  • Uses personal customer information to maximize marketing efforts.

7. AWeber (Aweber vs Mailchimp)


AWeber is a user-friendly MailChimp alternative software that has gained popularity due to some standout aspects among them affordable pricing structure and the large email subscribers.

Among the impressive features of this compelling email marketing software includes autoresponders, marketing automation, email,and live chat support, to name a few.

One exciting standout feature of AWeber is its extensive collection of templates than its competitors which you can use in e-newsletters. Then again, AWeber has a series of autoresponders which is a critical aspect in email marketing.

That advancedaspect enables marketing automation which allows emails to be sent depending on subscribers actions such as site clicked and site visited, making AWeber a go-to alternative to MailChimp.

Key Features of AWeber:

  • Advanced support system either through phone, email, or live chat.
  • Affordable billing and pricing.
  • Has free trial version lasting 30 days.
  • Relatively automated email marketing.

8. Mautic (Mautic Review)


Mautic is a reasonably new email marketing software. Despite being new, the platform is among the best MailChimp alternative, serving a variety of both large and small scale entrepreneurs. Mautic is a contender in this list because of its highly automated marketing campaigns and contact management.

This new email marketing software has some additional tons of features including integrations and add-ons, user permissions system and new user interface. The only significant con you might experience when using the platform is the limited email segmentation.

But all in all, the advantages of Mautic surpasses the shortcomings. It has much more to offer including affordable pricing and a wide variety of templates. If you like marketing automation, then Mautic is your go-to MailChimp alternative worth your try.

Key Features of Mautic:

  • Website visitor tracking.
  • Contact management.
  • High market automation allows users to manage a lot of campaign emails.

9. ActiveCampaign


An active campaign is a good fit as your MailChimp alternative due to some awesome reasons. The most significant aspect among them all is the combination of CRM, email software, and marketing automation.

Such automation saves you a lot of time which would have otherwise been used in tracking your email subscribers and making follow-ups. With all these features, ActiveCampaign has the most standard pricing which has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs.

Key Features of ActiveCampaign:

  • An engaging user interface which is simple to understand without any training.
  • Has a variety of marketing tools in one place which eases automation.
  • Generous pricing.

10. InfusionSoft


InfusionSoft is among the best alternative MailChimp website gaining popularity among small businesses, thanks to its highly automated range of tools. Small businesses prefer using InfusionSoft because it is cost-effective compared to its peers.

This piece of software also gives entrepreneurs the ability to save time, thanks to highly automated tasks. One fantastic aspect of InfusionSoft is that it has a centralized contact information system which puts all details about your email subscribers in one place.

Apart from saving time, the software can help entrepreneurs grow sales because of the comprehensive online system that contains essential marketing tools such as CRM, e-commerce, sales report, and market automation.

Key Features of InfusionSoft:

  • Monthly billing system
  • Extensive tracking of data due to the integration of various marketing tools.

11. Market Hero

Market Hero

Market Hero is among the best email marketing software which has gained popularity in the recent past due to its in-depth email marketing strategy.

Market Hero is a contender in this list as the best MailChimp alternative because of the impressive monthly and annually billing, $99 and $990 respectively. What is fascinating about the platform is that it has an exceptionally supportive support system containing staff who are always online to help with your query.

Key Features of Market Hero:

  • Through posting a CVS file, marketers can import leads from other autoresponders.
  • The software is highly segmented, giving marketers the ability to track people who didn’t open their mails, those who clicked links, among other vital

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The power of email marketing cannot be under looked in e-commerce. Luckily, there are tons of excellent email autoresponders to help you keep track of your email marketing. You don’t have to be bored with MailChimp, given the overwhelming choices you have. We have made your work easier by briefly listing ten best MailChimp alternatives.

Compare the features and pick one software that suits your needs to make your business grow. Before settling on an ideal solution, look for software that matches all the goals of your company or industry, think of the size and email subscribers and settle for software that caters a large group of users and those with complex features/functionalities.

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