Can Online Video Chats Replace Live Chatting?

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With the development of internet technology, communication is increasingly moving online. In recent months, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the communications of hundreds of millions of people have been forced to go online.

Many have a logical question: Can social networks, messengers, or video chats replace live communication?

Let's make it clear right away that no web chat is fully capable of being a full-fledged alternative to an offline conversation with a person. Yet, this format is very popular among contemporaries.

Why video chats with girls and guys have become so popular


Let's drop the coronavirus situation and talk about the more common causes. Modern people have very little free time. You need to work, study, and make time for your family and friends. There are still hobbies, all sorts of courses, self-education, and commonplace recreation.

In such conditions, to spare, at least, a couple of hours a day to meet new people and communicate in person is a luxury we cannot afford.

Video chat allows you to find new acquaintances, chat, and arrange a future offline meeting as quickly as possible. This format has several important advantages over social networks, messengers, or dating sites.

  1. You can see and hear the person you're talking to almost as if they were face-to-face

Texting or talking on the phone will never create the effect of a person being there with you. Video chats, on the other hand, are quite capable of it. You can see the other person's face and hear his voice, intonation, and timbre. Plus, there is gesticulation which can also tell a lot about a person and his mood.

  1. You have more opportunities to express your own emotions

Smiley faces in correspondence is one thing. A real smile on your face is something else entirely. In text chat, it’s very difficult to determine what mood the other person really is in such as whether or not he or she wants to communicate right now.

But, in the chat room, you can see it right away. You can also express emotion in many different ways: smiling, making a surprised face, gesturing with your hands, and more. It's like a live conversation.

  1. Video chats save your time

You don't have to waste time getting to the meeting place, waiting for the person, then driving back, and so on. One-click, and there you have it. You're communicating in the comfort of your own home through sites like

Getting acquainted online is much easier than in the real world. Everyone feels more confident and open here.

Webcam chat — the best foundation for future meetings

Online chats

Chatting online gives you a chance to get to know someone before you meet him in person. This allows you to decide if you want to go offline at all or if the person you're talking to isn't that interesting to you.

The main rule is to remember to exchange contacts. Most anonymous video chat rooms connect completely random users. When you disconnect, there's virtually no chance of a second encounter.

So, if you and your conversation partner are interested in each other, be sure to share your contacts to keep in touch in the future. It would be a shame to lose someone like that.

Why it's not worth delaying a real meeting

In spite of all the advantages of video chats, these are still no substitute for live chatting. That's why it's important to get your acquaintance into the real world in time. To do that, you have to choose the most appropriate moment. In this matter, we would like to give some advice.

  1. Don't be in a hurry to get a date. 

Make sure you really have a lot in common and you've gotten to know each other quite well. The best time to meet is when you don't feel shy when video chatting and can support each other's topics of conversation. That means you'll have a good conversation offline too. Many people are in a hurry and go offline after a couple of online meetings. It's too soon, because you don't know each other very well. The meeting will be awkward and could turn into a game of silence.

  1. Don't delay in making an offer to meet. 

When you notice that all the interesting topics are over and your conversations are increasingly about nothing, it's time to take the next step. Otherwise, the interlocutor will simply not see any further prospects for your acquaintance.

Guys should take the initiative in this matter in the first place. If you continue to communicate only online for weeks and months, even though you may have met a long time ago, it raises questions.

The lack of steps on your part may cause a girl to look for alternatives. Then the moment will be missed, and you, like your companion, will go on a date with someone else.

The optimal strategy is to lay the groundwork for a future meeting gradually. During the second or third conversation, hint that you wouldn't mind meeting in person someday. Later, find out what your conversation partner or companion likes.

Discuss that it might be a good idea to spend time together doing something interesting. Only after that can we move on to direct discussion of the actual meeting. You'll already be prepared. You'll know where to go and how to spend your time so that you both enjoy it.

Make the most of online communication

Cam to cam chat is one of the fastest ways to make new and interesting acquaintances. One-click, and you're already communicating with a stranger. In the future, you can use any tools for communication – from ordinary messengers to video calling applications.

If you're not yet sure if this is the right person you want to see live and develop a relationship with, look for other people in video chat. You don't have any restrictions. There are thousands of different interlocutors online, among whom you’re sure to find someone interesting and comfortable to be around with.

Psychologists insist that you don't need to move almost all of your communication online. This disrupts social connections to some extent and impairs communication skills. In a sense, we agree with that.

But, using the Internet as a springboard for future meetings in person is possible and necessary. Appreciate your own time and the time of others.

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