Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

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LinkedIn is a great platform for generating B2B leads. Compared to other lead generation platforms, LinkedIn has lower lead generation costs and higher conversion rates.

According to a recent report, currently, there are over 740 Million active LinkedIn users from 200 different countries worldwide. Since it was founded back in 2002 and acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $26.2 Billion, it has gained a loyal user base consisting of both professionals and corporations.

Is LinkedIn an Ideal platform for generating Leads

LinkedIn Lead Generation

There is a misconception that leads are only useful for digital marketing professionals. They set their eyes on a particular target market segment and then deploy strategies to convert them into actual sales.

However, apart from digital marketers, other professionals can also benefit from LinkedIn lead generation. Let's try to understand the definition of leads. It refers to any contact that can be converted into sales or customers.

Now assume that you are a researcher, and you are looking for like-minded people who share the same interests as you do. You might find suitable people, maybe your students, for a project from the university you teach at.

Other professors in your faculty might also be a good fit. But what if you can't find such people from your existing list of acquaintances? Do you drop your plan?

Of course not. This is where LinkedIn comes in. As it is the largest platform for professionals, you will find someone who can add value to your project. In this case, lead refers to all those prospects who are academics and who can help you complete your next research project.

Let us look at another example. Assume you are a young professional, a fresh graduate. You are passionate about the IT sector. You like exploring new SAAS tools. You find them fascinating, and you have made up your mind that you will work for a leading IT company.

Whether you aim to get a job in one of the global tech giants or a local one, you can exploit LinkedIn to learn about them.

Did you know, relying on a good resume for landing a job is not 100% effective? It depends on how actively you search for jobs and how well you do in the interview. But do LinkedIn leads help you in this regard?

Of course, they do. Many professionals share what projects they are working on as well as their plans in their LinkedIn profile. Knowing this increases your chance of impressing the interview board and landing your dream job.

How to generate leads from LinkedIn


Now, how do you get your leads' contact details? You can always search for this info manually. But just imagine how much time it would require. If you have a list of thousand leads, you might have to spend entire weeks to get through their emails.

To save time, you should give an email finder a try. Unlike manual searches for email addresses, email finder tools can cross-verify the search results against a database and only give you valid and authentic email addresses. When you have a valid database of email addresses, your chance of generating more conversions from the list increases significantly.

One tool that can help you with LinkedIn email lookup is SignalHire. It is a trusted online email finder tool that not only helps you curate valid email addresses but also phone numbers, as well as other contact information. If you already have SignalHire on your computer, but you are not sure how you can use it to generate leads, here is how you can do it.

After you install and activate the Chrome extension on your computer, visit the Linked page you want to curate your Email address from. Now, press Ctrl+F or Command+F. On the search box on the top right corner, type in “@”. If the LinkedIn profile has added an email address, you will be able to see it in the search results highlighted in a different color.

You can also toggle on the auto search option on the SignalHire Chrome extension. This way, as soon as you land on a target LinkedIn profile, the extension will automatically scan the profile and curate the contact information.

Once you have the contact information of all your prospects, you can export the data in a CSV file. Apart from that, SignalHire is also compatible with popular CRM software such as Zoho, CareerJet, MaxPay, JazzHR, Adzuna, among others.

How to Convert LinkedIn Leads into Sales?

Convert LinkedIn Leads into Sales

Once you have a valid list of contact details, it is time to reach out to your prospects. If you have a list of valid addresses, you can send them emails at once using SignalHire. First, start by picking the profiles you want to send an email to. Click on the “Select-All' checkbox to send emails to everyone on your list.

Then move on to selecting the type of email you want to send. With SignalHire, you can send either personal emails or corporate ones. The last step is to insert the email variables for your campaign and set the text format. And you are all set.


By now, you should have a better understanding of why LinkedIn is an ideal platform for generating leads. Whether you are a job-seeker looking for a suitable opening or a market researcher looking to identify a target market for a new product, LinkedIn is a great place to generate valuable leads.

In this article, we also looked at SignalHire, a powerful email curation tool. You can sign up today and start building your email lead list right away. This tool is perfect for job seekers, marketers, business developers, and everyone else who needs to reach out to people because the database provides many verified professional contacts neatly arranged in one place.

Do leave a comment below if you have any further questions about LinkedIn lead generation or contact lookup tools. We will be happy to resolve any doubts you might have.

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