10 Best Link Building Strategies to Get Started

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For success in your SEO efforts, ace your off-page SEO. Link building strategies play a crucial role in driving your site up in SERP.

94% of all web pages have no external links. This is despite Google repeatedly stressing its importance as a ranking factor.

By the end of this year, almost 73% of all retail e-commerce is expected to arise from mobile phones. This makes it imperative to focus on a comprehensive link-building plan that places you among the top sites when a user searches relevant keywords.

It takes a lot of time but is well worth the effort.

How Does Link Building Work?

Assume you own a travel agency and launched a great website that receives only two visitors daily.

I am a travel writer and mention your agency in my blog article. I also embed the URL in the content. This is known as a backlink from my site to yours.

The reputation of my site, will to some extent, reflect upon yours.

Of course, a hundred links from my site to yours wouldn't help. Google (and Bing) is smart enough to recognize malpractice when they find it. It has to be from several sites.

Any backlink won't do. It has to be from a reputable website for the tactic to effect.

There are plenty of ways to generate good-quality backlinks. The perfect tactics that you should use depend mainly on the domain you are in and the type of site you own.

We have put together some of the best link-building strategies for new websites that are relevant today. Technology changes quickly, and Google tweaks its algorithm often to prevent SEO experts from exploiting weaknesses.

How Does Link Building Work

Top 10 Link Building Strategies

1. Business Listing

There are a lot of sites that are business directories. The biggest example is Craigslist, but others include Yelp, Tripadvisor, Zomato, Justdial, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau, and upcoming ones such as ComHQ. It really depends on the business you are in but rests assured there is one for everyone.

Some of them may be nofollow, but that should not deter you. At the very least, they will generate organic traffic. Moreover, if the owners revise the nofollow policy in the future, you have a solid backlink from an excellent site.

As per Google, 46% of searches have local intent, and over 50% of searches with “near me” filter result in a store visit. Including yourself in as many business directories as possible is a great start to link building.

Business Listing

2. Broken Link Building

A tried and tested tactic that requires effort.

In essence, it is this:

You zero in on a website that has content about your domain. Analyze the site for deadlinks. Use a tool such as Broken Link Check.

Email the webmaster of the site and suggest that the broken links be replaced by your site URL. To reduce his burden, you could suggest exact articles and URLs where he needs to look.

Of course, all of the dead links would not be suitable for your purpose. But you are not looking for a lot. That would seem suspicious. Maybe 3-5 to begin with at most. Even a couple would be fantastic.

But keep in mind this is a pitch. Only the tiniest percentage would respond.

3. Networking

If you are introverted, it is time to change your demeanor.

Build a wide network and reach out to people everywhere. A fair number are going to reject your friendliness. That is the way of the world. But network constantly – on Facebook, LinkedIn, internet forums, and everywhere else.

You are bound to come across many who would be willing to share your posts or URL on their content.

The upside of so much hard work? These are all high-quality backlinks worth their weight in gold. It is not the number of backlinks that matter but quality.

4. Q and A Sites

Think about answering on Q/A sites such as Reddit and Quora.

A link shared on Reddit is better from an SEO point of view (Reddit ranks 19 to Quora's 377 on Alexa), but moderators of various subreddits have rather arbitrary rules. You would have to be nice and play by their rules. The same is true of most user content-based sites.

Quora is more democratic. You get to insert links in your answer, and if it seems a hard sell, then you will get downvoted. The trick is to be relatively subtle yet plug in your URL somewhere.

5. Pursue Existing Backlink Mentions

It is easier to sell to an existing customer than find a new one. The same logic applies to link building.

Use a backlink analyzer to find who has mentioned you previously. Reach out to them again and suggest new webpages and articles on your site that they could use for backlinks.

The art of nurturing and growing existing relationships is a key part of SEO efforts.

You could also provide backlinks to others. Not that you try to game the system, but a fair bit of reciprocation never hurts anyone in an honest endeavor.

6. Create Infographics

And don't object if anyone else uses them.

Puzzled? Don't be. Every time they mention the “source,” your URL is right where you want it to be.

If you put up infographics and others use the same without admitting you are the source?

A reverse image lookup would find out which sites are using them. Ask them to include your URL as a source, or you would take steps.

Don't worry because they would preferably include your URL rather than enter a dispute. And you would have received a new backlink.

Create Infographics

7. Just Ask For It

There is nothing wrong with asking an influential blogger for a mention. It might cost you because they are, after all, an influencer, and you would be using his property.

There is no rule that you cannot buy backlinks. If the largest companies can buy product placements (legally) in Hollywood blockbusters, why can't you buy a link for a few dollars?

You cannot be shy when marketing, and what is SEO but marketing?

8. Social Media

Ensure that the all-important social media buttons have good visibility and connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social media shares indeed have low backlink quality. However, you are hoping that one of your articles generates a thousand shares.

That is a thousand backlinks in a day or two—more than you can otherwise obtain in a year.

9. Guest Blogging

Write a guest post on a blog of repute. Your name would link back to your site.

Guest blogging is an immensely useful avenue to earn high-quality backlinks. When you are published on a reputed site, the Google search algorithm understands that your opinion is valuable. This transfers to your site through the backlink.

You could write articles for multiple online sites and magazines such as TechCrunch, Medium, and HubSpot.

10. Give Interviews

In case you have not noticed, thought leaders are regularly on YouTube, Facebook Live, and elsewhere. Not as a part of their own channel but in podcasts (that have now expanded to include interviews).

The podcast would link back to your site. If you perform impressively, not only would thousands visit your site, but there is a fair chance that at least a small percent of them would mention you in their content.

You could even host your own podcasts and invite listeners to participate in the discussion. If you can generate a buzz your site would receive dozens of backlinks daily.


It is not hard to build backlinks, just laborious. You are probably a busy entrepreneur and have no time to pursue the tips we mentioned. That is natural since they do require time and dedication to yield results.

There is an easy way out. You could avail of the services of a top link building company and ask them to do link building on your behalf.

Uplers is reputed and trustworthy in this field. At a very affordable price, their link building packages would help you to secure high-quality backlinks that drive your SERP to the stratosphere.






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