League of Legends: How to Level Up Fast?

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As a new player of League of Legends, you may be in a hurry to level up as soon as possible since you get to play ranked matches with other players who have a similar skill level.

Some LoL players like buying LoL Scripts that can help them level up quickly. However, you can’t overlook the significance of upgrading your skills and playing more matches, as you will have to reach level 30 to get into the ranked system. And this will obviously require a little bit of patience and hard work.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss several practical ways that will help you in leveling up faster. Read below to find out!

Play Plenty of Matches

Play Plenty of Matches

You can choose from a variety of game modes to help you earn more XP, which is essential for leveling up. Although this may sound quite obvious, it is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to level up in LoL.

All game modes come with different leveling rules, so the amount of XP you earn at the end depends on the game mode. For instance, winning games instead of losing will allow you to earn more XP, custom games won’t help you earn XP, and a longer duration of the game will lead you to earn more XP.

So, you need to assess if you would like to play a shorter game mode, such as the ARAM mode in LoL. Nevertheless, you should focus on winning more games by honing your skills.

Earn First Win of the Day

As soon as you hit level 15 on your LoL account, you will be able to view a quest every day, which can be unlocked for an additional 400 XP as well as 50 Blue Essence. To achieve this, you have to win at least 1 PVP match a day.

Therefore, you must log in to your LoL account every day to unlock the “first win of the day” daily quest and increase your experience gains, and level up faster.

Leverage Missions

Leverage Missions

New missions constantly keep coming up from time to time in the LoL game and are usually associated with temporary events held by Riot Games. They are an excellent way to facilitate you in earning more experience points.

You can view all kinds of current missions by accessing the quest menu on your account. Make sure to keep an eye on the missions to complete them and earn more XP since it is one of the most powerful ways to do so.

Buy EXP Boosts

You can temporarily boost the amount of EXP by earning them at the end of the match. There are two types of boosts in LoL – Win Boost and Duration Boost. Of course, you will have to purchase boosts from real money using your Riot points from the Riot Store.

Win Boosts apply when you win a match and expire once you’ve accumulated a specific amount. On the other hand, Duration Boosts double the amount of EXP you’ve earned from winning a game, but they expire after a certain period. However, this is also one of the best ways to quickly increase the number of EXP to level up quickly.

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